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Areas For Your Plumber To Check When Buying An Old House | Lake Worth, TX

Areas For Your Plumber To Check When Buying An Old House | Lake Worth, TX

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Ancient homes have a nostalgic appeal that attracts people who appreciate a good antique. They have amazing historical features that new homes might not have, for instance, massive and decorated fireplaces, witch windows, and ceilings with rustic wood beams. However, behind the beautiful fa├žade of the vintage appeals could be a wreck of a crumbling house.

Any person who intends to purchase an ancient house in Lake Worth, TX, should do a thorough investigation of the condition of the house. This will ensure that you do not buy a house full of historic beauty and character but with outdated plumbing and wiring, among other problems.

Plumbing is one of the most essential considerations you ought to have in mind when buying a home, although some people rarely think about it. These vintage houses conceal several problems that can be minor, while others are bombs waiting to explode.

Taking the plumbing system for granted may force a homeowner to incur more costs on future repairs and replacements. To avert this scenario, here are some plumbing works that any person who intends to buy an old house should check.


When buying an old house, it is important to have a professional plumber inspect the piping system of the house. Houses that were built many decades ago could be fitted with pipes that are currently not allowed by the building codes of Lake Worth, TX. Having a plumber inspect the pipes will identify their material. Experts often recommend plastic pipes since they last long and take a while before they tear and wear. Additionally, pipe inspections are important more so if the pipes are made of lead. Lead is known to be highly toxic and can pollute the water supply thus being a danger to human health.

Galvanized pipes on the other hand can be a nightmare for homeowners as the pipes are susceptible to rusting, corrosion, and breakage and have a high chance of clogging, while polybutylene pipes were a cause of many lawsuits back in the years alleging that they were defective. After checking the type of pipe installed in both water and sewer lines, your technician can help you decide on whether to proceed and buy the house or not.

It is essential to call a plumber to detect pipe bellies. Pipes installed underneath or encased in concrete slabs can shift downwards due to the gradual movement of the house, leading to negative slopes commonly known as bellies that can restrict water flow, accumulate waste, and ultimately cause leakage over time.

When looking at the piping system of a potential home, you should also consider the pipe size, which highly affects the water pressure. If the size of the pipes is smaller than the minimum required size, it can cause restricted water flow and consequently problems all through the drain. Have a professional plumber inspect the hot water pressure since low water pressure will automatically mean that the pipes are corroded or stopped up. This is a sign that you should either forgo the house or be ready to replace the pipes.

Sewer Lines

The thought of a sewer line hardly crosses the minds of most people until it fails. Imagine your sewer malfunctioning when you have guests in the house and the bad odor can’t seem to go away. Sounds embarrassing, right? Sewer lines transport waste from houses, and you know your sewer line is failing when it starts to seep up the ground and cause a very nasty smell.

Older houses were installed with sewer lines that were designed for heavy-duty since a lot of water went through them because the old homeowners did not have modern appliances such as garbage disposals. This meant that the sewers were susceptible to failure. Having a plumber check the sewer lines will give you a perspective on whether the existing ones are in good condition, and if there was ever any remodeling, it did not damage the pipes.

The experts can also check on whether there are any cross-connections between the sewer line and the potable water supply. Such links cause a backflow that changes the pressure and allows contaminants to enter the clean water hence causing communicable diseases to the people using the water. Having a professional check the plumbing system will ensure they install cross-connection devices such as air gaps that prevent backflows.

Tree roots have also been a challenge with sewer lines. They are attracted to moisture and nutrients thus grow towards pipes and force their way inside any cracks on the sewer lines. This can cause clogging of the pipes thereby blocking water flow. The trees can also grow in the pipes and eventually cause too much pressure that breaks the pipes. It’s clear that tree roots cause inconvenience in the sewer lines and can be quite costly to repair. As a potential buyer, you need to take note of whether any tree roots can cause clogging of drains.

You can resort to having a licensed plumber perform regular inspections on the sewer system using micro-video technology which enables them to visually survey the entire interior length of the pipes. The regular camera inspections help in dealing with the tree roots invasion before it is too late.

Fixtures and Connections

Nothing lasts forever as everything has a lifespan, and so does plumbing. It naturally wears down over the years due to wear and tear. Plumbing fixtures include faucets, showers, drains, supply line connections, and toilets, among others. These appliances eventually corrode due to friction or hard chemicals, start experiencing restricted water flow, have broken knobs, develop leaks, and finally burst. Worn fixtures and connections can be a great inconvenience in the house and worse, if they fail at an unexpected time.

When in the process of purchasing an old house in Lake Worth, TX, calling a plumber to inspect plumbing fixtures before signing the dotted lines will enable you to avoid emergency replacements as you get to know the repairs required if need be. The experts have a keen eye that can identify anything that is not ordinary, including brown stains located below plumbing fixtures. This can undoubtedly mean that there is a hidden leakage or area of moisture.

The professionals can also detect rust or decay of drains. This is a clear sign that the pipes need replacements, so you should weigh whether the cost of purchasing the house is worth in comparison to what you’ll incur for replacements.

Already Done Repairs

If we are being honest, every household not only in Lake Worth, TX, but any other place in the world has probably faced plumbing problems and has required the services of a plumber for solutions. When talking of older homes, it means they have had several plumber visits.

The services can range from fixing minor plumbing inconveniences such as sink blockage to more serious and expensive issues, including backflows. The question of who fixed the plumbing problems is very essential as it determines how well the repairs were done and the likelihood of having the same problems recur soon.

A licensed plumber is in a better position to use their skills to perfectly repair a plumbing issue than just a layman whose repairs last a few months. Anyone moving into an old home around Lake Worth, TX, should ensure they call a plumbing expert to thoroughly inspect the plumbing system, check former repairs, and identify any concerns if present. This is valuable as it gives the new homeowner time to control any issues that may be serious in the future.


Toilets are the main piece of hardware used to collect sewage materials. Effective plumbing installation in the toilet is crucial to avoid contamination of potable water supply and ensure proper sanitation. Anyone within Lake Worth, TX, looking for an ancient house should never overlook the thought of calling a professional plumber to inspect and analyze the toilet conditions of the house.

Most times, when inspecting toilet plumbing, people ignore the leaky toilet base. Such leaks are usually negligible and tend to be assumed, however, continuous leakage over time causes the subfloor to rot and eventually start to move when you apply foot weight.

You need to seek help from a professional to properly seal the leaks with a waterproof sealer that will ensure no escape of sewer smells. A toilet that is not completely secured to the flange can be a sign of major plumbing problems. Also, a poorly installed toilet will leak, causing both water and sewer gas to escape thus making the restroom have nasty sewer smells.

A plumber will also let you know how often you need to replace wax rings on the flanges to ensure a tight connection between the toilet and the flange.

Waste Disposal System

Sewage related problems are disgusting, smelly, and harmful to human health. It is the last thing that any homeowner would want to deal with. A professional plumber should detect any or all issues relating to the waste disposal system as early as possible, since the replacement or repair of a septic tank can take a toll on your finances.

Any person in Lake Worth, TX, who wishes to be an owner of an older house should consider finding out whether the house’s wastewater goes to a septic tank or a municipal disposal system. If the waste goes to a septic tank, have a plumber confirm whether the tank is located in a good location that will not damage the property in case of any eventualities. The plumber should also check whether the connections are secure and verify that there are no signs of leakage.

Sewer leaks or odors are an indication that the septic tank has problems that need fixing. The capacity of the septic tank is very crucial; you do not want to buy a house where you will start stressing on how to get the tank emptied. Knowing when the septic tank was lastly emptied will also give you an idea of how long you should take to call for more maintenance services.

Water Heater

Some ancient houses are fitted with water heaters. A water heater can be very expensive to repair or replace. It is one of the crucial fixtures that any prospective homeowner should check before purchasing a house. The age of a water heater is very crucial. Normally, the lifespan of a water heater is 10 years, depending on its installation and maintenance. Any person wishing to own a house in Lake Worth, TX, should consider getting a professional plumber to inspect the age of the heater, see whether it’s functioning properly, and check whether it is up to code.

The experts should also look out for the condition of the tank by checking out any indicators of mineral deposits, corrosion, or buildup going to and from the pipes. If there is any, it means that there is a need for replacement. The plumber will also ensure that all connections between the heater are secure. He/she is in a better position to advise you whether the heater is well-positioned since the location is essential in assuring a homeowner that the appliance will not cause property damage in case of leakage.

Water heater installations are mostly in discrete areas, often sitting on top of pans with drains. However, the pans eventually overflow and homeowners realize the leaks much later when a lot of damage has happened. Having a plumber inspect the location of a water heater will advise on steps to take to prevent damage.

The size of the house also determines the size of a water heater to install. Imagine moving into this historic house that has a soaking tub, it’s wintertime, and your water heater is too small for the water volume hence it doesn’t release hot water. Sounds heartbreaking, right? Having a plumber to inform you beforehand on whether the water heater will serve all the family needs will prepare you to either work towards a replacement or consider another ancient house.

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