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Calling A Plumber For Annual Maintenance | Dalworthington, TX

Calling A Plumber For Annual Maintenance | Dalworthington, TX

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Completing the annual maintenance during this time of the year in Dalworthington, TX comes with a lot of benefits. More daylight, better weather, and time off work make this season of the year ideal to carry out house maintenance and prepare for the winter. Gas, plumbing and electrical repairs can be completed along with hardware repairs so that you can enjoy the rest of the summer and be in a good condition for the winter.

On the other hand, summer is an excellent time to take some time off and enjoy outdoor activities. Poolside sunbathing, long night parties and large-scale BBQs are just some of the options available for this year’s holiday season. Summer is the ideal time of year for taking some time off work and investing in you. You may opt to take care of the garden or have family and friends prepare Sunday grills. On the other hand, you may opt for a tropical holiday.

Calling a plumber when the hot season starts is a wise move. In summer, households in Dalworthington, TX tend to use far more water than in winter. During the summer the irrigation device for the garden as well as the water chiller play a critical role in making life easier. In addition to basic water-requiring services, more recreational appliances are used during the summer. The pool is a good starting-point. Outside water facilities help make summer a tropical paradise.

If the plumbing system isn’t in a state to handle the extra amount of water required, you’ll quickly begin to notice. While it can look just as an annoying issue at the beginning, due to low pressure, a plumbing network that isn’t working properly can result in costly damage such as flooding or an appliance breaking down.

Sewage’s septic water can also become a problem if there’s no proper drain cleaning service of the house’s septic tank system. A pipe blockage or an overflowing waste tank can make your house uninhabitable for days. If you intend to leave for an extended period of time, it is important that you ask for a plumber to visit your property and make sure there is no risk of emergency repair in the future. A hidden leak can cause significant headache for the owner of the property, and even cause problems with your home insurance.


In this post, you will discover why it’s worth calling a plumber to carry out the plumbing maintenance for before the summer season.

Avoid DIY

Plumbing is a highly specialized field which takes years of proper training and study to master. While performing plumbing maintenance without the necessary tools and safety measures, you may end up causing very expensive damage. It’s always a nice experience to take care of your own household, however, a plumbing task that looks easy, may end up requiring a delicate procedure in order to avoid recurring in the future. If you have house insurance, make sure to call a professional plumber as it’s the safest way to avoid voiding your premium package.

Faulty installation of plumbing appliances and poor repairs in the system may pose a significant health risk for you and your family. For example, cleaning a septic tank should only be done by a plumber. When a septic tank isn’t properly maintained it can lead to a flood of harmful sewage water. Due to the content of the tank, it’s always necessary to keep the entrance hatch sealed in order to avoid contamination and unpleasant odors.

Another example is the use of drain cleaning chemicals your plumber can use. While there are many options available on the market that can help reduce the size of the clog, many of those substances may not be suitable for your specific plumbing system. Some pipes are made from plastics where others are made of steel or copper. Due to the corrosive nature of those chemicals you risk pipe damage when using without proper advice. Even in the case that the chemical solution is suitable for the pipes of your house, it doesn’t guarantee that the clog will be successfully dissolved.

Even if you like taking matters into your own hands, and you have all the necessary equipment to take care of the plumbing system, it’s best to call a professional plumber. As homeowners in Dalworthington, TX, know, plumbing maintenance is a full time job and in order to get the best value out of your property, it’s best to seek the expertise of a plumbing professional.


Limescale form in surfaces where hot water goes through. It’s a chalky white substance that degrades the appearance of faucets, sinks, and metallic pipes. Most usually found in the shower, limescale can affect the flow of water as the faucets get blocked by limescale. It’s difficult to entirely avoid the appearance of limescale within the property as it depends on the chemical substances contained in the supplied water.

While limescale affects mostly the aesthetic of the house’s plumbing facilities, it can also affect the quality of the water as well as your health. Bacteria may start building up around the chalk-alike compound, causing the water to change taste and in some cases become completely unusable. In other cases, limescale can cause damage in the washing machine or the dishwasher so it’s always a good idea to call a plumber when you start noticing limescale buildup. A plumbing expert can easily remove any limescale and suggest appropriate chemicals which will help maintain clean surfaces.

Pipe Replacement

Water pipes are durable and don’t require much maintenance from your local plumber. However, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance checks in order to ensure that the pipes are free of leaks. The constant flow of water throughout the years, can weaken the structural integrity of the pipe and cause a leak. As the majority of the water pipes are hidden inside the walls of the house, it’s almost impossible without the appropriate tools to examine their condition.

A faulty pipe can cause a lot of issues around the house. One of the first symptoms is the sudden loss of pressure while using water inside the house. The next time, when you switch on the shower, try to note the flow of water. If you notice that the pressure is fluctuating, this might be a sign of a problem with the water pipes. As pressurized water is constantly building up inside the pipes, it’s vital to know if there is a leak somewhere.

A water leak can appear as a minor leak issue where water is dripping from a pipe nearby. However, this problem will not be resolved unless a plumber inspects and seals the leak. Small leaks can turn to a full-blown flooding in a matter of minutes. An expert can inspect the area around the pipe and make sure that the leak crack is contained and the problem won’t get worse. It’s always a better idea to replace a leaky pipe in advance than having to call for emergency plumbing.

Flow Valve Inspection

Flow valves are equally important as the water pipes. A good set of flow valves, ensure that you can stop the flow of water around the house at any time. Having complete control of the water flow in your property is vital, especially if you are planning to go away. Before setting off on holidays, you may ask your plumber which valves need to be turned off in order to add an extra layer of security.

Flow valves are also handy during an emergency. If an unexpected problem arises with the plumbing, you can always cut the flow of water in that area to limit the damage. During emergency plumbing, you will be asked by the plumber where the valve panel. This is to allow the emergency service to isolate the leaky pipe or plumbing facility and repair the leak by applying a sealant.

While flow valves are useful for the house, it’s necessary to seek professional advice. Valves are durable and require little maintenance, but they eventually need to be replaced due to ageing. Rust and limescale can build up around the mechanism, which can degrade the structure and cause a leak. Even when the pipes are in good condition, a leak-proof household only exists when all the parts of the plumbing system are properly maintained and inspected by a plumber.

Plumbing Upgrade

If you are thinking of upgrading a part of the house’s plumbing equipment, now it’s the best time of the year. Dry weather and low chance of rain makes it ideal for such an activity. Renovations can be time-consuming and messy. However, a professional plumber can bring the time down to a fracture and minimize the mess that comes with a renovation. To put an example out, a bathroom renovation can increase the quality of your life and at the same you increase the value of your property. As a typical bathroom consists of several different facilities, you can discuss with a plumber what would be the best choice to upgrade.

Before you set off to your local hardware store to buy out the new upgrades, it’s always a wise idea to check in with your local plumber. Plumbing specialists know a lot about upgrades and can advise you how to make the most out of your investment. Apart from the aesthetic side, a plumber can advise you how to increase the safety of the bathroom by adding , for example, anti-slippery tiles or adding stop valves for an emergency.

In addition, a plumbing renovation is likely to expose old pipes lying underneath. As the time is right for a replacement, seek the advice of a specialist to find out how you can replace old pipes and enhance the quality of your plumbing system.

Septic Tank

Septic tanks are durable and come with the benefit of being independent of the public sewage water network. This can add to the value of your property and at the same time helps to keep the utility bills in check. Waste tanks offer a good alternative solution and when maintained properly, they enable the property to safely dispose of sewage water.

One of the main parts of a privately-owned sewage system is the drainfield. This is the area where the septic tank exists, buried underground. It is important to keep that area clean of obstructions and heavy items to avoid any damage in the delicate system below. Placing heavy objects such as cars or motorcycles on top can add stress to the tank and the pipes that lie below. If that pressure reaches the system below, it can cause damage such as cracks or even pipe bursts.

If you notice that water puddles start to form inside the drainfield or a strong septic odor is emanating from the garden, it’s essential to seek the advice of an expert. A broken septic tank means that the waste water won’t be properly disposed from the various facilities from inside the house. In addition, the harmful contents of the tank may pose a danger to your health if they aren’t properly removed.

Calling a plumber to regularly clean and inspect the waste tank is a good move. Especially if you are planning to spend some time away from your home, it’s essential to know that the tank is properly cleaned and inspected. That way you won’t risk coming back home only to be welcomed by a nasty surprise.

This Summer Invest In Your Property

While enjoying the remaining sunny days for this year, you should consider planning your next maintenance appointment. Making sure that the house’s plumbing system is in top-notch condition is the best way to prepare for the winter. Moreover, investing in plumbing upgrades increases the quality of your wellbeing and adds long-term value directly to your property. Whether you are interested in investing an upgrade, or simply want to find out more about plumbing services, get in touch today. Benjamin Franklin’s professional plumbers are serving homeowners in Dalworthington, TX, ready to assist you with all the plumbing activities for your property.