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Your Plumbing Systems Need Attention From A Professional Plumber | Benbrook, TX

Your Plumbing Systems Need Attention From A Professional Plumber | Benbrook, TX

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Plumbing is a part of our everyday life. It is so important that if our plumbing suddenly stops working, it halts our day. You will need to contact an emergency plumbing technician. You will then have to wait for a said plumber to fix the issue. Your employer might even be understanding of such a serious matter, in the event that you have to leave or miss work. DIY Plumbing is not an issue due to the very high possibility of exasperating the issue. If you are experiencing any plumbing problems and you live in Benbrook, TX, you should contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing for immediate plumber assistance.

DIY projects aren’t bad. Plumbing DIY projects aren’t easy unless your trained plumbing technician. By fixing a plumbing issue yourself, you run the risk of putting a disaster. The longer a plumbing issue goes unfixed, the worse it can get. This is because plumbing systems are extensive, intricate mechanisms that require accurate precision and corrections. The slightest mistake can lead to a domino effect of damages for your property.

Most homeowners don’t pay their plumbing systems any attention, not until it disrupts your everyday scheduled life. Plumbing fixes can be intimidating at times. The cause of a malfunction can be something small or large. Whatever the root of the problem is, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, in Benbrook TX, plumbing technicians can help.

If your home is malfunctioning in any of the following ways, you should contact your local Benbrook, TX plumber right away.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Slow drains are common. A clogged or backed up drain is inevitable. Hiring a plumber to perform regular maintenance on your drainage systems can only help keep your drains clean, efficient, and healthy. Cleaning your drains, yourself might be very tempting. Many homeowners run for chemical cleaners, like Drano when their drains start to clog. This is a very risky way to unclog your drain for several reasons. Chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous for you and may not clean your drains thoroughly. This may provide you with little or temporary relief, allowing the problem to persist. The longer the clog is stuck inside your drain the harder and tougher it will be to remove. By the time you realize the damage that has been done, you will be forced to hire a plumber. There are many techniques your plumbing technician will use to remove the drain. If the clog becomes deeply lodged, the only way to remove it may cost you more than you bargained for. To avoid unnecessary damage and stubborn clogs, simply hire a skill and local plumber to attend to your drains from time to time.

Drains can become clogged for many reasons. One of the major culprits of drain clogging is food and hair. The biggest issue with clogs such as this is that they are often underestimated. Enough layers of any substance can create mass. The thicker the mass the tougher and stronger it is. Chemical cleaners that can be bought in the stores are no match for a clog that has been building over time. Chemical cleaners may eat away at portions or parts of the clog but may not be able to completely remove all clogs as some of them advertise. The only way to be sure your drains are perfectly clean is to have a trained plumbing technician clean and inspect it.

You can help maintain your home drains by using drain stoppers and strainers to help prevent things from going down the drain. Drain strainers and stoppers can prevent hair and food from seeping into the drain. This method is unfortunately not foolproof. Hair and food are still likely to slip through at times. Using barriers to prevent this from happening can greatly reduce the amount of debris that falls into the sink and clogs it.

Other things such as grease are nearly impossible to prevent seeping into drains. Grease gets in the drains in the form of food or the washing and rinsing of hair. The best way to avoid getting grease trapped in your drain is to out allow grease to go anywhere near your drains. Pouring grease out into a bottle or container before washing your dishes will help prevent it from messing up your drains. Grease can easily clog your drain. The scary thing about grease clogs is where they land. Grease sometimes washes clear of the house and lands in deposits in the sewage pipes outside of the property’s walls. A grease clog in the sewage lines will attract particles and organisms. A grease clog is harder to fix than measly hair or food clog. Your drains should avoid grease at all costs. If you accidentally pour grease or oil down your drains, it would be in your best interest to contact a professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Benbrook, TX for urgent assistance. The sooner the problem is inspected and alleviated, the sooner you can get your plumbing system back on track.

Sink Pipe Malfunctions

Drains are ag for small options. When something falls down your sink, it may be tempting to simply pull apart your pipes and look for the item. It may sound simple but is not simple at all. Dismantling your sink pipes on your own is risky and may leave your sink completely unusable for quite some time if you don’t know what you are doing.

Pipes under the sink are completely visible to you once you open the cabinet doors. Twisting them off and looking for the item may not be as easy as it seems. If you are unsure of where the item has landed, you can make the problem worse by opening the pipes, possibly pushing it further down the sink into the drains.

Other problems that can arise by trying to locate it yourself may involve other appliances around the sink, such as the dishwasher and or the garbage disposal. If you are not completely sure you know where the item is and that you won’t disrupt any other appliances, you should contact a plumber immediately before the item is lost forever or before it causes an obstruction in the drain.

Corroded Pipes

A corroded pipe cannot be fixed simply. Pipe systems are complex. Some plumbing systems are made up of different kinds of pipes. PVC pipes aren’t made of metal and will not corrode as iron and copper can. Copper is a very stable sturdy metal that takes years to break down and start rusting. Iron pipes are the rustiest of them all. Now iron pipes are usually only used for waste removal purposes. Homes that still rely on iron pipes for water supply will most likely be older homes. If you live in an older home and you are experiencing plumbing issues, you should contact Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Benbrook, TX. They have the best and highly skilled plumbers to inspect your after-supply line and investigate the cause of your plumbing problems. If you need new pipes installed call Benjamin Franklin plumbing technicians for assistance.

Water Pressure Problems

Hiring a preventive maintenance plumber can help you save a lot of money; it can also protect you from the dirty side of plumbing. Our plumbing systems carry water to and from different systems every day, nearly all day. There will be times that your pipe systems must be cared for and cleaned. Drains are the most common plumbing appliance to have cleaned but so should your aerators.

Aerators are partially responsible for the health of your water. Aerators prevent things such as fungus and other organisms from making a home in your water supply systems. It introduces air to the systems to curb their accumulation. This very essential device sometimes becomes dirty naturally. The issue with a gunky aerator is the possible contamination of your tap water and fluctuation in after pressure. If you notice your tap water is running unusually slow, it could be a possible dirt aerator issue.

Other causes of inconsistent or low water pressure include corroded pipes, broken pipes, or malfunctioning water lines. If your low pressure is anything other than aerator dirt clogging the rain, then you should have a plumber determine the root cause of the issue. Finding out sooner than later will be very good for your pockets and the health of your system. By taking care of the problem as soon as possible, you avoid inevitable larger problems that could happen if you ignored it.

If the root cause happens to be something like a broken pipe, or a crack in the waterline and is fixed right away, you can prevent these cracks from growing larger and become a bigger issue. Broken Pipes can lead to a rapid water leak. Rapid water leaks can cause flooding and extensive damage to your property. Contact a plumber to prevent small problems from becoming larger and more expensive ones.


We cannot lie comfortably without our toilets. Toilet issues come in many different forms and the solutions do as well. If your toilet isn’t working properly you must contact a plumber. If not, you run the risk of having a very serious and property damaging issue on your hand. Toilets malfunction for any reason. By hiring professional plumbers to perform an inspection will greatly reduce the amount of potential that can occur from a toilet malfunction.

Your toilet can break down in many ways. This very necessary appliance is quite fragile. Having a plumber perform a preventive maintenance check on your plumbing system will allow them to ensure our toilet is running efficiently and to perform any much-needed maintenance your toilets may require.

Toilets can sometimes overflow. If plunging your toilet doesn’t work, you could be dealing with a serious clog that requires a professional solution or something worse. Toilets can overflow due to septic tank problems. This is one reason you should contact a professional plumber if you notice any issues with your toilet that can’t simply be fixed with a plunger.

If you notice that you are constantly using a plunger, you may be having an issue with your toilet’s water pressure or other mechanics of the toilet itself. This very common problem can be fixed by having a plumber inspect your toilet and make suggestions on the next best solution. Depending on the age and condition of your toilet, your plumber may suggest fixing it or replacing it altogether.

Toilets should sometimes be replaced. Especially for toilets in older homes. The average lifespan of a toilet is 50 years. With proper maintenance, you can keep your toilet for longer. Unfortunately, toilets don’t last forever and may need to be replaced at some point in time. Once you replace your toilet we should be able to utilize it for 50 more years or longer, depending on your maintenance practices.

Other Reasons You Should Contact A Plumbing Technician

Leaky Pipes

A leaky tap may not seem like a huge deal, but it is a huge waste of water and can be fixed fairly quickly, with the help of a skilled plumbing technician. Leaky taps are usually the result of a worn-out washer. Washers can sometimes be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look, this is because the washer is usually put in an unnoticeable location to prevent it from interfering with other aspects of your plumbing systems. A skilled plumbing technician will be able to locate and fix this minor issue without disturbing another component of your pipe system.

Replacing Your Pipes

Getting new pipes is exciting. New pipes will increase the cleanliness and quality of the water that flows through it and improve your pipe system. If our pipes systems are reaching the end of their life span you should replace them. Old pipes can rust, break, and crack, causing contaminates to enter your drinking, bathing, and cooking water. This is detrimental to your health, and the health of your property.

If you are in need of a plumber, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.