Kitchen Plumbing

kitchen plumbing

Fort Worth Kitchen Plumbing Experts

Kitchen remodels are one of the top two remodels that will increase your home’s value, while improving the factors that will make it more likely to sell. Perhaps you are remodeling for your own pleasure, the kitchen of your dreams where family and friends gather and scrumptious meals are prepared.

Kitchen remodels often involve moving existing plumbing, electrical runs and gas lines to accommodate the new design. Typically, local building code will require you to purchase a building permit, as well as to hire plumbers and electricians to provide plumbing and electrical service.

Remodeling the kitchen takes careful planning and consideration. In addition to the usual factor of countertops, flooring and appliances for example, is the considerations for plumbing. The following are a few items you should consider before the work begins:

Repiping – If your home is an older one you may want to consider repiping the kitchen, especially if the existing piping is galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe will eventually rust, causing clogged water lines and leaks that will only become more numerous as it continues to age. There is no better time for repiping than during a kitchen remodel when pipes are more accessible.

Furthermore, if selling your home in the plans for the near future, repiping will be a big bonus to potential buyers. The majority of homeowners seeks to purchase a home they don’t have to provide a lot of renovations on.

Water Filtration – If you have been considering the installation of water filtration under the sink, doing so during a kitchen remodel provides the perfect opportunity. Water filtration will provide your family with clean, sparkling clear water for drinking and cooking when installed under the sink. Alternately, if you desire all of the incoming water supply to be filtered, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth can provide you with a whole house filtration system.

Kitchen Fixture Upgrades – To ensure a leak free remodel and accurate professional installation, you will need a plumber to install new fixtures such as sinks and faucets.

Specialty Installations – Installing an island in the center of the room, or a kitchen bar complete with water, ice dispenser and sink, you will need a plumber to run the water lines.

Using a professional plumber ensures the installation of plumbing is provided accurately, correctly and professionally without the problems that can occur when you use an unlicensed plumber or a friend. Entrust your plumbing to the experienced and professional plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for the professional grade quality you desire, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.