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Common Signs It Is Time to Call A Plumbing Service | Saginaw, TX

Common Signs It Is Time to Call A Plumbing Service | Saginaw, TX

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Most people take the water in their home for granted. After all, all you have to do is turn on a faucet and instantly you have water. While you may not think about it, you use your water daily to take care of simple tasks. Wash your laundry? You are using hot water. Wash your hands? You need to use water again. Take a shower in the morning? Once again using your plumbing system.

While it may seem like it, water does not magically appear in your home. Instead, it travels through a carefully planned plumbing system to get to you when you are ready. Sometimes that carefully planned plumbing system has an issue, and at that point, your water will be all that you will think about. This is why you need to make sure you have a reputable Saginaw, TX plumbing service in your phone book. Water is not something you can live without, so you need to fix any potential issues quickly which the right plumbing service can help you do.

Curious about whether or not you need a plumber? If you haven’t done so you may want to look around your house and inspect your plumbing system. A simple home inspection can save you a lot of money down the line and help you avoid calling an emergency Saginaw, TX plumbing service. Here are just a few of the many signs that you need a service. Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have a plumbing issue your local Saginaw, TX plumber should always be your first call.

Leaky Faucets

Even if a little leak doesn’t bother you much, you should never ignore leaky faucets. The answer is simple: every time your faucet leaks you are wasting water. It may not seem like a little drip of water is that wasteful, but a drop every few seconds adds up to hundreds of trips a few minutes and thousands of drips every hour. By the end of the week, you will have wasted millions of drips easily. Not only is that harmful to the environment, but it also will cost you a measurable amount of money the next time your water bill comes around.

Unless you want to keep wasting money, it is a better idea to simply call up a plumbing service in Saginaw, TX and get your leaky faucet fixed. Most of the time a new fixture or a few corrections are all that is necessary to fix a leaky faucet for good. If the problem is a bit more complicated, then a plumber is the best person to turn to for advice anyhow.

Low Water Pressure: Suddenly or Constantly

Chances are you have a pretty good idea of how much water pressure you get in your home, and whether or not it is more or less than what you used to get at your previous home. Most people notice water pressure while they are showering, but other people notice it when they are washing dishes or boiling water. No one likes to deal with low water pressure and waiting forever to get enough water to get anything done. The good news is you don’t have to. Instead, you can call your local Saginaw, TX plumber and have them come out to troubleshoot the issue.

There are a variety of reasons why you may have low water pressure in your home from outdated fixtures to a failing hot water heater. A professional plumbing service can get to the root of the problem quickly so that you aren’t playing a guessing game.

If you are used to high water pressure but have noticed a sudden shift, then you need to investigate the matter a bit quicker. If the low water pressure is isolated in one faucet then there is a good chance that the fixture is to blame. On the other hand, if the water pressure throughout your home has suddenly dropped you need to get a professional plumbing service in to investigate. This creates a new host of potential issues, so you need a team with diagnostic tools that can figure out why and restore your water pressure efficiently.

Toilet Keeps Running

A running toilet can cause a lot of the same issues as a leaky faucet, but at a much larger scale. While it may not immediately affect your routine, a running toilet wastes water but at rapid speed. You can pay hundreds of extra dollars on your water bill because of a toilet that never turns off. You can sometimes jiggle the handle and get it to flush properly, but forget a few times and leave the house and you will pay for it.

Usually a running toilet is caused by a flapper valve that is not sealing correctly, but it can be caused by other problems like a silent leak that you can’t see. A silent leak can lead to even more extensive damage and eventually can also cost you hundreds of dollars. Plus, one day jiggling the handle may not even be enough to get your toilet to stop running resulting in a flood. No one wants to deal with a flooded toilet if they can help it, so do yourself a favor and call a plumbing service to fix your toilet properly.

A Pipe or Fixture Is Leaking

Another big problem that requires the help of a plumber right away is a leaking pipe or fixture. Anytime you notice a leak it needs to be immediately addressed before the leak turns into a much larger problem. Small leaks are usually caused by an old fixture, seal, or extremely high water pressure caused by a clog.

All of these situations have the potential to get much worse. What may have started as a small leak can quickly turn into a burst pipe that is flooding your home. At that point you have flood damage to contend with and you will still need to call a plumbing service to deal with the pipe. As with most things in life, it is always a better idea to be proactive about plumbing repair than reactive. If you spot a leak, call a plumbing service and get to the bottom of it.

Keep in mind also that sometimes you can have a silent leak. This is a leak that is small or hidden behind a wall or in the ceiling. You won’t be able to see the leak, but when the water damage eventually becomes essential you will notice it. Ideally you locate the hidden leak before this happens. Many times you will notice a high water bill before you notice the leak. If there is no explanation for why your water bill suddenly jumped there is a good chance that you have a leak occurring somewhere along the line. A plumbing service has special tools that allow them to source out a leak even if it is hidden behind your drywall

Suspected Drain Clog

Even if you have a home with no trees that is fairly new, a floor drain or sink drain can clog. Sometimes bad habits cause drain clogs, sometimes they are caused by poor timing or accidents. Regardless of why a drain clog forms, you need to have it cleared or you will be dealing with wastewater all over the floor of your home. Most comprehensive plumbing services also take care of clogged drains.

A drain cleaning service is the best way to not only remove the clog, but also troubleshoot why the clog formed in the first place. If you don’t change your habits or address the underlying issue that caused the clog you will simply have a second clog to deal with in a few months. Always have a plumbing service dig deeper into the issue so that you can avoid clogs from occurring again. Once you have had to clean up a flood of sewage wastes you will appreciate a reputable drain service a lot more.

Floor Drain Floods

Along the same line, if your floor drain floods there is a good chance that you have a clog in the main sewer line. Floor drain floods are one of the worst that you can have because they usually contain a great deal of feces and wastes. However, they can be fixed with the right tools. A plumbing service will typically snake the drain and run an inspection camera down the line to identify what caused the flood. At this point they will then clear the clog if possible and offer you advice to prevent it from happening again. If you live in an old home or one with tree roots that are getting into your sewer line, then routine sewer cleaning is probably going to be the answer.

Water Heater Repair

While you don’t think much about your water heater until it stops working, a water heater is indeed part of your plumbing system. This major piece of equipment requires occasional servicing and yearly maintenance if you want it to last for its entire lifespan. A plumbing service is responsible for performing repair and maintenance. There are a lot of simple issues that can arise with a water heater such as mineral deposits or leaky valves that can be easily fixed to extend the lifespan of your tank. However, these simple issues can result in costly repairs or replacement costs if you do not seek help when you notice the signs. Thus, if you hear, see, or notice anything different about your water heater it is important to call a plumber.

Suspected Gas Leak

One area that people often forget about when it comes to plumbing is there gas lines. Due to the fact that gas lines run through metal piping, they are the responsibility of a plumbing service to handle. Therefore, if you have any problems with your gas or suspect a leak you need to call in a plumbing service. Of course, before you call a plumber you need to move your family out of the house and do so from a safe distance. In some cases it may be safe to turn off the gas shut-off valve before you do so, but if you are unsure leave your home and call a plumber.

They can come in and inspect your home to make sure that the gas is properly turned off and the potential leak is fixed before you return.

Help with a Gas Oven or Range

Along the same lines, if you intend to install a new gas oven or range you may need a plumber to help with the installation. Once again, a plumber has to deal with the new plumbing lines to the new appliance so you cannot expect a home installer to take care of this task for you. However, there are plenty of plumbing services that are trained to handle gas appliances and finding one to help should not be a hard task.

Look Around for a Plumbing Service

Some of these plumbing issues are not emergencies, but some of them are. You never know when you are going to need a plumbing service so it is best to do your research and have a name in your speed dial before the emergency occurs. When searching for a new plumber make sure you check their credentials, choose one that is licensed and bonded, and choose one that services your area.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth-Saginaw, TX has helped local residents with their plumbing issues for years. Our licensed plumbers are highly experienced and can handle everything from a simple leak to water heater repair. Whether you need preventive maintenance or emergency plumbing support, we are here to help.