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6 Modern Bathroom Essentials Your Bathroom Needs | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

6 Modern Bathroom Essentials Your Bathroom Needs | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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Contemporary bathroom designs bring a modern touch to your home. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom using modern fixtures, you need to make sure that you also update your plumbing in Arlington, TX, to enhance functionality.

When choosing the style of your fixtures, make sure that you opt for a minimal approach. The perfect modern bathroom fixtures open up the bathroom space, making it appear larger than it is.

A fantastic modern bathroom exudes tranquility, calmness and peace. Hence, if you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, take inspiration from spa resorts and modern hotels. Their clean cut and spacious elements are a great starting point.

For your help, here is a list of essential items you need in a modern bathroom. Before installing these fixtures, call experienced professionals to check your plumbing in Arlington TX.

Statement Vessel Sinks

These sinks add a touch of art to your bathroom décor. They are both functional and decorative, hence are a popular choice for modern bathrooms. Available in a variety of styles, the tempered glass variety are excellent to add visual impact to a monochromatic bathroom.

These sinks are also available in materials such as cast marble, nickel, ceramic, wood and resin.  Whatever finish you choose, it is ideal to opt for a 17” inch for maximum comfort.

When you want to install your sink, call the best plumbing in Arlington, TX, for exceptional work. Remember that improper installation can lead to leakage and sealing problems.

Recessed Lighting

Perfect lighting is extremely important in a bathroom. Effective lighting opens up the bathroom and makes it appear larger than it is. A small bathroom benefits greatly from excellent lighting.

For a modern bathroom, opt for recessed light fixtures. These work well for bathrooms that don’t receive enough natural light. Additionally, these come in various designs and styles to complement every type of décor. They are simple and elegant and perfect for your modern bathroom.

Place these above the vanity to add  a dramatic effect. Besides this, install them in the ceiling to brighten the bathroom. For a contemporary touch, always opt for fixtures with a metal finish. The current favorites amongst buyers are chrome, nickel or rose gold finishes.

Oversized Free Standing Tubs

Freestanding tubs are designed to carry their own weight. Placed on a set of sturdy feet or a strong base, their incredible silhouette works ideally in a contemporary bathroom.

These do not require heavy installation and are quick and simple additions to any modern bathroom. However, since these are free standing tubs, these require more space for an effective visual impact. These are available as granite, marble, ceramic or glass varieties.

However, for a modern bathroom, opt for a clean and curvy design or a square design. Ideally, such tubs are paired with exposed plumbing and faucets. When you want to install a free-standing tub make sure to hire qualified plumbers for plumbing in Arlington, TX, to get the best results. Poor plumbing in Arlington, TX, can ruin your modern bathroom because of leaks and cracks.

Monochromatic Colors

As any interior designer would guide you, a lighter color palette works ideally for modern bathrooms. These give the illusion of bigger spaces and are best for congested rooms. Monochromatic themes, ranging from grey and cream to taupe, are great to add depth to the room.

Although these add more dimension, such color choices should not discourage you from choosing an all white hue. Modern bathrooms are about creating a serene and calming effect. Hence, colors which are light and soothing are best for a peaceful effect.

If you are skeptical about the color match, then take a sample of your fixtures to the paint shop. This way, you can ensure the color you choose complements the fixtures and enhances the décor too.

High Finish Vanity

When choosing a vanity for contemporary bathroom spaces, think in terms of clean lines, smooth finishes and high gloss. Square designs with straight edges and pointy corners are typical styles for a modern bathroom.

Opt for a finish in tan, taupe, grey or beige for a soothing touch. Besides this, natural materials such as marble, granite and reclaimed wood and glass are bold choices for a modern vanity. Accent the vanity with sleek accessories in nickel, gold, chrome or rose gold colors for maximum appeal.

Over Sized Tiles

When choosing bathroom tiles, always select the style that is safe to walk on. Slippery tiles are a health hazard, so you should opt for unpolished tiles. Besides this, tiles which are easy to clean can make your cleaning routine easy.

Apart from these guidelines, choose a style that complements your modern bathroom fixtures. Oversized tiles are typical for modern bathrooms. These enhance the monochromatic appeal of the bathroom. Additionally, styles that mimic natural materials such as marble add texture to the décor.

Most modern bathrooms have tiling that hide the drains. Ensure your drains are in a perfect condition before choosing such options. Have a professional plumber conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s plumbing in Arlington, TXbefore you call a professional to replace your tiles. The professionals can detect problems in your plumbing in Arlington, TX, thus preventing costly damage in the future.

Professional Inspection

Upgraded bathrooms are fun and exciting. However, horrible plumbing can kill the fun very soon. From poor sealing to improper pipe setup, there are multiple issues that can reduce the lifespan of your new fixtures.

Corroded pipes will ruin your new fixtures. They cause more harm than good to your new installations. Relieve your home from bad plumbing in Arlington, TX, with professional inspections from reliable plumbers.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing never disappoints when it comes to superior installations and plumbing in Arlington, TX. Our licensed and highly trained plumbers steal the show with their precision and expertise. If you wish to install new fixtures, call our expert staff for a thorough inspection now.

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