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Winterizing the Plumbing Pipes – A Guide to Avoid Frozen Pipes | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Winterizing the Plumbing Pipes – A Guide to Avoid Frozen Pipes | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Do you know that the pressure inside a freezing pipe is forceful enough to split plastic and blow open the metal pipe? Even a one-tenth-inch of a split may result in water gushing into the house or building. While it happens in about a quarter of a million houses every winter, it’s a problem that stems from a freezing pipe and grows into the heavy cost of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. It is also a problem that is, however, easily preventable with just a little bit of an effort made at the right time.

This needless problem may lead to severe damage in terms of leaking or bursting pipes and a huge repair or replacement cost in the form of hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. The water damage from a freezing pipe may cost your business thousands of dollars in structural as well as electrical damage.

Therefore, let us provide you with the complete insight on the problem by mentioning some of the facts about the frozen pipes.

Facts about frozen pipes

Learn the basics of frozen pipes below to help prepare for the winterization of plumbing pipes without costing a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

  • The freezing pipes are a problem that is commonly observed from the month of December to
  • The 20 degree Fahrenheit is the temperature at which the pipes freeze in the majority of the cases.
  • The sudden drop in temperature, poor insulation and setting the thermostat at low temperature are the basic three reasons of frozen pipes that result in a heavy cost of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Potentially, the cost of repairing a burst frozen pipe could go from $2000 to @100,000 depending upon the type of the structure, the impacted material and the extent of the damage caused.
  • Water damage is the major cost that is associated with a burst pipe.
  • Even a slight split of a pipe can spew up the water up to 250 gallons per day.


Top Signs that indicate that you have frozen pipes

A frozen pipe is a problem that shows its signs easily. Hence, in order to detect the presence of freezing pipes around, the two basic indications are that;

  1. Nothing comes out of the faucet when you turn it on. In this situation, it is necessary to thaw the area by using some techniques, however, no matter how you choose to deal with it but do not try to warm      up the frozen pipe by using a blowtorch. Many cases have been reported regarding homes catching                 fire in this way.
  2. When you hear the sound of running water through the water valves are turned off. Now, this is a        clear indication of a water leak somewhere around. To avoid the problem it is important to   immediately turn off the water and investigate the matter by hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Ways to prevent the freezing pipes and to avoid the cost of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

In the case you are all set to winterize the plumbing pipes and to avoid the freezing pipes this winter then it’s time that you check the conditions of the building’s plumbing. Identify the pipes that are most prone to freezing and look for the pipes that are placed outside the windows and walls. Also, check the un-insulated pipes and those that are installed close to unheated spaces.

Once done, it’s time that you search for the possible cracks in walls, ceilings or the floor. However, in the case of catching a hole during the inspection, fill them out to avoid the cold air from entering into the gaps.

Following that, the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest following these smart tips;

  • Make sure that all the visible cracks are potted by inspecting the exterior of the house or the Cold air that enters the cracks causes the pipes to freeze hence, avoid this and the cost of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX by caulking the cracks or with the use of spray foam to fill the gaps.
  • Using a furnace inside a building or any other heating source help protect pipes against cold.
  • A faucet dripping may need fixing but in winters this dripping from the faucet is beneficial in allowing the water to flow freely and continuously, preventing it from freezing and pipes from a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Ensure that all the crawl spaces are properly insulated. Moreover, the vents should be blocked especially the ones leading to the outside and this can be done with the help of a cardboard or wood.
  • One of the scariest situations is the bursting of the hose bibs in the middle of the night. A situation that is observed commonly, due to the lack of attention in draining the hose bibs and keeping them        insulated with covers. After this, it is also important to deactivate the bibs from the shutoff valve.
  • Protect the pipes from freezing with the help of heat tape. Since heat tapes are one of the most recommended methods of winterizing plumbing, it is also important that adequate care is taken in using this method as this might lead to some severe hazards like causing the fire, if used improperly.


What should be done now?

Begin with your own plan of winterizing the plumbing and follow the tips shared above to avoid the headache of freezing pipes in this winter season. The problem of freezing pipes is only avoidable by planning the steps in advance and by taking these preventive measures ahead of time – proactively!

Taking the measures once the problem has invaded already is a reactive approach that only ends up in costing us time and effort, along with the heavy amount of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

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