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Choosing the Right Plumber for Your Weatherford, TX Home

Choosing the Right Plumber for Your Weatherford, TX Home

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Older homes in Texas, are wonderfully full of character and uniqueness that most newer homes lack.

You might be attracted to elements of an older home, like built-in bookshelves and sumptuous dining rooms with wood detailing—it’s just the best isn’t it? —however, older homes come with plenty of problems. Even in the most beautiful vintage homes, the most common repairs happen to revolve around the plumbing.

We meet so many homeowners who don’t realize how important up to date plumbing is until they run into leaks and overdue repairs that could turn their dream home into a money pit.

Since 1998, homeowners of all kinds have relied on Ben Franklin Plumbing Company to solve plumbing challenges in older homes. Our team of professional plumbers are available seven days a week for all matters, from locating a problem to solving a plumbing emergency, even on Christmas Eve.

That’s why we’re sharing with you the most common plumbing issues we have seen in older homes in Texas.

Galvanized Pipes

When our plumbing contractors visit clients in older homes, they often start by looking for galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes are often in commercial buildings, but we see it most often in residential plumbing repairs.

Galvanized pipes occur when steel pipes become covered in a layer of zinc. Over time, the zinc erodes, causing the line to deteriorate, as well as causing water pressure issues and leaks. If you’re regularly facing stopped up toilets and sinks, it’s probably because of galvanized pipes.

Decades of experience with galvanized pipes make Ben Franklin Plumbing Company is the best choice when it comes to locating and updating pipes that have becomes galvanized, including leak detection and repair. We use proven, current-day techniques based on the condition and situation of your old home to solve your plumbing leak problems quickly.

Bad Plumbing Repairs By Homeowners

Fixing things around the home can be successful and rewarding when you know what you’re doing. However, plumbing isn’t the same as setting a squeaky door or a window that won’t shut. Older homes that have been passed down by multiple owners regularly fall victim to faulty plumbing repairs. It happens so often that we arrive at a house where a well-meaning previous homeowner tried to save some money by performing repairs and upgrades—a new tankless water heater, perhaps—themselves, without the help of a trained and certified plumber.

Sometimes we find sewer repairs that weren’t done correctly and then pipe installation that doesn’t quite fit. If you aren’t a plumbing expert, it’s best to find a plumber near you to do the work.

Ben Franklin Plumbing plumbers are the best at helping you choose the correct tankless water heater for your home. This service includes determining your peak demand flow rate and calculating your needs based on your incoming water temperature. By doing this, we find out how many hundreds of dollars per year a tankless water heater could shave off of your energy bill.

Drains and Pipes That Have Shifted

Over time, a home’s foundation will shift, and so will the pipes and drains running through and beneath it. If you’ve noticed a leak in the slab foundation or maybe just a crack, there’s a good chance that the pipes beneath your home are compromised. Further along the line, this can lead to backed up piped due to inadequate drainage. Professionals often do slab leak detection to ensure that their diagnosis of plumbing problems is correct. Ben Franklin Plumbing in the Weatherford TX area is the leading drain cleaning company in the area. Our fast same-day service was developed to unclog Weatherford TX drains on the same day they happen so we can get out customers back on schedule as quickly as possible.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company Can Fix Your Old Plumbing

Did you know there are more tiny intricate components in your plumbing system than there are bones in your foot? More parts mean more opportunities for plumbing problems to arise from an annoying leak to a major plumbing disaster. Our Weatherford TX plumbers are ready to handle all sorts of old Texas home plumbing problems.

We use the latest software and excellent old American customer service to schedule your visit and make sure that when one of our skilled plumbers arrives at your home, their truck is fully stocked with everything we may need to fix as much as we can on the same day.

Plumbing Services For Older Homes in Texas

Whether it’s a retro but new-to-you home or one that you’ve owned for many years, chances are your plumbing is outdated and isn’t up to code. Before you try to fix it yourself, call our experts to come and handle it for you. We offer competitive pricing and compassionate customer service on all of the following services provided with older homes of Texas in mind.

Bathroom Plumbing; Drain Cleaning; Expansion Tanks; Faucet Repair & Replacement; Line Repairs & Installation; Garbage Disposals and Kitchen Plumbing; Pipe Breaks; Sink & Tub Replacement; Slab Leaks & Gas Leaks; Sump Pumps; Conventional Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters; Water Filtration Systems and Well Repairs; Yard Line & Water Leaks.

Are you in need of a plumber? Our company offers you experienced plumbing technicians who regularly resolve all types of commercial and residential plumbing challenges, including those specific to older homes in the state of Texas. We also promise perfect punctuality so you can relax with your family, play with your kids, or do some work while we work on your plumbing.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is also your plumber in the Weatherford TXarea from the small and simple jobs to large and complex reno projects. Our plumbers have an outstanding track record for professionalism, cleanliness, and time management.

Your time is valuable, and we know it, which is why if we’re late for your service appointment, we start to pay you.

It’s because of our people, our culture, and our technology. See our excellent reviews!