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4 Major Reasons to Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning | Drain Cleaning in Arlington

4 Major Reasons to Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning | Drain Cleaning in Arlington

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A clogged drain is a real issue. In addition to slowing the flow of water and leading to odors in your home, it can also impact the taste of your water.

We know how tempting it is to save money by avoiding the cost of professional repair, but the truth of the matter is DIY cleaning can result in some severe issues which might need double the initial repair cost or the help of a professional service regardless.

Every home at some time requires drain cleaning in Arlington, at times like these, it is imperative to prioritize the needs of the fixtures and fittings at home rather than a mostly negligible sum of money. Therefore to help you realize the significance of professional drain cleaning in Arlington, we have compiled a list of reasons you should avoid cleaning drain yourself.

1.  Damage

Damage to the drain or septic system is one of the risks of DIY drain cleaning in Arlington. Drain cleaners that constitute of chemical elements can damage the septic tanks as the chemical they have within can interfere with the bacteria that break down waste.

Additionally, drain cleaners that contain hydrochloric acid can erode your pipes and make them corrosive. However, perhaps the one factor that leaves lasting damage to the drainage system is the tools you use to clear the clog.

A professional is aware of the intricacies of the drain; this is why the results are vastly different even though he uses the same tools as you for clearing the clog. Misusing the tools to clear the drain can clog the drain further, damaging the pipes.

2.  Ineffectiveness

One of the main reasons why many plumbing service and professionals warn against DIY drain cleaning in Arlington is because the exercise is a waste of time. Chemical drain cleaners and or hot boiling water may clear up a clog, but when faced with a more significant problem, the tactics will fall flat.

Even though the methods you are using to clear the drain may be the right way to go about things, it still will not be enough because an untrained hand usually pushes the clog farther down the drain rather than getting rid of it.

Therefore, even if you have the right tools and is aware of the right way to go about cleaning the drain we advise against it because it is only the hand of a skilled professional that will initially identify the problem with the drain and use the tools skillfully enough to get rid of it.

3.  Danger

People often tend to ignore the aspect of risk looming around them when they go about cleaning drains in Arlington.

Many inexperienced people are not aware of the dangers of a clogged drain, often attempt to stick down their hands to pull out a clog. Doing this can cut your hand, with the possibility of getting your hand stuck in the drain.

Additionally, using boiling water for drain cleaning in Arlington can also be dangerous as the water can splash back onto your face. Contact with boiling water can also lead to painful burns and injuries.

Toxic chemicals present in the drain can hurt the health of a person on close exposure. Therefore, rather than experimenting, it is essential to call for a professional for drain cleaning in Arlington.

4.  Waste of Time and Money

On the online platform, many articles are explaining DIY methods to the users. However, the plans do not guarantee resolving the problem you face. Additionally, if things go wrong, there are likelihoods that you may end up further damaging your drain.

The tools and the effort required, go to waste as well, prompting you to ask the wisdom of your decision to not call a professional for drain cleaning in Arlington.

5.  Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Opting to go for DIY drain cleaning in Arlington can have the repercussions above. The alternative of DIY drain cleaning is to call for a professional service.

In addition to resolving the matter, a qualified professional will restrain from going for a temporary fix. Getting drain cleaning in Arlington from a professional will reassure that you don’t face the same problems again.

The tools that professional use and the expertise he possesses ensures that your drain is clear from clogs in the future.

Additionally, a trained professional backed with years of experience will know how to deal with clogged drains and the dangers that lie within. The awareness will prompt a professional to wear protective gear at all cost.

The skill of the experienced professional will ensure that the surrounding pipes and fittings are not affected by the cleaning procedure. The plumber will also be able to locate the potential problem and the area of concern; identification will ensure that the drain cleaning harms none of the fixtures and fittings.

The professional attitude and skill work all the time. Hiring a pro assures you that the person will come with everything necessary to solve a problem. This means that if something unexpected were to appear, your plumber would be ready to deal with it.


If you have a clogged drain, the reasons mentioned above should be enough to convince you against the use of DIY measures. When in search for a professional service offering drain cleaning in Arlington, opt for Benjamin Franklin, the punctual plumber. With years of experience in the plumbing industry, skilled plumbers from Benjamin Franklin possess the skills and the knowledge to deal with any problem your drain faces.


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