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Can Bad Plumbing Be Causing Your Pest Problems? | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

Can Bad Plumbing Be Causing Your Pest Problems? | Plumbing in Arlington, TX

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Pests are a nuisance at best and are terrifying at their worst. Seeing one skitter across the floor is enough to give many people nightmares. Flats and apartments can catch them like the flu from neighboring homes and once they’re part of your home, getting them out is nothing short of a Herculean task.

Older homes are just as likely to succumb to the horror of pests. As the house ages and timely preventive maintenance for plumbing in Arlington, TX is ignored, the pests can move in until the issue evolves beyond the point of control.

Aided by the hot and humid weather of Arlington, homes with bad plumbing can quickly become the perfect breeding ground for these insects.

Ridding your house of pests such as insects and rodents can become difficult since they keep re-appearing time and again. In such circumstances, it is best to hire professional plumbing in Arlington, TX to check your home for possible plumbing problems.

Here are some of the consequences of bad plumbing in Arlington TX that can be causing your uncontrollable pest problems:

Pools of Stagnant Water

Leaks can create pools of stagnant water around the pipes, which can turn moldy and rusty over time. However, along with the mold, this pool of stagnant water can also quickly become a home for insects and pests that breed in water.

Mosquitoes are especially attracted to stagnant bodies of water as these puddles are the ideal breeding ground for them. Mosquitoes can carry harmful pathogens and spread life-threatening diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, and malaria. The best way to avoid them breeding and multiplying in your home due to leaky pipes is to hire a professional maintenance service.

Seasoned technicians and top quality plumbing in Arlington, TX, can lead to the early detection of leaks, broken pipes, or malfunctioning components. This will ensure that your plumbing is free from faults and pests.

Hidden Leaks

Leaks which aren’t immediately obvious can be a silent killer in your house. Not only do they lead to stained walls, mold, and smelly odors, but they can also wreak havoc on the property’s resale value as well.

However, other than damaging the internal construction of the house, such as walls and insulation, leaks can be a catalyst for creating pest problems.

Once moisture gets soaked up into the wooden structure, severe pest problems can ensue. Insects such as termites, woodlice and carpenter ants have whole life cycles which revolve around damp wood, moist spaces, and muggy temperatures.

These bugs can eat away at the internal structure of the building, crumbling it, and can ultimately cause irreversible damage to the building. Spreading like an epidemic, they can be hard to control, and in worst case scenarios, even extreme remodeling is unfruitful in garnering bug-free results.

Malfunctioning Shutoff Valves & Appliances

Insects such as cockroaches can become unwelcome visitors in a house, slowly taking refuge behind walls and inside small holes. They can crawl effortlessly through insignificant looking tiny cracks in the walls and spread like the plague around the building.

They are especially attracted to damp places and rotting food.  The malfunctioning shutoff valves in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms can create the perfect damp location to attract them. These critters can find a home inside leaky appliances or occasionally make their way through the kitchen pipes.  If kitchen pipes are faulty, cockroaches can roam about the kitchen surfaces, cabinets, floors, and trashcans.

Cockroaches move through excrement and can carry harmful pathogens, fungi spores, and amoebas on their body. According to a WHO report, cockroaches can expose homeowners to diseases such as Giardiasis, Dysentery, Polio, and others.

Hiring the best in plumbing in Arlington, TX will enable early detection of leaks such as in washing machines, dishwashers, bathroom vanities, faucets, drains, and pipes. Plumbers can even inspect valves and ensure that they are free of leaks and defects, hence saving you from potential diseases.

Grouting & Seal Issues

Poor installations of plumbing in Arlington, TX, can sometimes exacerbate the pest situation. Superior plumbing isn’t just needed to make plumbing fixtures perform at their best without hiccups. It can also create a barrier that stops insects from wandering into your living spaces.

Proper installations can result in effective sealing around the fixtures. Components such as bathroom pipes, showers, and tubs once sealed by seasoned professionals can create a wall that stops crawling insects from pushing through.

Poor installation, in contrast, can cause seals around bathroom components to break in the most unfortunate ways. The wax and grout lines along the toilets and tubs can disintegrate, and cracks and holes can appear which allow easy access to cockroaches, ants, and even termites to scuttle through.

It is hence imperative to hire the best in plumbing in Arlington, TX, to ensure that your installations are impeccably sealed to keep creepy crawlies at bay.

Poorly Maintained Pipes

Pipe maintenance should be at the top of the list for homeowners, or else they can become a doorway to uncontrollable pest problems. Eroding and rusting pipes can easily form cracks and holes, which can be gnawed through by rodents.

In fact rodents are not partial to metal pipes alone. PVC pipes are infamous for succumbing to attacks from rodents where large sections are known to be nibbled away in certain homes.

Rodents such as rats can also devour older seals and scamper across the plumbing setup. This is how a random rat ends up jumping out of the toilet.

A service that provides top-notch plumbing in Arlington, TX, can repair broken seals and replace damaged pipes to keep your home safe from disease-causing rodents.

Timely Maintenance: A Preventive Solution to Pest Problems

Pests and insects can prove to be difficult to get rid of. As any homeowner will tell you, they only seem to grow and multiply.

A damaged plumbing system in your home could be leading to their reappearance. A preventive solution to getting rid of pest problems is to hire professional plumbing in Arlington, TX.  

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we excel at inspection and early detections. Our trained staff are masters at early maintenance for leaks, thus avoiding the appearance of conditions which welcome pests into your home.

Protect your home from pests. Contact us at 817-478-4119 for the best in plumbing in Arlington, TX.