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Winter Plumbing Tips | Plumbing in Haslet, TX

Winter Plumbing Tips | Plumbing in Haslet, TX

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Winter season is about to start within 2 months. It is the season of fun and surprises. Moreover, winter vacation is like a cherry on the top. We invite family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues to our home for parties. But, one thing that we don’t invite but usually comes and surprises us is plumbing issues.

As the temperature lowers and climate changes, plumbing issues arise in our homes. Of course, you don’t want to deal with those issues in such a harsh weather. Thus, you don’t want to deal with plumbing issues at that time at least. To avoid such inconvenience, here are some winter plumbing tips that can help save the day in Haslet, TX.

1.  Get an Early Inspection

To avoid winter plumbing in Haslet, TX issues of your home, you should get an early inspection of the plumbing lines. The plumbing needs vary depending on the season. For instance, in winter, you will use water heaters more often than other seasons of the year. It is better to troubleshoot the problem early and find out possible ways to fix it. You may also call professional plumbers in Haslet, TX and ask them for early inspection. They may repair a few pipes or suggest a total replacement to avoid potential catastrophes.

You might consider these repairs costly and time-consuming at this moment. However, if you don’t get them fixed now, you would regret your decision later. Getting early maintenance of the plumbing issues can save you from expensive hidden fees that can be charged in the future. It will also add to the general safety and comfort of your home.

2.  Unclog the Drains

As you know, it is recommended to clear up noticeable clogs in your home throughout the year. But it becomes even more important for the winter season. Accumulation of inorganic material in the drain can cause dangerous bursts in your home. One way is to unclog drains naturally by using vinegar or baking soda.

But, treat the clogged drains with care as a small mistake can result in a serious mishap. You may call plumbers in Haslet, TX before the winter season starts and ask them to unclog all the drains of your house.

If you don’t get your drains treated on time, it will become hard and expensive to repair.

3.  Flush Out Your Water Heater

Who wouldn’t want getting hot water in the cold harsh winter weather? Like everyone, you also want your water heater to perform optimally in the winter season. However, this will become possible only when you will remove the sediment and inorganic material layer from your water heater.

Before winter, book an appointment of an experienced plumber in Haslet, TX and ask him/her to clean and flush out your water heater. He/she should also inspect the pressure relief valve to ensure the optimal performance of your water heater.

4.  Inspect Your Water Pipes

In winter, another major issue for plumbing in Haslet, TX is ‘frozen pipes’. Frozen pipes can burst and cause water leaks or structural damage to your home. However, the risk of frozen pipes varies from one home to another. It majorly depends on home’s internal heating system and the material of pipes.

Once a frozen pipe bursts, it can be expensive to get it cleaned. Save yourself from possible future troubles by getting your home’s water pipes inspected beforehand from professional plumbers in Haslet, TX. They may repair or cover up the pipes which can freeze. Furthermore, they can give some useful tips based on your home’s structure. For example, plumbers in Haslet, TX can suggest you heating your home’s basement once every weak so that the frozen pipes thaw out on their own without serious damages.

5.  Plan Out Your Travel

If you are traveling this winter and leaving your home, make sure to plan your home’s insulation. While traveling out from your home, set your thermostat at 55 or above. This will ensure the circulation of some warm air inside your home. You should also open the cabinet doors under the sink and faucets and near outside walls. It will help the warm air to circulate to these areas as well and keep your water pipes protected.

Before you leave Haslet, TX for travel, keep a watchful eye on your outdoor sprinkler systems. They are usually delicate and can be easily damaged by the cold weather. So, don’t forget to plan it.

6.  Buy Essential Plumbing Tools

One of the best tips of plumbing in Haslet, TX is stocking up the essential plumbing tools at your home. Your newest pipes, sinks, and toilets can require a bit of maintenance, especially in the winter season. You can manage doing small fixes on your own if you have the right plumbing tools. It will save you money as well as time. Instead of waiting for any plumber, you can easily fix the small issues then and there.

Some of the plumbing tool essentials that you should consider buying are:

a.   Wrench

Get a wrench to help troubleshoot small home problems for plumbing in Haslet, TX on your own. You can fix the wrench based on the size of the pipe. It is a handy tool for fixing pipes and opening nuts and bolts. You can get an adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, or both, depending on your needs.

a.   Plunger

An essential plumbing maintenance tool is the plunger. There are two basic types of plunger:

  1. Cup plunger for sinks and tubs
  2. Toilet plunger for the toilet

We recommend buying both for obvious health reasons.

a.   Plumber’s Tape

Plumber’s tape almost always comes in handy for all pipes-related jobs. It offers a watertight seal and prevents pipe leak.

To avoid the worst of the winter, follow the above-mentioned six winter plumbing tips. For unparalleled service and quality, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and get professional plumbers in Haslet, TX. We have skilled and licensed plumbers who are dedicated to their work. They will ensure long-lasting plumbing repairs at your home and you won’t regret your decision.