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Common Plumbing Issues | Tips from Your Trusted Cleburne, TX Plumber

Common Plumbing Issues | Tips from Your Trusted Cleburne, TX Plumber

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It is important for everyone to make sure that they take care of their plumbing system. Routine maintenance is a key part of taking care of any home, office, or apartment building. Routine maintenance performed by a trained plumber is important because this can prevent serious issues from coming up in the future. At the same time, those who live in Cleburne, TX need to make sure they have a reliable plumbing service they can call when things go wrong. It is critical to know about the most common plumbing issues that might require the attention of a trained professional service.

A Faucet That Won’t Stop Dripping

One of the most common problems that arises is a dripping faucet. In fact, these dripping faucets are so common that it is a challenge to find someone who hasn’t had to deal with this issue. When someone realizes they have a dripping faucet, it is easy to hear the sounds of irritation in their voice. When a faucet starts dripping, it can be hard to fall asleep at night. Furthermore, a single faucet that starts dripping can lead to hundreds of gallons of water lost over the course of a few months. The end result is wasted water and a utility bill that goes through the roof.

Any professional technician will be able to tell his or her customer that the most common cause of a faucet that won’t stop dripping is a washer that has become damaged somehow. These washers are in place to prevent faucets from dripping, allowing them to shut off completely when they are told to do so. As the months and years go on, these faucets are going to start to wear down. The washers might start to become torn, worn, stiff, or dislodged. The end result is a dripping faucet. In order to make sure this issue is fixed correctly on the first attempt, it is important to ask the trained professionals to provide assistance.

A Sink That Won’t Drain Properly

The next common plumbing issue that someone in Cleburne, TX might have to deal with is a sink that won’t drain properly. There are a number of reasons why a sink might not be able to drain; however, the most common issue is a blockage somewhere in the sink that is blocking the flow of water through the pipes. There are a few common blockages that a plumber might discover when he or she is called to the location to take a look. For example, it is not unusual to find fat that has stuck together and remnants of food that might be restricting the flow of water. In addition, another common cause comes in the form of hair. This is more common in the drain of a bathroom. Finally, even soap that has hardened can prevent a sink from draining properly. When this happens, a professional is required.

A professional technician has a number of tools at his or her disposal that can help someone unclog the sink. Typically, a plumber is going to bring special tools and chemicals that can be used to dissolve the blockage. If this doesn’t work, a trained plumber can also remove the blockage manually. While many homeowners think that they can handle this problem, a professional will be able to do this safely, ensuring the problem doesn’t return.

A Toilet That Has Backed Up

One of the more disgusting problems that a homeowner might have to deal with is a clogged toilet. This happens when someone fills up the toilet bowl, flushes it, and the toilet doesn’t drain. The gut response is to simply pull the handle again and try to get the toilet to flush; however, all that happens is the water level in the toilet simply rises even more. If the flushing continues, the toilet is going to overflow. This will create even more problems that someone might have to deal with.

In this scenario, it is important to call a plumber for help with a clogged toilet in Cleburne, TX. A plumber is going to have specialized tools that can be used to remove the blockage. In addition, a plumber can take a closer look at the toilet and make sure that other problems aren’t present. After all, it is important to figure out why the clog was present in the first place. A trained plumber can look for other issues that might be present with the toilet.

A Toilet That Keeps Running

Speaking of other problems with a toilet that a plumber might have to deal with, some people might notice that their toilet keeps running. A professional plumber can tell anyone that a running toilet might cost someone 200 gallons of water, or more, that are lost each day. This will result in someone’s water bill going through the roof. For this reason, it is critical to call a professional plumber for help with this issue as soon as possible. There are a few common reasons why a toilet might keep running.

The most common cause of a toilet that keeps running has to do with the flapper valve that is located in the rear of the toilet. The job of this flapper is to control the water that flows from the tank of water into the bowl itself. If the flapper is not able to stop the flow of water from the tank to the bowl, the end result is a toilet that will keep running. People will notice this noise immediately because, typically, the toilet will shut off when it is full.

Another possible cause of a toilet that keeps running is a toilet that has sediment that might be impacting how it empties and fills. A professional plumber will need to take a look at this. If the flapper is fixed and the toilet keeps running, then there is probably an issue with sediment that might be building up. Often, this is called a silent leak. A professional will need to use special tools and chemicals to track the flow of water throughout the toilet to make this diagnosis.

A Water Heater That Isn’t Working

Most people take it for granted that they are going to have hot water in their home or office. Then, when someone jumps into the shower in Cleburne, TX and finds that they only have cold water, the next call is going to be to a plumber. There are numerous reasons why a hot water heater might not be working; however, this doesn’t make the problem any less frustrating.

The most common reason why a hot water heater might not be working properly has to do with the pilot light. The pilot light is responsible for lighting the hot water heater, allowing it to do its job properly. The pilot light might go out from time to time, which is why it is important for someone to make sure that routine maintenance is performed on their system in a timely manner.

Another possible reason why the hot water heater might not be working properly has to do with the thermostat. The thermostat is responsible for measuring the temperature of the water in the heater. If the thermostat senses that the water is warm when it actually isn’t, the hot water heater will shut off, leading to cold showers. In this situation, it is important to rely on a trained professional for help. The thermostat will need to be fixed before the hot water heater will start working again.

Water Pressure That Is Too Low

The next problem that someone might notice with their water in Cleburne, TX has to do with low water pressure. When someone has low water pressure, he or she will find that the water is only trickling out of the faucet instead of gushing like it is supposed to. If the water is dripping, there are a number of reasons why this might be happening.

First, low water pressure is caused by leaking pipes. If water is leaking out of the pipes into another location, then this is less water coming out of the spout of the faucet. This leads to low water pressure and requires the attention of a plumber. Reasons why the water pressure might be low include pipes that are worn down, broken, or have corroded over time.

Another possible reason why the water pressure might be low has to do with the sediment and minerals that might have built up on the aerators of the plumbing system. In order to fix the aerators of the system, it is important to ask a professional plumber for help. He or she might be able to identify other issues with the plumbing system as well.

A Garbage Disposal That is Jammed

Next, another possible cause of plumbing issues in Cleburne, TX is a garbage disposal that might have become jammed. A garbage disposal is an important appliance; however, sometimes, people ask the garbage disposal to do too much. As a result, the system ends up jamming. Some of the most common reasons why a garbage disposal might jam include running the system without water, forcing too much food into the garbage disposal at once, and trying to force hard food down the disposal such as potatoes or husk from corn. Sometimes, people even allow silverware to get stuck in the system.

When this happens, the first step people often take is to hit the reset button. If this doesn’t work, it is time to call a plumber and ask for help. A plumber will be able to open up the system and take a look at the entire appliance. He or she might be able to figure out what has happened to the garbage disposal system and fix it. Trust the professionals to help with garbage disposal issues.

A Sewer System that Backs Up

Finally, one of the worst issues that someone might have to deal with is a sewer system that backs up. People take their sewer system for granted and it is hard to think of a time when these systems weren’t around. Sadly, these sewer systems can back up from time to time. This creates an inconvenient, gross, and smelly problem to fix. If there are multiple drains and toilets that don’t seem to be working, the problem is even bigger.

In order to fix this problem, it is important to ask for a professional technician. The professional service is going to have to figure out where in the system the problem is located. Sometimes, the problem might not even be in the home at all. It might be located near a public road. The most common reason why the sewage system isn’t working is that someone has flushed something down the toilet that shouldn’t have been flushed. This includes diapers, napkins, facial tissue, and more. Other common culprits actually include tree roots that might have invaded the pipes. While this is less common, it is more difficult to fix. When the sewage system isn’t working properly, it is critical to rely on the professionals for assistance. Call a trained plumber to deal with any issue involving the sewer.

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