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5 Common Water Heater Problems and Ways to Avoid Them | Water Heater Repair in Arlington

5 Common Water Heater Problems and Ways to Avoid Them | Water Heater Repair in Arlington

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Users of hot water shower often take the luxury for granted. The realization of the significance of warm water baths only occurs when you have to take one without a water heater.

A sudden chilly change in the temperature of the shower due to unknown reasons is enough to start your day on the wrong foot. Morning showers, after all, set the tone for the day. In addition to bearing the change in temperature, you will also have to figure out reasons for the sudden drop.

If you are fortunate and it is your lucky day, the problem will end up being a one-time affair. Everything will be back to normal with the water heater carrying out its magic as smoothly as before after the glitch. However, if the drop in temperature results in a persistent problem, it is time to get water heater repair in Arlington.

Since your water heater is an integral feature of your home plumbing, it is crucial to keep it up and running for the times to come. Regular maintenance will ensure that you don’t face an uphill challenge in repairing your water heater, as the system functions smoothly.

However, as a word of precaution, here are some of the common problems that can prompt you to go for water heater repair in Arlington.

1. Heating Elements

Most electric water heaters use two elements; one element is placed near the bottom of the tank while the other is situated near the middle.

The heating elements are under the control of individual thermostats that are responsible for setting off the elements once the machine reaches the set temperature.

Setting the lowest temperature on the thermostat barely sets the heating elements on. The maximum temperature, however, is usually around 150 degrees.

Most manufacturers believe that the temperature should not exceed 120 degrees, as the latter ensures the smooth heating and functioning of the elements.

Having an incorrect setting will cause your water to be either too cold for use or too hot. An incorrect setting can also result in the elements working overtime, causing them to wear out faster.

The more the elements function, the higher the electric bills.

Given the significance of these reasons on the overall cost of use and repair, it is recommended to have a professional set the temperature of the thermostats and ensure that they have no damage. Calling licensed individuals for a hot water repair in Arlington will lead to efficient repair and maintenance, preventing such issues to occur.

2. Dip Tube

The dip tube in the water heater ensures the efficient allocation of the incoming water by distributing water evenly throughout the tank.

Like other components, regular use of the dip tube can result in its deterioration. An even worse scenario is the breaking down of the dip tube due to an accident. Damage to the dip tube affects the distribution of water, causing cold water to stay near the top while preventing the water heater from heating the water properly.

Ignoring the problems of the dip tube and not calling for water heater repair in Arlington at the right time can result in serious issues that are costly to repair.

3. Valves

Valves are one of the primary reasons for the ill-performance of the water heater. Most water heaters have two drain valves on them; one is present at the bottom while the other is located at the top.

The valve on the bottom is responsible for draining out the tank once every couple of years. The action prevents the accumulation of mineral deposits at the core.

The valve at the top of the water heater is a safety release valve that a user needs to open when pressure or heat levels in the tank rise to abnormal levels. The safety release valve has a discharge tube that extends to about 6 inches from the floor. The discharge tube is responsible for preventing hot water from spraying out of the tank and possibly injuring someone.

A leak in either of the valve needs your immediate attention. Both the leaks are visible from the outside and can be dangerous for the folks living in a home.

Only a trained professional of water heater repair in Arlington has the potential to catch the root of the problem and then fix it. A slight delay in repairing the leak can result in the escalation of the problem and the deterioration of the water heater.

4. Bad Odor

Users of water heaters often complain of bad odors from the machine. Like any other technology or machine. lack of maintenance do funny things to the performance of the water heater.

The presence of bacteria and the lack of proper action against its accumulation results in an odor that becomes increasingly difficult to bear for the users.

Not flushing the tank regularly with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water creates a buildup of bacteria that produces foul odors similar to that of rotten eggs.

Attempting to flush the water heater in the absence of a professional will not yield the results you are looking for. Since the heavy presence of bacteria in the tank needs particular attention, let professional conduct the operation.

5. Circuit Breaker

An issue with the circuit breaker can lead to the ultimate failure of the water repair to supply warm water.

The problem generally arises with a specific component needing repair or replacement. Water heater repair in Arlington will solve the issue as an HVAC technician will ensure that the water heater has enough power to operate efficiently.

A water heater can face numerous issues in addition to the ones mentioned above. Rather than going about doing the risky job, call a professional for water heater repair in Arlington.

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