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A Taste of Clean Water | Insight from Your Arlington, TX Water Filtration System Experts

A Taste of Clean Water | Insight from Your Arlington, TX Water Filtration System Experts

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For decades, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has served the Arlington, TX area with their plumbing needs. From leaks to major plumbing projects, the company is backed by years of experience and the knowledge needed to fix your problems and answer your questions. Even with kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects, the professionals at Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing here in the greater Texas region will always have your back no matter what. 

We spend so much of our lives using more water than we could ever imagine. In fact, water is often dubbed by scientists worldwide as a vital part of our life force, and without it, human life as we know it would not be possible. Water serves many purposes. We use it for cooking, for bathing, and for drinking. Rain is most welcome in growing crops, flowers, and the prevention of wildfires, and can be useful in sustaining life other than that of humans.

Those who believe that their drinking water is clean have no idea of what could either sneak in there or remain in the water. In fact, although our water is treated at facilities nationwide, there are lingering concerns. Toxins and airborne pollutants have a nasty way of contaminating our water supply, thus causing illness among residents and businesses at local, state, and federal levels and affecting both personal and environmental health. Plus, pharmaceutical drugs that are flushed down toilets add to the general toxicity of our water supply, thus causing more damage than meets the eye.

A good water filtration system is vital to both your health and well-being, and the residents of Arlington, TX know that installing one can save them time and money in terms of health and their environment. Common chemicals that are supposed to “clean” your water supply can cause health problems as well as a horrible aftertaste in your drinking water, and it becomes vital that Arlington, TX residents look into the possibility of a good water filtration system.

So where can you go for professional installation of a water filtration system? Residents of Arlington, TX need not look any further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, as they recognize the need for a good, quality filtration system.

What can a water filtration system do for you and your home or business? What are its benefits?

One of the primary benefits of a water filtration system is that it has the ability to wield out the toxins and chemicals that result from standard corporate purification methods. The worst of the elements, such as chlorine, mercury, lead, sediments, and even tiny microbial cysts can easily be filtered out through a filtration system that has been professionally installed by a licensed plumber. Once done, you can enjoy the finest in pure, clean water for all of your needs, whether its washing, cooking, or drinking.

With their entire collection of reverse osmosis and water filtration products, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is every bit as prepared as you are to send you on the path to water that’s sparkling clean and refreshing. Their product line includes countertop units, single replacement filters, filtration units, and taps that can be installed professionally by one of their plumbers. Some of their product lines are from generic places, and some come from top brands such as Value Line and Tap Master, all of which sell the best in quality replacement filters.

A good water filtration system can include kitchen faucets, filters, refrigerator connection kits, and other miscellaneous accessories that can be installed upon your request.

A water osmosis system uses a filter that is partially permeable and can effectively sift out harmful particles and substances that sneak into your water supply through traditional methods. This is done through the use of applied pressure designed just for filtering out these harmful substances. Even harmful chemicals that have been thoroughly dissolved over the course of time can be caught and removed by this rapid and effective water purification system.

Although none of us would think it, continuous exposure to chlorine causes fine lines and wrinkles, and can even damage hair over the course of time. In fact, it has been shown that it could dry out skin and hair, causing the skin to become cracked and start bleeding while the hair develops split ends over the course of time. If you consider the amount of chlorine used in public and private pools, it’s no wonder that swimmers are required to wear protective goggles and caps, as both prevent significant chlorine damage from exposure.

Reverse osmosis and a good water filtration system make routine baths and showers much healthier and can actually result in purer, cleaner, and healthier hair and softer skin. A quality plumber can help you in determining which water filtration system is right for your home or your business. Whether you wish to have a complete system is up to you. Once you make that call, a plumber will arrive at your residence, do an inspection of your plumbing set up, and even test your water to check for the presence of chemicals and other unwanted contaminants.

Perhaps another factor in why a good water filtration system is critical is not only for your health but for the health of your home’s entire plumbing system. The chemicals used in the general treatment of your water can accrue in your pipes over time, thus resulting in the buildup of lime and hard water. This often results in long term damage to your pipes and can cause clogging, which results in more time and money needed to spend on costly repairs. Plus, leaks could result, thus costing you even more money in your monthly water expenses and resulting in the need for more maintenance.

Another aggravation to consider is the cost of bottled water, which most of us know does not come cheap. Plus, tests have shown that the plastic used in the making of these bottles results in potential stomach problems down the road as a direct result of high acid content.

With more people using more water, it pays to have a good plumber on your side. To set up an appointment, simply call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today.