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Bathroom Remodeling: Dos and Don’ts | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Bathroom Remodeling: Dos and Don’ts | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? How should you plan it out? How should you budget for this upcoming remodeling expense? If you want to maximize returns while minimizing costs, you should consult professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, at every phase.

During any remodeling project, be it the bathroom or another space in the house, the aim should be to improve the overall value of your home, save on upfront costs and reduce utility bills. Expert plumbers in Arlington, TX, suggest the following dos and don’ts for every bathroom remodeling project.

The Dos

Budget for Unexpected Costs

According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, water damage is one of the most common problems found in nearly every bathroom. But unfortunately, the issue is often not revealed until you decide to renovate the bathroom. Water damage can occur due to numerous reasons like a running toilet, leaking faucet or a malfunctioning valve. Other causes may become apparent only after skilled plumbers in Arlington, TX, have examined the space thoroughly, and this should be the first step of every bathroom remodeling project.

Ask professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, to inspect your bathroom, and identify all potential issues. Consider these repairs when you budget for your remodeling project, and to be on the safe side, add a cushion of around 15%.

Plan In a Way That the Toilet Is Hidden

What kind of bathroom layout do you have in mind? Plan something that is stylish, functional and conceals the toilet from view. This can be achieved by having a room within the bathroom or constructing a half wall. Plumbers in Arlington, TX, suggest that you can also place furniture like a dresser to act as a barrier if you want something more affordable.

Choose Suitable Surfaces

What kind of surfaces are you considering? According to professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, bathroom surfaces shouldn’t only have an aesthetic appeal; they should also withstand high traffic and abuse and be resistant to water and scratches. Porcelain is often a favorite and can be used on both the walls and floors. However, many plumbers in Arlington, TX, suggest that tile sizes must be large for minimum grout lines and easier maintenance. Generally, tiles between 12 by 12 inches or 18 by 18 inches are preferable.

Porcelain is also used for bathroom sinks, but many plumbers in Arlington, TX, have found the material to chip after some time. Therefore, enamel coated steel sinks are a better choice because of greater durability and resistance to stain. Stainless steel sinks can also be installed.

Considering the countertop, plumbers in Arlington, TX, often suggest quartz and granite that contribute to aesthetics and are durable. Solid surface and laminate countertops are also seen, but they are prone to scratches.

Pay Attention to the Shower Area

If you already have tubs in other bathrooms of the house, you should definitely drop them for your remodeling project and use that space to construct bigger and better shower areas. Plumbers in Arlington, TX, advise that along with the showerheads, you should also install steam generators, body sprays and other modern fixtures to enjoy a spa like experience within your home. But of course, the shower stall must be bigger than the standard size of 3 ft by 3ft.

Ensure Maximum Water Efficiency

How much do you pay in terms of your water bills? Consider reducing them when remodeling your bathroom. And for this purpose, you must install efficient bathroom fixtures, preferably with a WaterSense label. These include low flow showerheads, efficient toilets and automatic faucets. According to plumbers in Arlington, TX, efficient bathroom fixtures can help you save as water by as much as 16,000 gallons. You can also reduce costs by $100 or more every year.

Prefer a Spacious Vanity

You groom and prep up in the bathroom, and thus, you should have sufficient space to arrange daily items of use. His and her double sinks models are quite popular, but nowadays, many plumbers in Arlington, TX, suggest having a single sink, simply because it provides more counter space. Moreover, this also eliminates the expenses of installing another faucet and sink.

Ensure Lighting Is Sufficient

Dampness in the bathroom doesn’t only pave the way for mould growth, but it also affects painted surfaces and finishes. Consider a bathroom fan and a ducted system rated at 50 cubic feet per minimum. If your bathroom is bigger or if you are opting for a steam shower, you should consider greater ventilation.

Considering the lighting, illuminate space in different layers and intensity. While you should have a ceiling fixture, you should also have scones or other wall mounted lighting for vanity, medicine cabinets, shower areas and the toilet.

The Don’ts

Avoid Rushing Things

Many homeowners try to speed up the project, and so don’t plan out in detail. But poor or insufficient planning will lead to cost overruns. So depending on the scope, take at least a few weeks, and ask professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, to come up with a detailed plan. Once done, executing the project would be a much simpler task than otherwise.

Never Do It On Your Own!

Bathroom remodels should always be left to professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, even if the scope is small. DIY approaches often increase costs and timelines unnecessarily. Moreover, the quality is poor, leading to frequent repairs.

Don’t Forget Storage

Storage in the bathroom is essential. While a closet is ideal, even a chest or armoire can serve the purpose. You should also have a dedicated medicine cabinet.

Don’t Overlook Water Usage

If you plan on having modern fixtures, you may have to update your plumbing and drain lines. So consider your water usage during the planning phase.


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