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5 Signs You Need Immediate Water Heater Repair | Haslet, TX

5 Signs You Need Immediate Water Heater Repair | Haslet, TX

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Sometimes the problems with our home appliances are obvious. These obvious and more visible problems are easy to deal with. However, sometimes it is difficult to find the source of the problem when you notice a change in the performance of your household equipment.

Some damages to a machine are internal behind the understanding and the sight of the user resulting. Many users are not aware of how to deal with these problems. Since the damage is not visible, they keep on using the product even after considerable changes in the performance.

The constant use of the product without repairing the damage leads to further escalation of the problem, leading to a significant rise in the use of electricity as well as cost of repair.

To avoid such escalations, it is crucial for users to be aware of the indicators that signal dangers for a product. When it comes to water heaters, the damage can be both internal and external. Regardless of the type of damage, you need to be ready for water heater repair in the Haslet, TX area if you notice any of the following indicators.

1.  Running Out of Hot Water Quickly

The first problem that is common for water heaters around the world is when it runs out of hot water quickly. A water heater traditionally comes with two elements; both the elements are responsible for keeping the water hot and ready to go at all times.

Water heaters are designed to store gallons of water, which prevents the water from becoming too cold and from running out when you are using it. If you notice a change in the rate of supply of hot water, then it calls for water heater repair. If you feel that the supply of hot water is taking more time than usual, it means that one of the two elements is dysfunctional. Call in a professional to deal with the issue and to reorganize the heating element.

2.  Lukewarm Water

Another problem that plagues users of water heaters relates to the temperature of the hot water. Usually the water is warm but not as hot as you need it to be.

Before jumping to conclusions regarding a component of the product, you need to take into consideration the external weather. Water that comes to the water heater from cold pipes takes longer to heat than the usual temperature. If the water heater is installed at a cold point of the house which is not well-insulated, chances are that the water may lose heat in chilly temperatures.

If however, you believe that weather conditions or insulation of your pipes have no affiliation with supply of lukewarm water, seek water heater repair. As another step of caution, check the water temperature settings in the water heater. Often family members adjust the setting according to their needs.

If you find out that the temperature is high enough but water is still coming out at a lower temperature than normal, call in a professional. This usually is a sign of a bad element in an electric water heater. In a gas water heater, this is a sign of a faulty burner. Regardless of the type of water heater you use, if you notice a change in temperature call for water heater repair.

3.  Water Everywhere

As experts suggest, a good indicator of perfectly functioning water supply system is when you find water nowhere apart from in the pipes and the taps. If you find puddles of water forming below the pipes or close to the water heater, it indicates a leak.

Sometimes, however it is hard to detect whether the water heater has a leak or not. The water flowing in your taps and faucets may drop considerably, or a sudden rise in the water bills is an indicator of a problem. If you find a puddle of water under the water heater, but cannot find any source of water nearby, clean the puddle and observe patiently.

Check after intervals and if you find that the water returns after a few hours, call a qualified professional for water heater repair.

4.  Rust and Contaminants

The water coming from your faucet should be clear and pure. However, if you notice a rusty tinge in it, that could be a sign of trouble. Degrading water outside could be making your hot water appear rusty inside.

An old or degraded water heater often results in problems for its users. There are numerous cases that show water heaters bursting due to the presence of rust in the heater causing floods inside the home.

Therefore, as soon as you detect rust-colored water in your water heater, consult with professionals for an expert diagnosis and water heater repair.

5.  Unusual Sounds

If the water heater starts making strange noises upon use, it means that there is sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. The sediment at the bottom of the tank hardens over-time when it is exposed to high temperatures.

The hardened sediment at the bottom can result in unusual banging or rambling sounds from your water heater. The mineral deposits on the bottom of the water heater can cause the appliance to overheat as it keeps the water hot. Overheating of the tank creates the unusual sounds that indicate the need for repair.

As a user it is crucial for you to take care of your investment. If you notice any of the aforementioned problems with your water heater it is crucial to get it repaired. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is known for providing the best plumbing service in all of Haslet, TX. Our professionals have the experience and the right tools to deal with all sorts of problems with your fixtures and fittings. Call 817-983-7876 for your water heater repair needs in the Haslet, TX area.