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The Answers to the Commonly Asked Questions about Sump Pump in Haslet, TX

The Answers to the Commonly Asked Questions about Sump Pump in Haslet, TX

A sump pump is nonetheless a first aid kit in rainy days. While the regular maintenance of a sump pump is a hassle for most of us, we usually overlook its importance in our homes. Just like any other appliance in our homes, a sump pump is a tool that is necessary for our safety in dire situations like rainfalls or storms.

Since we all want to stay safe in drastic weather conditions and that is only possible by keeping our sump pump up-to-date. This will also reduce the expense of hiring a plumber in Haslet, TX frequently. However, in the majority of the cases, people are only concern about the installation, repair or maintenance of sump pump because they invest a large amount of money in their house building project. Even though this may be enough of a reason, there are some common questions and to get them answered we undoubtedly need the expertise of a professional plumber in Haslet, TX.

Hence, before you hire a plumber in Haslet, TX, let’s discuss some of the most frequently asked question, when it comes to a safety tool such as sump pump.

The answers to the commonly asked questions about sump pump

Here is some of the frequently asked question by the homeowners.

Which sump pump should I buy?

When it comes to buying a sump pump, people usually get confused between buying the submersible or column (pedestal) sump pump. Both types of pumps are good to go. Though the motor attached to the pedestal pumps consume less amp draw, this may be more economical than the submersible. Moreover, the cooling mechanism of both the sump pumps differs significantly.

While the pedestal pump motors use the cool air of the surrounding, submersible pumps utilize the ground water (cool) in which they sit in. Therefore, it is very crucial to select the right location for the sump pump installation as this may affect its functionality considerably.

How do I know about the required horsepower?

When choosing a pump, many people remain confused or skeptical about the horsepower that is needed for a sump pump to work efficiently. Among homeowner, the horsepower is, however, a subject of discussion for two basic reasons. First it is responsible for draining the water faster and secondly, it uses a lot more electricity. Therefore, there is always a trade-off between the two factors.

Following that, a high horsepower should only be considered if you have the water problems like; the sump pit fills up quickly or overflows sometimes. However, the plumbers in Haslet, TX suggest increasing the size of the sump pit more often so that your sump pump does not stressed out.

What should be the size of my sump pit?

A sump pit as much big as it could be is somewhat the right size! A sump pump should be spacious enough to run a pump with a float switch. This would allow a considerable amount of water to build up before the sump pump even has to start running. Moreover, the longer the ‘off’ time between the pump cycles, the more easily it will get cooled. This, in turn, is a basic requirement to increase the useful life of a sump pump but reducing the cost of plumbing in Haslet, TX.

How do I make sure that the sump pump is in working condition?

You can easily check the functionality of your sump pump if your equipment has a piggyback-style plug attached to it. If yes, all you need to do is to plug out the pump plug and put it in the main power outlet directly. If the pump is functional, this will make the pump run and it will continue running unless you plug it out. However, do not let the pump plugged in for a long period as this will cause the sump pump to overheat.

What will happen in the case the discharge pipe is frozen or clogged?

If the outside discharge pipe of your sump pump is either frozen or somehow clogged due to debris, this will cause the restricted flow of water. With this, the pump will continue to run and ultimately overheat due to the excess load. Moreover, in this situation, there is a chance that your basement may get flooded. A few sump pumps, however, shuts off with the use of their built-in thermal overload protection mechanism. Therefore, keeping a check for the clogged and frozen discharge pipe is necessary to avoid the cost of hiring a plumber in Haslet, TX for its repair.

How long should an average sump pump last?

This is merely impossible to accurately answer this question. Since we do not know how long our sofa, our car or the water heater will last similarly it is impossible to predict the life of a sump pump. However, the plumbers in Haslet, TX suggest that every pump sump should be replaced after 10 years of service. The useful life of pump depends on various factors such as the regular maintenance, the frequency of its usage, proper installation and others.


What are the common reasons for a sump pump to fail?

There are various factors that may cause your sump pump to fail. This may include the improper installation of the pump that would ultimately put more stress on a pump to run. Secondly plugging of the pump in an extension cord that supplies low voltage is another reason for its failure. Moreover, the size of pump that is insufficient to fulfill the requirement is another reason for a pump to fail. However, the most common reason for a pump failure is its mishandling.

Following that, people usually try to attempt the pump’s repair and maintenance as a DIY task and avoid hiring a plumber in Haslet, TX. But with the increasing trend of the plumbing in Haslet, TX, people now understand the need of hiring an expert to handle the task and if you are too, searching for the best plumber in Haslet, TX then check out the website of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as your first choice.

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