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5 Tips from the Best Experts of Plumbing in Arlington, TX

5 Tips from the Best Experts of Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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Plumbing in Arlington, TX services can be expensive if availed too often. Households with kids, especially, may need a plumber for various issues. A child may have dropped a toy in the bathroom and clogged the toilet, for instance. Or, a teenager may pour grease down the kitchen drain while doing their chores. Wait, did you not know you shouldn’t do that? It seems we have our work cut out for us! Keep reading for highly useful advice from best of the best plumbing professionals:

Be Nice to Your Toilet, and It Will Be Nice to you!

You may think replacing the damaged parts inside a toilet tank is a recipe for disaster. But take it from experts in Plumbing in Arlington, TX that it isn’t! You may remove a worn flapper from your toilet and replace it with a new one that doesn’t leak. Similarly, replacing the faucet’s cartridge won’t cause the world to end! In fact, you can follow the instructions given on the box to complete the job flawlessly. For a leaky faucet, remove a few screws, and go at it.

P.S. we won’t recommend treating the pipes under your sink or the shower the same way. For that, call in the pros!

Another great tip about Plumbing in Arlington, TX is about leaky toilets. Such leaks will not just waste precious water; they will inflate your water bill. But first, let us solve the mystery of why your toilet leaks only at night. No, it isn’t haunted. The fact is low water usage during those hours raises the water pressure in most municipal water systems. Faster flowing water pumping through a leak equals to huge water bill. Anyway, the first thing you can try to mitigate the leaking is check the water level in your tank. If its setting is too high, lower it, and the leak goes away.

Another thing you should know about Plumbing in Arlington, TX is concerning the “flushable” products. Whether it is a dainty floss string or tiny tampons, don’t flush them down! Not even the wipes that proclaim they are flushable. Since none of them are toilet paper, they won’t break down like it does. The resulting mess could haunt you for the rest of your life!

Finally, when someone drops an object in the toilet, don’t allow it to sit there. Plumbing in Arlington, TX experts say that while it remains there, waste will build around it. Days later, you will have a blockage on your hands. Instead of waiting, use a vacuum to take it out. Oh, and don’t use a plunger because you will just help the object settle in with all the suction from it!

Use these Brainy Tips for Your Showerhead

Plumbing in Arlington, TX pros say that when a showerhead begins to drip, it is time to get the thread tape. The reason for leakage is usually a gap between the threads. So, unscrew the head, slap on some new tape — in a clockwise direction – and then re-attach. Voila! No more dripping showerhead! For clogged showers, unscrew and soak the head in a bowl of warm water and vinegar mixture. Let it stay for an hour before cleaning with a soft toothbrush.

Say No! to Grease Down the Drain

Don’t want to waste a fortune on Plumbing in Arlington, TX

https://www.arlingtontx.gov/? Then stop pouring grease and oil down your kitchen drains! You may think nothing is happening when you first do it. But believe us when we say that there is a buildup on the horizon. Multiple or repeated pouring only adds to the blockage that is building up, clogs your pipes, and creates huge plumbing problems. The same goes for stuff like food debris, coffee grounds, starchy foods, and vegetable peelings.

Keep Your Plumbing Kit Handy

Professionals of Plumbing in Arlington, TX all have one, and so should you for emergencies. Here are the things that go into such a kit:

  • A five-gallon bucket to make the kit itself. You can also use it to catch water if a leak suddenly springs up.
  • A forced cup with a plunger also goes into your kit. The regular plunger will do for small jobs, but you could use the extra unclogging power from the forced cup for others.
  • Rags or heavy-duty paper towels to mop up any messes
  • Adjustable wrenches, a screwdriver, and a medium-sized slip joint pair of pliers. Use a multi-bit screwdriver to reduce the number of tools you’ll need. We’d recommend adding wrenches of various sizes, as well.
  • Blind caps of different types, so you may see what you are doing while repairing a broken valve.
  • Duct and leak sealing tapes for temporary fixes and Teflon tape to seal threaded connections.

Pamper Your Pipes

Plumbing in Arlington, TX professionals recommend that you wrap your pipes in adhesive-backed felt. This will prevent the expansion that running hot water brings about, causing the pipes to chafe against the pipe hangers and joists. Remove the hangers, wrap strips of felt around the pipes, and refasten the hangers.

Just as hot water can be bad news for the pipes, so can cold water and ice! If you have any faucets outside, turn them off during the winter. Remove any hoses connected to the faucets as well and shut the water off. Next, return to the water valve outside and open it. This will get any remaining water in the pipes and the hose to drain out. Keep confusing the two sets of valves? Just ensure they are both facing the opposite direction, and you will be fine. During winter, the water freezes into ice. When temperatures go up, the ice melts and begins flooding your yard.

Finally, when going on vacation, turn off the water valves both inside and outside your home. You wouldn’t want to come back to find your house mid-flood.

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