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How a Working Drainage System Saves You from Diseases

How a Working Drainage System Saves You from Diseases

Every homeowner needs to know about the problems they have to face when drainage system stops working. It leads to overflow that can damage furniture and structure of the house. In case of drain overflow, your house may stink for days. However, not many people know that a leaking drainage system is extremely harmful for health. It brings along different types of germs and bacteria that affect the health of your family. Therefore, you should hire professional services for regular drain cleaning in Saginaw.

First of all, let’s discuss certain diseases that are common due to an affected sewerage system.

• Campylobacteriosis:

It is a form of diarrhea that is primarily caused by a leaking drainage system. The systems vary from person to person. People with a strong immune system may not show any symptoms. However, weaker ones, especially children can get affected. Stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, headache and fever are its common symptoms. Hire professional services for drain cleaning in Saginaw to avoid falling prey to this disease.

• Typhoid:

Typhoid fever leads to various severe symptoms such as headache, weakness, abdominal pain and rashes. It is recommended to consult a physician and complete the full course of antibiotic medicines. Fever may return if bacteria stay in your body.

• Hepatitis A:

Hepatitis A is a liver disease that is caused by Hepatitis A virus. It usually spreads when a homeowner leaves a leaking drainage system unaddressed for a long time. People affected from the disease suffer from high fever, nausea, diarrhea, body pain and jaundice. This disease is more common in adults than children and the virus stays in human body for up to 9 months.

• Gastroenteritis:

Gastroenteritis is a virus that affects stomach. It is also referred to as stomach flu. Patients should consult a professional doctor if symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, fever, and stomach pain continue for long. When the infection affects the body, its symptoms usually appear within a day or two. It usually affects old people, young children and infants. Make sure that you drink a lot of clean water, or else your body may get dehydrated.

How The Diseases Spread:

These diseases can either spread due to a direct or an indirect contact with sewerage system. People may step into waste by mistake if it leaks out of the pipes. They carry this waste which spreads diseases. Moreover, insects and small animals such as flies, cockroaches, dogs and mice also play a role in spreading these diseases.  They carry germs and bacteria from sewage waste on their bodies and transfer them when they get in contact with any object.

Moreover, contaminated water is a major problem in many regions around the world. Sewerage pipes often break due to improper maintenance. If clean water line is damaged, sewerage water might seep into pipes lines and contaminate clean water, making it extremely harmful for health. People fall ill if they drink contaminated water. Therefore, it is recommended to install advanced filtration systems to get clean drinking water. Moreover, you also need to hire professional services for drain cleaning in Saginaw.

How to Maintain Drainage System:

In order to maintain a healthy environment for your family, acquire professional services for drain cleaning in Saginaw. You can opt for the following preventive measures to prevent any damage to drainage pipes:

• Rinse With Hot Water:

Make it a habit to wash all drainage pipes with boiling water at least once a week. It washes away the debris deposited on the inside of pipes. It is an effective solution for oil, grease and other solid particles that often block the path for water flow. You can also use liquid detergent for more effective cleaning. However, avoid using any harmful chemicals, since they may damage the pipes.

• Do Not Throw Garbage:

Avoid throwing large particles in drainage pipes. When doing dishes, many people throw all leftover food particles down the pipes, thinking it will wash away with water. However, food particles get deposited in the pipes and block water path. Avoid throwing food particles or oil in pipes. It gradually deposits on the inside of water pipes and eventually leads to water overflow. Acquire professional services for drain cleaning in Saginaw to effectively resolve the issue.

Install a drain guard to ensure that it does not happen even by mistake. A drain guard is a dish with small pores that allow water to pass through it and blocks path for solid residue. Also install one in bathrooms to block path for hair and debris that block sewerage pipes.

• Animal Hair:

Most people have at least one pet in their home. Their hair usually block the drainage pipes when you give them a bath. Drain guard often does not prove to be effective for this purpose. Place a wash cloth over the drain. It will catch all animal hair that you can later throw down the garbage bin. It saves you from the efforts of hiring a professional service for drain cleaning in Saginaw or doing it on your own.

• Acquire Professional Services:

The most convenient way of dealing with any problem with drainage system is to hire professional maintenance services. Professional workers repair and maintain the drainage system with the help of advanced tools. Modern equipment makes it convenient for them to identify problems within no time. They resolve it efficiently to keep your drainage system intact. The problem becomes severe with time and spreads diseases.

A maintenance service checks the whole drainage system from time to time. They efficiently identify any existing problems to save you from a number of diseases. Do not worry about the services charges of drain cleaning in Saginaw as they are affordable. Moreover, you get a significant return on investment in the form of good health of your family.

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