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You’ll Be Surprised by These Facts About Your Plumbing | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

You’ll Be Surprised by These Facts About Your Plumbing | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Plumbing is every homeowner’s amenity – but nobody really thinks twice about it – do they? However, plumbers in Arlington, TX would like to ask homeowners how much they know about this common convenience. From the truth about flushing your goldfish to toilets swirling backward in the South – here are the best plumbing myths busted by plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Plumbing Myths Busted By Plumbers in Arlington, TX

1.   Water Drains the Opposite Way in the Southern Hemisphere

You’ve probably heard of this one and quite to the contrary of popular belief, plumbers in Arlington, TX would like you to know that this is not true. A scientific phenomenon known as the Coriolis force has a effect on the water in everyone’s toilet bowl and it is simply caused by the toilet bowl.

According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, the structure of plumbing itself causes the water to spin the other way round in the toilet bowl. This means that little jets that erupt every time you flush may have been installed the other way round to cause it to swirl the other way round.

2.   Creatures Can Never Swim Upstream Inside Your Toilet

Plumbers in Arlington, TX would hate to break it to you but snake, rats and a lot of other animals can work their way up to your toilet bowl. In fact there have been real situations where terrifying creatures have actually swum their way up an out of a toilet bowl. So not only did we debunk this myth, we also just made your midnight trip to the toilet a little traumatizing. Well, atleast you’ll have your mobile ready to make a quick Snap Chat.

3.   Cat Litter Can Be Flushed Down Your Toilet

Even though there are a lot of manufacturers out there that would claim that their natural litters are flushable, plumbers in Arlington, TX would advise that you don’t do it. Cat feces are known to consist of what is known as toxoplasma gondii. This is the scientific name of a parasite that is quite harmful to humans.

Alright we may have oversold it a little, because kitty litter isn’t quite harmful to adults, but it is very harmful to marine life and even pregnant women. Most countries have actually designed then modern wastewater management systems in a way that the parasite wouldn’t be as harmful after treatment.

4.   Plungers Can Fix Any Clogs

Sure a little elbow grease with the ol’ plunger will cure smaller clogs, but that too as a temporary solution. If you are a novice homeowner, then you should also know that these plungers can actually make your clogs worse! How does a clog get worse? Well, have you ever called your plumbers in Arlington, TX for an overflow from hell?

This is why, your best bet will be to stick with calling your plumbers in Arlington, TX for serious clogs. Doing so will spare you from actually Googling the perfect plunging techniques.

5.   Plumbing Systems Are Immune to Lightning

We have no clue how this one made it as a myth, because there have been many cases where lighting has travelled through pipelines. Well, why wouldn’t it? Pipes are made of metal and metal is a great conductor of electricity. The very same goes for the water that travels through these pipes. Plumbers in Arlington, TX, would even take it up a notch and tell you that the impurities inside these pipes are also great conductors of electricity.

Needless to say, we would recommend that you skip taking your daily shower if there is a lightning storm in your area.

6.   Water Heaters Are Explosion-Proof

This one probably made it as a myth because homeowners were in denial that the water heater in their home can actually be dangerous. Well, you may already know that your water heater has its own pressure relief valve. Even though this is the case, plumbers in Arlington, TX would like you to know that there will always be a chance that these safety mechanisms can fail.

Do you want to know how drastic the problem can be? If not, professionals will advise that you get your water heaters serviced on a regular basis and flush the water inside atleast on an annual basis. Doing so will be quite enough to avoid all life threatening situations.

7.   It’s Alright to Flush Your Goldfish

We all know a homeowner who would have flushed their gold fish when it was time for them to be released to the wild. Well, we need to tell all of them that it isn’t alright to do so because these creatures know their way around the sewers!

Why is this is a problem though? Well, plumbers in Arlington, TX will tell you that flushing gold fishes while they are alive will cause some really alarming changes to the eco system. Simply put, these goldfishes will become oversized and they will also reproduce at really alarming rates.

Instead of flushing your goldfish, just donate your goldfish to your local pet store.

8.   Leaky Faucets Aren’t Really That Bad

Oh so what if the faucet is leaking, its barely something to worry about. It is DEFINITELY something to worry about! Even the tiniest continuous leaks such as a drip every second have been found to waste about 2000 gallons annually! So don’t skimp away from simple repairs whenever you hear those annoying drips in the middle of the night. Remember to schedule an inspection in the morning.

Don’t know who to call? Don’t worry; we have you covered!

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