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5 Bad Habits Which Clog Kitchen Sinks | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

5 Bad Habits Which Clog Kitchen Sinks | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

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Kitchens are a blend of communal spaces and art factories, where wonderful dishes are created to bring families and friends together. However, over the years, during your meal preparations, you may have picked up habits that could be waging a war with your plumbing setup.

A major complaint to plumbers regarding plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, can often revolve around clogged kitchen sinks. Most drain blockages can be easily avoided by taking precautionary steps to maintain the longevity of your kitchen drains.

If your kitchen drains have blockages which keep re-appearing, then it is time to contact the best in plumbing in Fort Worth, TX and adopt a kitchen sink friendly routine. Here are bad habits to avoid in the kitchen to save you from costly plumbing in Fort Worth, TX:

1.  Discarding Greasy Liquids in the Sink

Grease is your kitchen drain’s worst nightmare, and ironically, behind some of the worst blockages. This is because grease can solidify over a period of time, attracting other waste such as egg shells, plastics, and more to it.

This can turn into a mass of horrifyingly sticky solids which can hide in hard to access areas in the pipes. Over time this will accumulate and choke the pipes, causing water to stand stagnant in the sink.  Such blockages are difficult to clear with plungers and drain snakes.

Changing your habit of discarding oily and greasy liquids such as curries and fryer oil in the sink can enhance the life of your kitchen’s plumbing. Hiring professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, will also clear your drains from difficult blockages caused by grease.

2.  Using DIY Tricks

Even though DIY drain cleaning practices are thought to be beneficial for your drains, they can wreak havoc on the condition of the pipes. Harsh liquids can be corrosive and crumble away the pipes. Additionally, homemade concoctions of vinegar, soap, and cleaning liquids have limited to poor results in clearing the kitchen sink.

Such practices only delay the process of getting professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. This delaycan worsen the problem until it is out of the homeowner’s hands. In the end, is the delays can lead to a tough decision between getting costly repairs or replacements.

DIY is only a short term solution. It is recommended to instead hire professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. This will quickly resolve kitchen sink issues and extend the functionality of your drains.

3.  Not Installing Garbage Disposers and Catchers

Doing any activity over the sink kitchen without the proper tools can end up jamming solids down the drain. These can lodge in the drains, slowly build up blockage and then unleash the terror of septic water in the most unfortunate ways.

Installing a garbage disposer and drain catchers are a safety precaution which can avoid the mess of clogged drains. Garbage disposers have specially designed propellers which can crush the waste into a paste, allowing it to drain easily down the pipes.

The drain catchers, in contrast, prevent hard solids and stringy materials from entering the drain altogether.It is advisable to install the latest in garbage disposer and drain catcher technology to benefit your kitchen drains.

Hiring effective plumbing in Fort Worth, TX to fix blockages in your drains on time can save your pipes from further damage.

4.  Discarding Big Solids in Garbage Disposers

Disposers are built to chew specific types of waste only with the intent to churn the wastage into a paste with the texture resembling baby food.

Certain food groups, however, can prove to be difficult to blend into a paste due to their hard and sturdy nature. Items such as bones, thick meat chunks, rice, shells, coffee and raw vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and celery can turn into a nightmare for the disposers’ limited abilities.

Additionally, they can turn the propellers blunt, get jammed between them, and ultimately halt the machine. Serious damage to the disposer may even require costly replacements while the drain can slowly turn into a cesspool of septic bacterial growth.

A garbage disposer is not a trashcan, nor should it be treated like one. Ideally, a trashcan must be placed near the sink to dispose of such kinds of solid waste. If your drain has been acting up or the clogs keep reappearing, then hire the best in plumbing in Fort Worth, TX for a satisfying fix.

5.  Skipping Preventive Maintenance

Calling a professional plumber to look at your drains should not be kept till the last moment. Setting up regular inspections can help detect looming problems. Most drain blockages are a symptom of other issues affecting the drainage system.

Having a professional conduct an in-depth inspection will bring forth underlying issues to the front before they become damaging to the value of the property. Timely inspections are a form of precautionary measure that may warn against the possible breakdown and weaknesses in the pipes.

A slight repair is beneficial in the long run since it can save you from having to fund drastic remodeling and repair projects in the future. Although DIY maintenance can be useful to the pipes, they should be done as an addition to professional servicing rather than to replace them entirely.

Professional Plumbing: The Perfect Way to Wash Away Kitchen Sink Issues

Poor kitchen routines can clog your drains and expose you to septic water. Installing the right tools and accessories can help keep your kitchen sink and drains free from severe blockages.

If your sink has been retaining stagnant water or clears at a slow pace, hiring plumbing in Fort Worth, TX to install proper gearwill prove to be fruitful.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we know of the finest ways to clear your drains. Call our emergency services for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, or to have our skilled technicians install the best disposers for your kitchen routine.

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