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5 Best Tips for Buying Shower Trays | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

5 Best Tips for Buying Shower Trays | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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Bathroom remodels are not as easy as they seem. You need to decide which shower to install and which plumbing in Arlington, TX to opt for. There’s also choosing the right color and style for the vanity. The whole process is a tiring ordeal. Even seemingly simple installations such as showers trays require a thorough scan through the market.

When choosing a shower tray for the stand-in stall, certain factors need to be considered. The wrong type, size, and style can cause drainage issues. This may result in standing water and leaking stalls, requiring professional services for plumbing in Arlington, TX.

Here are factors to consider when purchasing a shower tray to get the most use out of your fixtures and plumbing in Arlington, TX.

1.  Check the Size

Your excitement with new installations can be dampened, especially if issues with size occur. Ideally, you need to measure the size of your shower stall where you will be installing the shower tray.

The closer the fit between the enclosure and the tray, the better the performance you will receive from both. It will also avoid gaping holes in between the seams, which can turn into an abode for critters and bugs.

Some models may be advertised with specific measurements; however, always assume it is not to scale. Keep room for a few more millimeters in mind and check with a measuring tape.

Some designs can be slightly tapered at the bottom and extend slightly in size. With such models, you need to make sure a little bit of wiggle room is left, especially when installing.

Ifyou are everdoubtful about the size, a consultation with the best in plumbing in Arlington, TX will aid you in making the right purchase for shower trays.

2.  Seek Functionality

It is better to opt for models with an anti-slip coating and a bio-coat which can reduce mold and bacteria growth. This will cut down cleanup time and will ensure that the shower trays lasting for longer. Also, make sure the models are covered by warranties and guarantees for quick replacements as and when needed.

If it is being purchased for an elderly or a larger sized person, larger models with more floor space will give more room to move and avoid accidents. In fact, the acrylic models with a capped solid stone resin core are ideal for the elderly.

3.  Check for Material

Choosing the right accessory can elevate your shower routine. Hence it is imperative to focus on the quality of the material when buying a shower stall. The longevity and lifespan of the tray are directly dependant on the material it is comprised of.

Although shower trays can come in a variety of materials to suit your preferences, the designs made from Resin or acrylics are extensively preferred by users.

They are not only highly durable but also have scratchproof qualities. These compliment glass stalls and chrome walls and require low maintenance with an easy to clean body. To get the best out of your shower trays, have a service that provides professional plumbing in Arlington, TX, install them for you.

Shower trays developed with acrylic with a capped solid stone resin core are very popular designs amongst homeowners for their affordable blend of functionality and features.

These feel a lot sturdier compared to regular plastic varieties and give fantastic value for money. In fact, they also work ideally for the elderly.

4.  Check for Waste Outlet Position

Shower trays need to be installed with proper drainage to avoid blockages. Usually, good quality shower trays are supported with a drain system accented with a trap, pipes, and a drain plug.

The waste outlet position is important for better flow of dirty water out of the tray. Mainly look for a predrilled outlet in your shower tray. Bigger sized waste outlets are recommended for better speed to drain liquid. These work well to avoid the water standing stagnant in the tray.

This may not matter though in modern shower trays as most outlet sizes are kept standard for easy outflow of waste water. However, if you are aiming to buy sleeker, slime-line varieties for their minimalistic appeal, ensure that you buy a model with at least 90mm waste capabilities.

Hire a reliable name in plumbing in Arlington, TX to make sure your shower trays are free from drainage related problems and function best to their abilities.

5.  Match the Aesthetics

Even though only the white color comes to mind when we think of shower trays, the models are, in fact, available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. From red to blues, black to silver, the color possibilities are endless.

The models also come in a variety of shapes such as quadrant, square, and round. Varieties in white and chrome work best with glass shower stalls while colored variants can be fitted with the color of tiles for best effect.

The high gloss shine varieties compliment both contemporary and traditional style bathrooms. In contrast, the matte finish is excellent in modern chic bathrooms inspired by art deco and vintage themes. It is recommended to match the shower tray with your bathroom’s décor and color to bring cohesion to the design.

Additionally, getting the installation done from a trustworthy name in plumbing in Arlington, TX, will have your shower trays popping without any visual imperfection.


Bathroom remodels require intensive planning. For a highly functional bathroom, exceptional installation is imperative, or it can take the fun out of a cheery shower routine.

A reliable name in plumbing in Arlington, TX, we at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing know how to give our customers a satisfying experience with their new installations. From mounting fixtures seamlessly, restoring the functionality of components to the detection of potential plumbing issues, our technicians are adept at all.

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