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4 Surprising Plumbing Myths | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

4 Surprising Plumbing Myths | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

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It is not unusual for the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to get emergency calls in the wake of minor and major plumbing issues in the region. But what is surprising is that the usual reason behind these problems is not the problem itself but the myths that people fall for.

Yes, it may sound unreal but the majority of the problems related to plumbing in Arlington, TX occur because of all the old tales and theories that we as homeowners genuinely latch on to. With that said, if you are reallylooking for ways to prevent plumbing issues in your house and prevent all the related hassle as well as repair costs, the first and foremost thing you should do is learn about the common myths and their reality. And this is what we are going to help you with!

Let us take a stroll through four of the most common myths regarding plumbing in Arlington, TX and debunk them to prevent most of the plumbing problems in households. Have a read!

Myth 1: Leaks are no big deal.

Let’s be upfront, we all tend to ignore minor leakages in our homes and wait for them to become a larger problem before the professional plumbers in Arlington, TX are called upon. This usually happens because we believe that minor leaks don’t need attention and this is of course absolutely wrong!

Factually speaking, an average household in the United States wastes approximately 10,000 gallons of water every year; simply because of minor leaks that are left untreated. And this is reflectedin the water bills of most houses out there. In this manner, you are not only putting your plumbing system at a riskof getting major problems and posing yourself to water damages but also wasting a lot of money that is unnecessarily spentin paying water bills.

You do know what the key takeaway here is; don’t you?

Myth 2: The garbage disposal can be cleaned by simply sending some lemons down the drain.

More often than not, it is the DIY videos on the internet and other tales spread by acquaintances that pose you with the biggest problems, particularly when it is about a household chore like drain cleaning in Arlington, TX.

What is worse is that naïve homeowners and users on the internet tend to believe these myths and actuallytake it on themselves to resolve these problems. Speaking of garbage disposals, the biggest rumor of all time is that you can get the disposal cleaned simply by hurling down lemons while the disposal runs.

At the outset, you must remember that garbage disposals in your homes are not your usual dustbins that can deal with anything or everything that thrown inside and they are not something you can try playing tricks with. The disposals are machines and not simple bins. When you throw lemons into the disposal, their rough peels can get trapped in the interiors, causing the long exposure to citric acid to corrode the pipes, creating emergency/problematic situations related to plumbing in Arlington, TX.

If you reallyhave a disposal-cleaning problem, connect with a professional plumber in Arlington, TX to get it fixed safely.

Myth 3: The toilet drain can flush anything or everything.

Thisone is similar to number 3. Many homeowners believe that the drain in the toilet can flush and dispose of everything that is sentits way. This is nothing but another myth not based in reality.

Again, the toilet drain is neither a conventional bin nor the garbage disposal that you expect to chop and flush several items. What is sent down the toilet drain will not simply dissolve and get disposed of through the sewage line; in fact, it will probably clog the line.

Those dealing in plumbing in Arlington, TX can confirm that most of the plumbing repair calls they get are related to this mistake that homeowners tend to commit. To cut the long story short, remember that anything other than human waste and the toilet paper that is used can cause serious problems in the toilet drain and compel you to call the professionals.

Myth 4: DIY solutions and local repairmen should be preferred over professional plumbers in Arlington, TX because the former options are just as good and save money.

A lot of us naturally prefer hiring local technicians or looking up DIY remedies to technical problems that come our way, like those related to HVAC and plumbing in Arlington, TX and elsewhere. Truth be told,this is a terrible idea as the repair introduced by the untrained and unqualified can actually make a minor problem even worse, requireinghefty replacements.

Needless to say,issues related to tankless water heaters in Arlington, TXand others have lately surged in number, and this is only because they are handled the wrong way by the wrong people. Such negligence, in fact,is what is resulting in an increase in the number of calls the professionals get for plumbing repairs across the world.

What is even sadder is the reason behind homeowners opting to hire local technicians. They fall into believing that the professionals charge a lot to introduce repairs whereas those who are not certified and experienced charge far less while the quality of repairs is just as good. That is just one big myth!

The fact that DIY remedies and local repairmen invite chances of potentially huge damage and loss being incurred is what we can literally bet on. While these options may seem attractive, cheaper, and easy-to-get, they are the exact opposite of these adjectives.

Remember, no technical issue can be fully resolved without the use of the right tools, knowledge, and expertise and this is why you can never really trust DIY remedies or unqualified plumbers in Arlington, TX. And if you are still inclined to put your hands down the water heater in your home, make sure you have life/health insurance and enough savings to bear any potential losses.

If you think you have been believingin any or all of the above-given myths, you need to hire a professional plumber in Arlington, TX immediately to get the drains and pipes fixed. Connect with the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to restore your plumbing network and get the peace of mind back!