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Common Plumbing Concerns in Restaurants and the Solutions | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Plumber

Common Plumbing Concerns in Restaurants and the Solutions | Tips from Your Arlington, TX Plumber

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When you think about owning a restaurant, you probably think of a cozy interior, a highly trained staff and mouthwatering food. However, restaurant owners often forget about the plumbing problems which can arise in a restaurant. Knowing about a few common plumbing issues in restaurants in the Arlington, TX area will give you a chance to be better equipped for solving them. This way you don’t have to close down your running business over the weekend due to flooding toilets.

Not everyone is trained to solve plumbing problems. So restaurant owners also need to rely on the services of a professional plumber. Some of the common plumbing concerns in the Arlington, TX area restaurants include the following.

Clogged Kitchen Drains

The kitchen sink is probably one of the first plumbing fixtures to show the signs of inappropriate usage in a restaurant. Sinks are often used as a disposal for food. Small amounts of food and oil can go down the drain. But it can cause a serious plumbing issue in your restaurant if large quantities of food and grease go down the drain. Grease and oil can solidify in the pipes as cold water flows through them. This forms a trap for food particles which stick with the grease in the pipes and form a clog.

Clogs in the kitchen drain of a restaurant cannot be resolved without the help of a professional. However, the problem can be avoided using the following techniques.

Dishwashers Should Be Trained

The employees responsible for dishwashing should be trained not to use the drain as a disposal for food and grease. Instead, all solid food particles should be collected in a separate waste bag. Not only solid food particles but liquid waste such as salad dressing, grease and oil should also not be thrown in the sink. It is ideal to rinse off pans and dishes with warm water before putting them in a dishwasher.

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning

Scheduling a regular drain cleaning by a plumber can help keep the grease buildup in control. In some restaurants in Arlington, TX, the kitchen drains are connected to the bathroom drains which eventually go the main sewer line. In such cases, a clogged drain may become an even more serious plumbing concern as it can lead to flooding.

Despite best efforts, drains are bound to get clogged. As soon as notice that the water is draining slowly, immediately seek assistance from a professional. Unlike drain chemicals, plumbers have the right knowledge and equipment to identify and dislodge the clog

Backed Up Toilets

Bathrooms are the best place to judge for the cleanliness of the any public place. Restaurant toilets are always in use. Unfortunately, not all the restaurant customers follow good etiquettes when it comes to using toilets. Most of the people throw in paper hand towels, sanitary products, and other disposable items down the toilet instead of in the bin. Paper hand towels, when thrown in the toilet, can become a major plumbing concern in restaurants. Since a paper hand towel is not designed to breakdown like toilet paper, it can lead to clogged toilets. You can try some of the following ways to prevent backed up toilets. If things don’t work out, seek help from a professional plumber.

Invest in a Bin

Make sure there is a bin right next to the toilet. This will ensure that people throw in feminine products and other disposable items in the bin instead of down the toilet.

Frequent Inspection

Frequent Inspection of toilets is one of the best ways to maintain toilet hygiene. Have a designated employee check the bathrooms every hour. The task can be performed by any employee of the restaurant and does not need a professional plumber.Toilets can clog quickly and the problem can get worse in no time, so being watchful will ensure that the bathroom plumbing runs smoothly.

Go paperless

Another idea of saving the hassle of clogged toilet is to go paperless. Instead of using hand towels, rely on hand dryers. This may add to your electricity bill, but it will save you from clogged toilets.

Despite the preventive measures, if backed up toilet is a frequently experienced plumbing concern in your restaurant, seek assistance from a professional.

Faulty Gas Lines

Most restaurants rely on gas stoves and gas ovens for cooking and baking. You need to make sure that the gas supply lines are maintained. A professional plumber installs and maintains gas lines. So ideally, you should opt for regular checkup and maintenance of gas lines by a professional.

Gas leaks are a very dangerous plumbing concern in restaurants. It is not only detrimental to the environment but can also ignite fire. The fire from gas leaks is enough to damage the property and investment in a restaurant.

Your Solution

If you own a restaurant in the Arlington, TX area, plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will help you resolve all your plumbing concerns. We have a team of experienced plumbers in the Arlington, TX area who provide all sorts of commercial plumbing support to all kinds of businesses. From drain cleaning to faucet repair and replacement, our professional staff is available 24/7 to help identify and solve all your plumbing problems. Every second counts when it comes to businesses, and we at Benjamin Franklin truly understand this. To know more about our services, visit our website or call now at 817-478-4119.