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Why You Should Install a Bidet | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Why You Should Install a Bidet | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

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The plumber in Fort Worth, TX is here again. You sigh and point him towards the clogged toilet. You are frustrated with this constant mess. He offers to redo your piping so that there are not as many clogs in the narrow piping.

You cannot afford this, you say and he suggests an alternative, a word you can’t quite comprehend: a bidet.

What is a bidet, you ask? A bidet is a low oval basin that can be used to clean your anal and genital regions after you use the toilet. They are a modern solution and alternatives to toilet paper.

The bidet can be used to prevent pesky plumbing issues and have a cleaner, more efficient option for toilet cleansing. Bidets have other, more advanced options as well. They have air dry options, seat warming options, and warm water options.

Now, toilet paper is extremely common in American households and bidets are not even known to most Americans. However, if you are redecorating and renovating your bathrooms in the Fort Worth, TX area you can do no wrong in installing one in your bathroom.

Although the bidet is not very popular in Fort Worth houses or commercial bathrooms, it has been very popular across Europe. And bidets are not only making waves in European nations.

They are actually found in a majority of the homes and public bathrooms in countries like Venezuela and Japan. Increasingly, bidets are popping up in bathrooms across all of Asia as well.

Bidets are incredibly popular because they are so beneficial. But since most Americans have not heard of bidets, they might not have heard of the benefits either. Not to worry, we’re here to help. Here is a handy guide to bidets and their benefits.

So what are the benefits of having bidets?

Number 1: Improved Personal Hygiene

Bidets can improve personal hygiene because they can ensure that you do not have any residue from waste. You will see a drastic improvement in cleanliness and personal hygiene when you switch from toilet paper to bidets.

If you are not satisfied with your experience with toilet paper, you should definitely have your plumber in Fort Worth, TX install a bidet in your bathroom.

Number 2: Environmentally Sound Option for Cleaning

Bidets are a more environmentally friendly option than the usual toilet paper mostFort Worth households have to use. You see, Americans use a lot of toilet paper, around 57 sheets per day.

This is massively devastating for the environment and has wreaked havoc on the ecosystem, requiring 54 million trees to be cut down on tree farms and elsewhere.

With bidets, toilet paper consumption and tree felling can reduce drastically. If bidets become commonplace in Fort Worthand general American households, we can prevent the consumption of around 3 million tons of toilet paper.

But wait, you might be thinking—hey, wouldn’t bidets mean that water is being wasted instead of paper? Well, yes, but the production of toilet paper itself requires much more water—around 3.7 gallons.

Additionally, dioxins are produced from bleaching in toilet paper. Dioxins are carcinogens and lead to toxic chlorine being deposited in the environment when the toilet paper is disposed.

A bidet is a great alternative then for eco-friendly households and can get the job done easily and can lead to lesser waste.

Number 3: Reduced Household Waste

With a new bidet, you will only have to worry about water and possible energy consumption if you are heating the water in the bidet. Bidets mean that you do not need to depend on roll after roll of toilet paper to cleanse yourself.

With bidets then, you will have less waste overall in your Fort Worth household as there will be no toilet paper and packaging to dispose at the end of the day. If this is an arrangement that appeals to you, you should contact a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to have a bidet installed as soon as possible.

Number 4: Reduced Expenditure

When you install a bidet, you will only incur plumber in Fort Worth, TX installation costs. You will see that your household expenses reduce drastically as a result. You will not have to buy all those rolls of toilet paper or even have to worry about replacing the toilet paper roll every other day.

You will also not need your plumber in Fort Worth, TX to unclog your toilet. This would mean that you have to spend less money on new plungers or even on plumbers services to get the toilet unclogged.

Number 5: Improved Comfort

Bidets are programmed to give you every kind of ease, convenience and comfort. These are some key ways in which bidets provide comfort to their users.

Improved Skin Conditions

Bidets are easier on the skin, especially if the skin in question is delicate as a child’s would be. Toilet paper will sometimes cause dryness and chafing which will be very uncomfortable. Additionally, bidets and water cleansing will reduce skin problems from poor hygiene.


If you have to use the toilet in the middle of a Fort Worth winter, the programming options on a bidet will be very beneficial to you. With bidets, you can have warm seats, warm water and can even use air drying options to prevent discomfort from wetness.


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