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6 Things to Consider When Attempting  Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX

6 Things to Consider When Attempting Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX

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Most plumbing issues can turn a household over on its head! They should! After all, daily life simply won’t be possible without functional indoor plumbing. A burst water line can signal the advent of many other problems, such as a costly water bill, unpleasant smelling water, and reduced pressure of water flowing out of taps and showers. You must take care of it before it ends up flooding your yard or turns your home into a swamp!

But before you attempt Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX, here are some factors you may want to pay attention to:

You are NOT a Plumber

Sure, almost anybody can repair a burst water line. Or so they think while watching an instructional video on the subject. But unlike a plumber, you won’t have a state license that clears you to undertake the job. Plumbers are professionals who have the necessary knowledge about how pipe systems work, what sewage removal is, and how septic tanks function. They also have the experience that comes from working in the field for a considerable time. Moreover, plumbers are qualified to fix a water line since they have passed the state-approved exams they need to obtain certification. Being capable of dealing with plumbing problems is the first requirement for Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX.

You Must Choose the Right Pipe

When deciding which pipes, you should use for your waterline, remember that they would have to be compatible with the:

  • Varying amounts of pressure, speed of flow, and temperature of the water
  • Water supply to reduce the chances of electrolytic corrosion
  • Surrounding conditions, thus preventing corrosion of the exterior
  • Weathering due to local climate agents
  • Exposure to the effects of UV
  • Water composition to prevent contamination of the supply

Choosing the right pipe is crucial for successfully repairing a water line. Usually, polypropylene pipes are a great choice for Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX.

Knowing How to Dig is Half the Game

For obvious purposes, your water supply line is built with durable material. However, certain factors may compromise its integrity, such as the roots of a growing tree seeking water and rotting old tree stumps.

Keep in mind if you bought your home with its original water supply line, the culprit could be the line itself! Back in the 40-50s era, lead was used to construct water lines. Even with health concerns about the practice, it wasn’t until the late 1960’s that the copper tubing entered the scene of Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX. In the first case, you may be able to remove the damaged part and replace only that area. But in the second case, you will have to call in a professional plumber. The whole line will need replacement via a complicated procedure.

Choose Between Two Repair Methods

Trenchless Method

One quick method of replacement is known as the trenchless method. It is effective and can solve most water line problems. It also creates less of a mess in your yard and has lesser chances of ruining the landscaping. The trenchless method for Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX is less-intrusive and suitable for:

  • Replacing a smaller water line with a larger one
  • Replacing pipes present under the house or landscaping
  • Repairing freeze and thaw damage to the pipes
  • Repairing quake- or landslide-related damage to the water pipes

Pulling the Pipe Method

Better suited for replacing the whole water line, such as older, lead ones, the pulling method is simple. Two holes are made in the line – one at the beginning and the other at the opposite end. Then you can install a new pipe by using the damaged water line as a guide for Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX.

A Matter of Insurance

Typically, you will need two kinds of insurance for Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX:


While the terms will slightly differ from one insurance carrier to another, your homeowner’s insurance will cover only a few cost components. However, a deductible might be part of your individual policy, so study it carefully. You may want to consult professionals who can give you a detailed breakdown of the cost of all the items.

Water Main/Service Line Protection

Consider two things for this type of insurance. Firstly, it may be available in your area or not. If you own the property you live in, you may be eligible for water main insurance. Confirm with your insurance carrier. Secondly, the type of coverage will vary from carrier to carrier. Some insurance providers charge a small monthly amount for it. The extent of expenses covered by different policies will vary. Some policies don’t have a limit; others may not come with a deductible. Moreover, specialized implementation plans are in place with this kind of insurance.

You may have more questions about the process of Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX. Research the answers or talk to a reputable plumbing expert before you attempt repair or replacement. Pick a company that is known for its great customer service, so that they will get back to you quickly.

Consider the Time, Speed, and Expense

Water Line Repair in Haslet, TX isn’t a small matter. Most plumbing issues need a quick resolution. Other factors, such as work and other commitments, could delay matters. Consider whether you can wait for several days before you can tackle this problem. But a burst water line can give rise to other issues.

Additionally, you won’t be able to stop halfway once you start. Take that into consideration, as well. Moreover, if you don’t do a good job of it the first time, you may have to hire someone else to do it. In the end, you could be spending more than you had actually planned to.

On the other hand, if the process seems complicated to you, hire a skilled and certified plumber to repair your water line for you. Good plumbing firms also offer emergency services for speedy problem resolution. They will also have the resources, such as equipment and personnel, needed to complete the job.

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