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All You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning | Arlington, TX

All You Need to Know About Drain Cleaning | Arlington, TX

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The term drain cleaning has unfortunately been reduced to just drain cleaners. Drain cleaners are cheap yet acidic and toxic solutions that eat away anything that is clogging your drains. It superficially cleans the drain but has a detrimental effect on the plumbing system.

Drain cleaning in the Arlington, TX area helps you not only to clean and cleanse your pipes but do that with safely. It is undoubtedly crucial for you and your home but also for the houses in your neighborhood or the apartment building where many people share the same plumbing lines.

It is equally important in residential and commercial buildings in the Arlington, TX area. Whether you run a business, or you live there, you will need a professional service.We offer a wide range of services that will be discussed later in this article.

Causes of Clogged Drains

1.   Corrosion

If the pipelines have been in use for a long time and not made out of plastic then the clogging is likely to be caused by corroded interiors of the pipes. A plumberwill help you install pipes made of plastic material that have lower chances of corrosion in the future.

2.   Blockage

The lines may be clogged due to debris. A plumberwill perform a close inspection and point out the exact cause of the problem. In case of such a blockage, call professional service provider that uses advanced equipment and procedures to eliminate the issue.

3.   Aging

Some parts in the plumbing system age with time and need to be replaced before they start causing clogs. Drain cleaning service-provider company will help you install new and more technologically advanced parts for your system.

4.   Roots

Do you know tree roots or branches have a way of entering pipelines from small cracks in the pipe? These roots cause blockages as well as deteriorate the pipe’s condition. By hiring a professional service provider, you can ensure that the pipes remain safe.

Signs That You Need a Drain Cleaning Service Provider in Arlington, TX

1.   Foul Odor

If you sense a foul smell in the kitchen sink or the bathtub, then expect that a sewage deposit in your pipeline has clogged your lines. Drains should not have a smell. The problem exacerbates when the temperature rises during summer therefore, it’s better to call a plumbingservice provider before it is too late.

2.   Slow Draining

Slow draining is the first symptom of a far greater issue. If the water is taking more time than usual, then there is possibly a blockage in the line that is causing hindrance to the passing water. A plumbercompany can determine the cause of the blockage immediately and resolve it.

3.   Standing Water

Know if the water has started becoming stagnant in the sink, then the problem got worse than the slow drain issue. It is preferred to call an expert plumbing service soon to mitigate the issue.

4.   Weird Noises

Be cautious if you hear weird or odd noises when the water is draining such as bubbling or gurgling. It can be a sign of a blockage in the pipeline. It could simply be an air pocket or some food in the case of a kitchen drain that has choked the line.

Methods Used for Drain Cleaning

Again, it is being reinforced that homeowners or business owners should not resort to products sold over the counters in grocery stores all around the world. The products claim to clean the drain but the safety of your plumbing system and the quality of the passing through them is greatly compromised.

Listed below are technologies and methods used for drain cleaning.

1.   Motorized Drain Snakes

Although the name may sound a bit scary it is an effective method for drain cleaning. Drain snakes are corkscrews i.e. a long wire going through the drain to remove almost any kind of obstruction in the line. These wires are tough and flexible as well, they take into account the different models and structure of the pipelines and function accordingly. Although it is a manual model but gives good results if the technician is good and experienced. This method is the most affordable of all.

2.   Hydro-jetting

As the name implies hydro-jetting uses water to remove blockages. It should be done only by a professional and an experienced technician as handling and adjusting the water pressure is the key element in this whole phenomenon. In hydro-jetting, hot water is blasted through a small nozzle and hose into the pipeline that removes any debris that had been blocking the way. It can also remove large blocks or buildups on the pipeline interior casing.

3.   Video Camera Inspection

Advanced cameras are used for the thorough inspection of the pipeline to determine the exact issue that is causing the clog in the first place. This method is preferable because of its easy use and the fact that you don’t pull the whole system apart for repairing purposes without knowing the actual cause.

The equipment consists of an LED light and a small camera mounted on an optic-fiber cable. Once this cable is sent down the drain a video starts recording which is thoroughly examined by the plumber to know what he is up against. This helps the plumber decide the most suitable method for cleaning.


A drain can clog from anything that enters it, food, detergent, hair, grease, and mud, basically anything and everything. Therefore, there is no reason to fret but, in any case, do not compromise on your health or house infrastructure. Call 817-478-4119 to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and guarantee a safe and clean drain cleaning service the in Arlington, TX area.