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Bathroom Plumbing Problems You Need a Plumber for | Mansfield, TX

Bathroom Plumbing Problems You Need a Plumber for | Mansfield, TX

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Everyone faces plumbing issues in their house. Some problems may be relatively minor and cheap to fix, such as leaking faucets. Other issues are really expensive and can cause major damage to floors, walls, and personal property. Whether you are facing major or minor plumbing problems, it’s best to call a plumber in the Mansfield, TX area. This article enlists the most common plumbing issues that you may face in your bathroom. You can try to minimize these plumbing problems from occurring, but sometimes, you just can’t stop them. In case you face any such issues, you should definitely call a plumber in the Mansfield, TX area.

Clogged Drains

Your bathroom has two main drains (shower and sink) that can easily get clogged due to negligence. Your shower drain can get clogged mostly due to the accumulation of hair in the drain. But how can you find out that your bathroom’s drain is clogged? You can tell when the plumbing halts and the water doesn’t drain. Soap scum and debris can accumulate inside the drain, causing it to clog up and limiting the escape of water. The first red flag is that the water drains out very slowly, which occurs when the debris is clogging up the drain. Once the water stops going down completely, the drain is blocked. You can use a plunger to fix this problem, but it’s better to call a plumber to help you unclog your drain.

Running Toilet

That annoying sound of water flowing through the pipes doesn’t leave a good impression on the guests.  It is not just a nuisance but also embarrassing. There can be many reasons for this such as leaking valves, damaged pipelines or a flapper that failed to seal properly. It can be difficult for you to fix this by yourself. To save yourself from the embarrassment of a running toilet and water wastage, you should ask a plumber for their professional advice.

Leaky Shower Head

A leaky shower head is a problem that if ignored initially, will result in a long and hefty water bill. If your showerhead is leaking, it may lead to excess moisture, which may cause mold growth. A leaky showerhead can be dangerous for your washroom and should be inspected by a professional.

Bubbling Toilet

That gurgling sound you hear from your toilet or from the bathroom walls is just a sign that you need to snake your drains out before they get completely clogged and everything overflows. If you haven’t flushed, and bubbles still come up in your toilet’s bowl or the level of water in the bowl rises or drastically falls, you are probably risking toilet clogging. This means that your drain pipe needs a source of ventilation. This mostly happens if you have appliances like a washing machine connected nearby; the drain is constantly in use and hence, needs air flow to pass through it.

You can check this by pouring some liquid into it; the liquid won’t go through smoothly. The drain is gasping for air because the pressure needs to be equalized. If the drains in your bathroom, kitchen and all over the house don’t have a proper venting system, water that is speeding towards the drains pulls water from nearby P-traps.  You need to snake out the drain to equalize the pressure and restore the water flow. Trust us, it is easier to call a plumber for this issue.

Unluckily, a blocked or clogged vent is not easy to fix since it usually needs to be properly examined and cleaned. If you aren’t a professional it is best that you leave this up to them. A layman may do more damage when attempting to solve this problem. This is why you should contact a plumberto fix this problem.

Sweaty Toilet

During the summer season, your bathroom might not have proper ventilation and of course, no access to air conditioning. You might notice your toilet ‘sweating’ more than it should. Condensation occurs outside your toilet tank, which can start dripping down and create a mess in your bathroom, especially on your bathroom floor. While you can find some toilets with insulated tanks, you should also seek professional advice from a plumber to prevent any further damage.

Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet in your bathroom can be really annoying. It is one of those issues which many homeowners tend to ignore. Water leaking from the faucet unnecessarily should be tended to immediately. Your faucet may be broken or might not be properly attached. You can remove the faucet from your bathroom after turning off the water. You can take it to a hardware store where they will fix the problem or will recommend buying a new one. If you have a leaky faucet in your bathroom, instead of driving down to the hardware store, you can just call a plumberto fix this issue.


Not all plumbing issues can be handled by yourself; plus, it’s always better to get a professional’s help in the Mansfield, TX area so you don’t cause any significant damage in case something goes wrong. It’s better that you call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Mansfield, TX to figure out the issue and fix it before you cause any damage while attempting to solve any problem in your bathroom.