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Benjamin Franklin Has The Most Dependable And Affordable Plumber For You | Lake Worth, TX

Benjamin Franklin Has The Most Dependable And Affordable Plumber For You | Lake Worth, TX

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Lake Worth was named after a local watering hole in Tarrant County in the northern part of the area. It is a quiet community full of friendly locals who take time to have a friendly chat with their neighbors or wave at the mailman. Lake Worth, TX is a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and offers an easy commute for most residents who work in either city.

The Dallas region has always been associated with fossil fuels ever since the late 1970s, a boon of natural gas was found underneath the regions. The great quantity of this is irreplaceable. The natural resource has allowed the community to prosper and grow giving many residents opportunities they would not have if the shale had been left undiscovered.

However, as removing natural gas and oil technology evolves then the impact of the fracking industry grows due to the consequences of vertical drilling becoming a more common practice. Leasing natural gas and oil rights to large oil corporations means that they must gather the resource out of the shale which causes tiny earthquakes and other dangers to the natural world.

How Does Fracking Impact Residential and Commercial Plumbing?

Any number of expert plumbers will explain that the network of pipes and joints creates a plumbing system which is normally located under the house or inside the walls. Unfortunately, an underground plumbing network can potentially be severely damaged by fracking procedures.

Plumbers worth their pay rate will tell you the truth about how fracking jostles, moves, and even sometimes bursts underground plumbing systems. The plumbing experts at Benjamin Franklin are familiar with this specific type of repair and go out of their way to remain current with developing technologies and procedures to make sure your plumbing remains in excellent condition once the repair has been completed.

It’s crucial to invest in an experienced professional who is familiar with fracking procedures and has contacts with the local gas and oil technicians who remove the fossil fuels from the shale.

Remember if you smell gas in your home, leave the house and call the gas company and local authorities. Do not return inside the house until the coast is clear and the gas technicians have deemed it safe to do so.

The Challenges of Fracking in TX

The Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex trust Benjamin Franklin Plumbing because we empathize with the daily frustrations that come with living in the region regarding fracking and plumbing. We regularly incentivize our technicians to refresh their skills, expand their knowledge, and make meaningful collaborations with other service and tradesmen in our beautiful city.

A Ben Franklin plumbing team tailors their work to ensure the installation, repair, or renovation is the most efficient plumbing service in the industry. We want to best suit your home or workspace with a selection of choices that give you control of the costs and the timelines. We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients throughout every step of the process.

Our promise to you is that our plumbers will never push you to make unnecessary repairs or try to ‘upsell’ you. Our goal is to perform an honest service with great efficiency at an affordable price. A plumber from Benjamin Franklin has been factory-trained by specialty technicians who instruct them on how to best resolve the problem and to keep it from recurring.

10 Warning Signs Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You to Ignore

It is natural to want to try to fix things by yourself, but plumbing is a highly technical (and messy) industry. It is important to acknowledge when it is time to entrust the task to the team of professionals from Benjamin Franklin.

Without adequate knowledge of the technology, infrastructure, and training, if it is more than a clogged sink, you will probably need licensed plumbers who are very familiar with how to correctly snake a drain, repair a burst pipe, or even fix low water pressure and a whole slew of other plumbing technicalities that is best left to experts.

If you experience any of the following problems, please do not delay in contacting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as soon as possible.

1. Slow Moving Drains: When plumbing issues begin in a residence or commercial space, they will often begin as sinks not emptying or leftover water in the dishwasher. Drains that empty slowly could be due to a hole in a pipe throughout the network, or there could be calcification or corrosion which diverts the water flow from the tap to a drip elsewhere.


2. Low Water Pressure: Ask any plumber and they will tell you that one of the most common problems with most systems is weak water pressure. There are endless reasons why the water pressure is weak in your sink or shower. It could be anything from faulty showerheads to burst pipes.


3. Back Flow: Experienced plumbers will tell you that backflow is a huge, gross, red flag that something is severely wrong with your plumbing. If sewage is seeping from your toilet or other plumbing appliances, then it is necessary to call a plumber immediately. Besides the sanitary dangers, sewage flooding into your home is destructive to flooring and walls.


4. Odd Sounds Coming from the Taps, Toilets, or Sinks: Most plumbing systems will groan or complain from time to time unless your plumbing is brand new in which case the sounds should be quieter. If you notice that the sounds from the plumbing system are moaning and groaning a lot more than usual, then it is time to call a plumbing service.


5. The Water is Very Cold: There is a health trend that suggests exposing yourself too cold for a period might reinforce the human immune system. However, an icy wake-up call is not a great way for most of us to wake up to the day. A cold shower might be the. You have got a heating and air conditioning issue or a problem with the boiler or furnace. Consult a trusted plumbing company to restore the blissfully warm water and your day can carry on as usual.


6. Damage to Walls, Floors, and Other Interiors: Usually, if you find damage to your interior decorating like peeling wallpaper or damaged floors, then it is time to call the plumbers. If you find pools of water, it offers proof that there’s a leak destroying your walls and expensive flooring. Leaks can often lead to mold growth and a weakening of the homes’ foundations.


7. Leaky or Burst Pipes: If a leak remains unnoticed it can build-up until it causes serious damage to the interior decorating and potentially even cause black mold which is dangerous to human health. Burst pipes often dramatically hike up water tariffs.


8. Nasty Smells Coming from the Drains: Food disposals often do smell bad while they are in use, but they shouldn’t constantly smell either. Be mindful of moldy smells, burning smells, or the unpleasantness of rotten eggs. Each scent has a threat that comes with that scent, so it is best to consult a plumbing service as soon as you smell something unusual.


9. There’s Absolutely No Water: Luckily, it is unlikely that pipes and plumbing systems will freeze in Texas but depending on the season, an absent water source may indicate a pipe burst or that it’s completely blocked by garbage, tree limbs, or other debris. Benjamin Franklin’s professional team of plumbers has special equipment that helps them quickly locate the problem and repair it with little interference to your routine.


10. Ochre Colored Stains on Ceilings and Walls: Yellowish or earth-colored spots on the ceilings or walls that are connected directly to a plumbing pipe or pathways like bathrooms, kitchens, or utility rooms which could mean a leak damaging the home. Contact a plumber immediately to prevent extensive harm to the walls and flooring.

Customer Feedback

“My family and I have relied on Benjamin Franklin since we moved here ages ago. We live in an older home and it has quirky plumbing that needs TLC regularly. A few years ago, they offered a subscription service that annually checks on your plumbing system and ensures that little problems don’t get worse.

Donna Doe, Dallas, TX, August 2020

“I have not had the best luck with any type of home repair. Last year, we hired a team of roofers who left the job incomplete with a leaky back room. Earlier this year, we employed a different group of workers to renovate the downstairs basement, but the team got sick and had to stop for the time being.

I had almost suggested to my husband that we give up on the house and move into a cheaper condo further from Irving (where he works) but eventually all the repairs were made. Then life went on as usual instead the bathroom tub stopped draining. We couldn’t use the second bath because half-a-foot of tepid, gray water remained stuck there.

The plumbers from Ben Franklin turned up on time wearing gloves, booties over their shoes, and masks over their faces. He asked me to step back to observe strict social distancing and asked me where the bathroom was. After 15 minutes he returned to say that a mess of hair and the long half of a razor blade was blocking the water from draining.

After the plumber left, I went into the bathroom to clean-up and found the entire room spotless. The tub had been emptied and cleaned and the water drained like it was never clogged! I will be calling Benjamin Franklin and his plumber team anytime I have an issue! Thanks, guys!”

Sarah Stapleton, Lake Worth, TX, September 2020

I live on my own and honestly spend most of my time in Dallas as a financial analysis where I regularly spend 14-hour days. I do not have time to deal with a clogged sink or a toilet that won’t flush. If I have a plumbing problem, I want a plumber who will deal with the issue immediately and without my presence being necessary for the repair to be completed.

I tried a few other plumbers before calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, but they were the only ones willing to come out immediately. I had to pay a small extra fee for the rush service, but it was worth every dime. Thanks to the BK plumber my week went on without a single disturbance to my routine.”

Alan Walsh, Lake Worth, TX, November 2020

Pride in the Community of Lake Worth, TX

It is hard these days and it is hard to know who you can trust and what you can trust when hiring a technician found on the internet. We want you to know that we take the safety and security of all our clients and our employees very seriously and consider it a primary responsibility.

Our plumbers are fully vetted through significant background checks and they regularly submit to drug and alcohol screens. We highly value our team. We seek them out because of their plumbing expertise, friendly personalities, and trustworthiness. Benjamin Franklin does not hire anyone they would not welcome to a family celebration.

Lake Worth is a refuge from the glitz and urbanization of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. It is a quiet community that is close to one another and stays that way through safety, contentment, and deep respect for the diversity and opportunities which play an important role in our city, and the world in general.

Emergency Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing understands that plumbing emergencies do not always happen during ordinary banking hours and that sometimes the worst comes when we need it the least. We receive a major influx of business during the holidays when families visit loved ones’, and the plumbing system is not prepared or built for that level of use.

That is why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers an affordable emergency service throughout the entire year and will answer the call at all hours and be there to help you as soon as we can.