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5 Costly Plumbing Myths That Need a Real Plumber | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

5 Costly Plumbing Myths That Need a Real Plumber | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

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Some plumbing myths can be interesting and an economical way to rid homes of plumbing problems. They, however, have one major flaw. They are ineffective at giving long term superior results which can easily be achieved with professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.

Since these are based on conjecture and limited experience with plumbing issues, these can lead to short term solutions but with long term implications that weigh a ton on your wallet.

These can cause the issues to build up until it becomes costly to recover from. A small leak can end up adding hundreds to the water bill, or perhaps a simple draining liquid can corrode a pipe down the lane.

Real plumbing problems require professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. Knowing the difference between myth and facts can help you make the right choice for your home.

Here are some plumbing myths that can turn costly and require immediate professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX:

1.  Faucets That Leak Are Not a Big Deal

Leaking faucets may look innocent enough yet could be signaling a looming major fault in your plumbing system.  These faults could be waiting to unleash their weight on your wallet at the most inconvenient time, for example during Christmas or Thanksgiving.

An average faucet can leak up to 90 gallons of water in a day. This can add up to huge water bills as the water wastage soars due to the leaks. By fixing such leaks, you can save up to 10% on your water bills. Additionally, it conserves a limited resource in the world, which is water itself. Hence, contact only the best for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX and keep your savings from taking a nosedive.

2.  Garbage Disposer Blades Can Be Sharpened with Ice

Contrary to popular opinion, the garbage disposer’s internal unit has no blades. This information can be both disappointing and shocking since we have seen a string of scary movies use this myth to full, horrifying effect.

A typical garbage disposer, instead, has very blunt propellers and plates for impelling. These spin to crush waste material pushed down the sink. Exposing them to items such as ice, bones, and eggshells with the intent to sharpen the blades will instead make damage the propellers in the long run.

If your garbage disposer is giving trouble, running slow or jammed, then call for a service for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, instead of tinkering with it. The professional servicing will keep the appliance from jamming and help to keep it in optimal working condition.

3.  Hot Water Can Efficiently Unclog Drains

As much as we wish this were true, this is one of the most damaging myths for your drainage system. A mixture of hot water and liquid soap can work excellently to give temporary relief from clogged kitchen drains. The grease can, however, cool down as it passes through the pipes and lodge in every possible crevice.

It can pluck materials such as debris, solids, hair, lint, and more along the way to form a solid, sticky mass. This solidified buildup can cause further blockages in inaccessible spaces down the drain. Once the DIY tricks stop reaching the inaccessible blockages, the clogs can quickly get out of hand and become costlier than the initial cleanup could have been.

There is no possible DIY drain cleaning solution that can garner similar or better results than what professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, can achieve for you.

Hence avoid discarding greasy liquids in your drains and call the finest in plumbing in Fort Worth, TX to unclog your drains for effective results.

4.  Wipes and Paper Towels Are Flushable

Any product that says it is flushable must be taken with a grain of salt. Items such as flushable wipes, toilet paper, and hygiene products for women build hype based on this proposed convenience.

They, however, can lodge into the drainage system and cause massive blockages. According to the BBC, most flushable wipes do not meet industry standards due to plastic contents, making them more likely to cause clogs and damage to pipes.

Instead, dispose of dubious looking flushable products in a trash can and call a professional service for plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. This kind of service will resolve any blockages with ease, and your drains will thank you for it.

5.  If It’s Still Working, It Does Not Need Fixing

This is possibly the worst idea homeowners can have regarding their plumbing and appliances. Preventive maintenance can save your home from developing major issues such as leaks. Skipping it can ultimately lead to mold, flooding, costly replacements, and smelly odors. This can help your property from losing its resale value, too.

Preventive maintenance can also keep your appliances from breaking down or jamming. Detecting issues before they occur can ensure that your fixtures and appliances work optimally for years.

Hence it is recommended not to forego professionalplumbing in Fort Worth, TX. It can help you prevent costly remodeling and replacements to your home.

Plumbing Services: A Professional Approach to Functional Homes

DIY cleaning tips and plumbing myths sound like an inexpensive method to fix plumbing problems. These can, however, greatly damage your property and the plumbing setup, significantly affecting the functionality of your house.

If you have indulged in a plumbing myth which has caused an already existing problem to get out of control, then contacting a professional plumbing service will yield the best results.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing on our 24-hour emergency helpline for all your issues regarding plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. We are prepared to tackle the worst of plumbing problems and offer satisfying solutions to difficult problems.

Whether it is a big or small plumbing problem plaguing your home, our trained technicians are available to employ their expert services to give you superior results.

Call us today at 817-983-7876for all professional plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, and save yourself from wasted efforts and resources.