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6 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair in Haslet, TX

6 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair in Haslet, TX

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A water heater is an essential item in your home and without it, many of your daily activities are affected like cooking, washing dishes, showering, etc. A water heater malfunction can greatly impact your quality of life, which is why it is in your best interest to keep the water heater in mint condition at all times.

Like all other appliances, tankless water heaters need repairing and continuous maintenance to work perfectly. Despite the fact that water heaters are very reliable and durable, you need to ensure that you get timely water heater repair in Haslet, TX, to ensure the longevity of their lives and make sure that your daily chores are done in the best way possible. So how do you get a water heater repair in Haslet, TX? You call in a professional who can help you out. No one can do the job better than a professional, who knows how to go about the entire procedure and is equipped with the right kind of knowledge and experience for the job.

6 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair in Haslet, TX

  1. Despite a whole lot of waiting time, you still do not get hot water in your shower or sink. The water is only slightly warm or cold as it is. This can get really frustrating since a lot of your tasks are put on hold while you’re waiting for running hot water. This is one of the most obvious signs that you need to call a professional for water heater repair in Haslet, TX.


  1. The water heater gives you hot water only for the first few minutes and then it turns lukewarm or cold. This means that the water heater is not working at its optimum efficiency, and you need to get it repaired immediately.


  1. Higher than usual utility bills also tell you that your water heater has a leakage somewhere, which is why you need to get a water heater repair in Haslet, TX immediately so that you don’t have to continue paying higher utility bills. If your bills are excessively high, you need to call a professional and ask him to check your water heater.


  1. A foul smell near your water heater is also proof of the fact that your water heater has fungus or molds somewhere inside. This can contaminate your water and deem it inappropriate for use. If you ever sense a rotten smell around your water heater, you need to immediately call for professional water heater repair in Haslet, TX. Excessive exposure to the foul smell can result in several medical conditions.


  1. Unusual sounds from your water heater are also proof of the fact that there is something wrong with the appliance. In case of any whining, buzzing, or popping sounds, get your water heater immediately checked to avoid further inconvenience in the future.


  1. If you see any dirty water coming out of the pipes or a water overflow of any sort, then you need to get your water heater checked. This is a sign of sediment residue blocking your pipes. If unchecked, this can cause huge problems later on, in terms of maintenance, and you might eventually have to replace your water heater if this remains unchecked. You need to immediately call for a water heater repair in Haslet, TX if you see any such signs.

Types of Repair Services

There are a lot of repair services that you can consider, depending on the problem you are facing. Once you consult with a professional, they can properly guide you and tell you what exactly is wrong with your water heater. Then, you can get a water heater repair in Haslet, TX at the earliest.


  • Leaks

Leaks usually happen at the point where the pipes are attached to the heater by a joint. These can be fixed very easily if detected at the right time by a professional. In case where the pipes develop corrosion over time, then it requires a lot of maintenance. You might need to get the pipes changed entirely by calling for a water heater repair in Haslet, TX. In case the leakage occurs at the bottom of the water heater, you might need to get the water heater replaced entirely.


  • Small Repairs

You need small repairs when some parts of your water heater get damaged or are not working to their full capacity. The best thing you should do in this case is to call professionals for a water heater repair in Haslet, TX since they can guide you in the best way telling you the right thing you need to get done.


  • Old Water Heaters

If you have been using your water heater for long, then it might need a few repairs over the period of time due to how old it is. Old water heaters might need a whole lot of repairs so in most cases, the ideal scenario is to invest in a new water heater altogether and save yourself from a whole lot of hassle for the next few years. It might also prove to be very economical for you in the long run.



The best thing for you to do in situations where you see unusual signs in your water heater is to call a professional to help you through the process to get a water heater repair in Haslet, TX. In the case where you attempt to save some money and choose to handle it yourself in your own ways, it can cost you a lot in the long run. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers the best services, with a team of highly experienced professionals. All you need to do is give them a call and they will be right there to assist you through the entire process.