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Choosing the Right Faucet | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Plumber

Choosing the Right Faucet | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Plumber

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Faucets are the most vital plumbing fixture. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, we need faucets which are functional and reliable. But given the wide variety of faucets in the market, choosing the right faucet can be tricky. Various types of materials, styles and finishes are available in the Mansfield, TX area which makes decision making an overwhelming process.

Some people look for style which reflects their taste. Others prefer convenience and durability. Plumbers in the Mansfield, TX area often recommend a few tips which can help you choose the perfect faucet for your house. Some of these tips include the following:

Style Matters but Other Things Do Too

Most people choose a faucet based on how it looks. A stylish faucet may reflect your unique taste but you shouldn’t buy a unit based solely on looks. There are other important things you should consider when choosing a faucet. Matching with other hardware in the kitchen or the bathroom is a key factor. The material used, the finish, functionality and durability are some of the other important considerations.

Given the wide variety of options available in the market, you can easily find the faucet with the right look without compromising on quality and functionality. Since you are not a professional, finding the faucet with the right features can be difficult. Faucet designers, manufacturers and retailers can provide guidance on which faucet to choose. But only a professional can help you decide on the right one for your house.

Spend Thoughtfully

You might plan to spend too much for your kitchen or bathroom faucets. But in reality, you can get a decent faucet by spending a reasonable amount. If you spend too less, you are likely to get a low quality faucet which may be functional but not durable. If you are spending too much, you are probably paying for the extra features and style. A professional can guide you about the estimated budget. This will save you from sending too much on the faucets.

Spout Height and Reach

The height and reach of the spout varies. Most of the time, you can choose a faucet with reasonable spout height and reach. But if there are other hardware fittings like shelves above the sink, you will have to choose a faucet which fits well. Depending upon the bowls in the kitchen sink, you will need a faucet with a spout which reaches all the bowls. When planning faucet installation, it is always best to contact a professional. Professionals always help and recommend the faucet with the height and reach that match your needs.

Choose the Right Valves

If you want to avoid water dripping from the faucet, you should get the right valve. Plumbers often recommend the use of ceramic valves. They are ideal because they are durable and cost the same as other types of valves.

The Right Finish

Mismatched fixtures ruin the overall look and balance of a space. Plumbers recommend buying faucets which match the existing hardware in your kitchen or bathroom. There are three main finishes when it comes to faucets; chrome, nickel and bronze. Some of them are more durable than others.

Chrome Finish

Chrome is the most durable finish when it comes to faucets. It is also the easiest to clean. This is the reason why a majority of faucets in homes have chrome finish. Commercial kitchens and public bathrooms also have faucets with chrome finish because of its long term toughness.

Nickel Finish

Faucets with nickel finish have a dull shine. They are usually labelled as satin or stainless steel. Faucets with nickel finish are durable but more prone to water spots and fingerprints. This is why faucets with nickel finish are harder to keep clean. To avoid this problem, some faucets with nickel finish have an additional coating which helps in reducing spots and smudges. The coating is not very durable and may chip off easily.

Bronze Finish

Faucets with bronze finish have a brownish tone. They are labelled as oiled or rubbed bronze. This is the least durable finish because the surface has a coating. This coating is durable but compared to chrome and nickel, this is the least durable finish and may chip off easily. This is the reason why plumbers recommend the purchase of faucets with chrome finish.

Single Handle is More Convenient

Traditional bathrooms and kitchens still use faucets with two handles. This gives a more symmetric look but single handled faucets are more convenient in use. They are more convenient when it comes to adjusting the water temperature. Also it saves space in the sink. Considering the advantages, plumbers recommend installation of faucets with a single handle.

The Holes in the Sink

Faucets work in collaboration with the sink. A useful tip by plumbersin the Mansfield, TX area is that the holes in the sink must match the faucet and other hardware installed in the bathroom or kitchen.

If you are planning to repair or replace faucets in your home, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. With extensive experience, our trained plumbers in the Mansfield, TX area will help you choose and install the right faucet for your house. Be it the faucets in the kitchen or the bathroom, our professional plumbers are ready to provide the kind of assistance that you can trust. We don’t let a repairable leak cost you hundreds of dollars on replacement. To find out more about our services, call us at 817-983-7876.