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Common Reasons For A High Water Bill And How A Plumber Can Help | Weatherford, TX

Common Reasons For A High Water Bill And How A Plumber Can Help | Weatherford, TX

During these challenging times, receiving an excessively high water bill is the least desirable situation. Regrettably, many inhabitants of Weatherford, TX face this actuality. Although water rates have risen in recent years, a sudden surge in the water bill should be a reason for worry.

Skyrocketing water bills indicate major problems with your plumbing system. For instance, a faucet leaking one drop every second wastes about 3,000 gallons yearly. This wasted water adds to your monthly water bill, forcing you to spend more on your water bill than is necessary.

Today, we’ll highlight the reasons for your abnormally high water bill and how an experienced plumber can help. Let’s dive straight into it.

Worn Out and Leaky Faucets

A major culprit of high water bills is a leaky faucet. Over time, faucets tend to wear out, leading to a worn-out gasket or a loose O ring. This wear compromises their ability to seal properly, hence the leaks. Some faucets leak because of faulty installation or corrosion.

Visually inspect your faucets for any corrosion or worn-down parts. Next, call a certified plumber to help you replace the faucets and permanently stop the leaking.

Leaking Toilets

Leaky toilets are worse than leaky faucets, given that toilets account for about 30% of water use. They’re mostly a result of leaky fixtures in the toilet, valve, pipe misalignment, and a worn-out wax ring. Toilets are harder to check for leaks, but you can try the following methods.

  • The sound check: Listen for any hissing sound in your toilet or unusual sound in your toilet. This sound is typically subtle, so you’ll need everything else silent to perceive the hissing sound.
  • The dye check: Plop a few drops of dye or food color inside your toilet tank. After 20 minutes, check if there’s any dye or food color in your toilet bowl. The presence of either of them in the bowl indicates a toilet leak.

That said, only a licensed plumber can tell you for sure whether you have a toilet leak. They can also repair the leaking toilet to reduce your water bill and eliminate unnecessary wastage.

Washing Machine Leaks

After checking the toilets and faucets, your next stop is the washing machines. Since most people hide their washing machines in their basements or laundry rooms, it’s hard for them to notice any leaks. However, if there’s pooling beneath or around your washing machine, then it’s probably leaking.

Your washing machine is likely to leak if you have a faulty drain pipe or a punctured drain hose. You’ll need to check in with a plumber to find the root of your washing machine leaks and find the best solution to fix them.

Cracks or Gaps in Your Lateral Lines

Sometimes the reason for your abnormally high water bill is underground, beyond your reach. Gaps and cracks in your lateral pipes cause massive leaks, which increase your water bill. Since the pipes are located a few feet underground, most homeowners are oblivious to the leaks.

Leaks in your lateral lines occur when the pipes wear out or corrode. Sometimes seismic activity also disconnects the water pipes causing major leaks. A plumber will use a special microphone or listening discs to listen for and locate any leaks in your system. For minor leaks, they’ll then use a resin to seal the leak non-intrusively, but excavation and complete pipe replacement is necessary for major leaks.

New Equipment

Sometimes abnormally high water bills aren’t the product of leaky or defective parts in your plumbing system. The problem could be as simple as a new appliance or equipment that uses too much water.

Did you replace your washing machine with a cheaper one? Or maybe you decided to go all out on a wider, more relaxing showerhead. If so, then these new items could explain your over-the-top water bills.

This is mostly the case for residents who go for cheap. Cheaper appliances are highly inefficient and cost you a lot more down the line. That’s why you should always look for water-efficient appliances with the WaterSense logo. Although expensive, they’ll save you a bundle over time.

Consult a plumber to help you find your home’s most efficient fixtures and appliances. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Changes in Household Water Consumption

Homeowners across the country use two to four times as much water during the summer to keep their lawns lush and green. So, perhaps your abnormally high water bill has nothing to do with your plumbing system and more with your usage patterns.

The searing summers in Weatherford, TX also lead to increased water usage across the board. For starters, residents sweat more when hot and take more showers. They also drink much more water to stay hydrated and compensate for water loss. Kids are home during the summer, increasing the water your household uses.

A Faulty Water Softener

With about 85% of homes in the US receiving hard water, a water softener is a household staple. However, sometimes these devices can malfunction and backwash themselves. This is mostly because of a faulty backwash that fixates in the open position, leading to massive wastage.

A malfunctioning water softener could lead to significantly high water bills. It’s best to call a licensed plumber to fix or replace the water softener. Failing to do so will result in continued water wastage and as a result an exorbitant water bill.

Abnormally High Water Bills? We’re Here to Help

Continually living with astronomical water bills is a choice. A licensed and experienced plumber can help you determine the cause of your skyrocketing water bills and find the best way forward. Whether you have a leaky faucet, washing machine, or inefficient equipment, it’s nothing that a reputable plumbing company can’t handle.

Do you feel fed up with paying excessive amounts for water? If yes, get in touch with a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth to save money on your water bills in your Weatherford, TX home.

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