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9 Pre-Vacation Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters | From Your Arlington, TX Plumber

9 Pre-Vacation Tips to Avoid Plumbing Disasters | From Your Arlington, TX Plumber

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Vacations provide a much needed break. But before you pack your bags and lock the doors, make sure your house is also prepared for your departure. When you are on a vacation, there is no one back home to manage any plumbing emergency. And nobody wants to end their vacation with a plumbing disaster waiting upon return. If you live in Arlington, TX and are planning a vacation, here are a few tips which can help reduce your risk of plumbing disasters while you are away.

Check for Leaks

Before you leave, check your entire house for any leaks. From faucets to appliances, check if there are any drips, puddles of water or any other sign of damage due to water. If you detect a leak or are unsure about it, immediately contact a plumber. Only a trained professional can detect the real problem and fix it well in time.

Turn Off the Water Valve

Every house has an option of shutting the water supply altogether. This is a surefire way to avoid any major water disaster while you are away. This way you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your plumbing back home.

Different homes have different types of water valves located at different places. So it is important to know where the water valve is located. If you are unsure about the location, contact a plumberwho can help you identify the location.

Drain the Sprinkler

Unless someone is watering your yard while you are away, it is best to drain the sprinkler system and shut it off completely. This is one of the best ways to avoid any water disasters in your yard and save your utility bills while you are away.

Check the Drains

Drains are the biggest culprit when it comes to plumbing problems. As you plan your vacation, make sure your drains are not clogged. Run plenty of hot water so that any leftover debris is removed. If you are planning a longer trip, it is ideal that you seek help from a plumber for professional drain cleaning.

Professional plumbers in the Arlington, TX area will also help you clear up the main drain. Removing any debris, leaves and sticks in the inlet will help avoid any backup from flooding back into your house.

Adjust the Water Heater

While you are away, you don’t need hot water in your shower. So adjust your water heater as it will help save energy bills. It will also lower the risks of any damage related to water heaters. Ideally you should shut off the water heater completely to prevent any possible damage to your water heater and property.

Test the Sump Pump

In case your sewer line gets clogged, a functional sump pump is your best defense against basement flooding. Usually, sewer line backup floods back in the house., so before you leave, make sure your sump pump is functioning properly. You can test it by dumping water in it and checking the water levels.

If the sump pump is not ejecting the water properly, immediately contact a plumber. A professional can help you identify the problem and fix it well in time before you leave.

Keep It Dry

Check all your appliances for dampness before you leave. Leaving moisture for a few days can corrode your appliances and also facilitates the growth of mold and bacteria. This can create many health and hygiene problems upon your return. Therefore it is important to check all your appliances before you leave.

Make sure they are dry and there are no traces of water in your dishwashers and washing machines. You also need to ensure that your garbage disposal has no food particles left in it which can result in molds and odor. It is a good idea to run some cold water through the garbage disposal and let it dry before you leave.

Schedule a Pre-Vacation Plumbing Inspection

Ideally, a pre-vacation plumbing inspection should be a part of your preparation for the trip. It will not only reduce the risk of disasters but it will also help identify any plumbing issues in the house. Fixing existing plumbing problems will further minimize the risk of disasters while you are away. So schedule an appointment with your plumber at least a week before you leave. This will give you ample time to find solutions for any problems.

Have a Neighbor in Charge

While you are on a vacation, leave a trusted friend or neighbor in charge of your house. Knowing someone will take care of your house while you’re away will give you some peace of. You can also share a list of emergency contact numbers with them. So, in case of a plumbing emergency in your Arlington, TX home, they can contact your trustedplumber.


Despite your best efforts, some disasters are unavoidable and may still happen. In case a plumbing disaster is waiting for you upon your return, you need to be prepared beforehand. Before you leave, make sure you decide upon a reliable plumber who can provide emergency plumbing. Do your research beforehand.

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