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Common Water Filtration System Problems that You Should Not Ignore | Fort Worth, TX

Common Water Filtration System Problems that You Should Not Ignore | Fort Worth, TX

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Whole house water filters are currently some of the most popular water filtration systems in the country, but particularly in the Fort Worth, TX area. The effective nature of these systems leads to the production of high-quality water that is good for health, while making the filtration system highly popular. These filtration systems are also more environmentally friendly to use.

However, there are some problems which can arise with these systems that you cannot ignore. Quite often, these problems are not very challenging to deal with initially, but ignoring them can lead to further escalation. This escalation is beyond your control, and calling a professional plumber is the only way to tackle this problem.

To guide you further, we have made a list of the common water filtration problems you can find in your system.

1.  Incompatibility

All water is not created equal, and this means that many filtration systems are not able to deal with hard water. This leads to the buildup of organic fragments that end up compromising the filtering ability of an inferior filtration system.

Orange, dark stains indicate the presence of hard water in your washing machine, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. The water then starts tasting and smelling bad. Therefore, it is essential to test the water before using a new filtration system. Knowledge of the water supply will help you choose a filtration system that filters the type of water running in your pipes.

The presence of these dark stains means that the filtration system is not strong enough to filter the water supply. Therefore, the only way to deal with this problem is to get a new system that is compatible with the water supplied in your home.

2.  Constantly Charging Filters

Some water filters become saturated with contaminants, and not showing these filters to a professional plumber can cause significant problems for the user.

A water filtration system with a small filter requires the owner to charge the filter a lot. This can be costly and can become challenging to deal with after time.

Before buying a systemit is better to research the types of filters present. Getting the water supply tested is also helpful as it tells you about the kind of water filtration system that best suits your home. Therefore, it is beneficial to read about filters and reviews of the product if you want to avoid the hassle of replacing filters constantly.

3.  Damage to the Tank

Like any sophisticated machinery, the filtration system features many different components. All the components work together for the efficient functioning of the filter. However, damage to any component can cause serious problems to the filters and to the whole system.

If the tank has too much corrosion, then it cannot deliver water at a pressure that is high enough to allow the water filter to work properly. In some cases, damage to the filtration system is because of some other factors that are beyond our control.

Like all fixtures and fittings, damage to the filtration system will not go away magically. The damage requires your attention, and calling in a plumber at the right time will save you from escalating costs and damage.

4.  A Clogged Filter

Another common problem with water filtration systems is a clogged filter. Filtration systems that rely heavily on filters get clogged and stop working completely if the damage is not taken care of immediately.

The job of the filter is to trap dust and dirt particles in water. This act ensures that you don’t end up drinking water that contains these particles. The presence of a filter guarantees that we are drinking pure, clean water.

If you don’t change the filter regularly, it might end up failing one day. Changing or cleaning the filter regularly ensures that the dust particles accumulated at the filter don’t end up clogging it and thus affecting the water filtration system.

Ignoring changing or cleaning the filters can seriously affect the whole filtration system. Initially, you will notice a rise in impurities in the water, this rise, if left ignored, further escalates to become a challenging problem to resolve. An unusual taste or odor from the water filtration system is an indicator to get the system fixed before it breaks down, leaving you with no supply of pure water.

5.  Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a crucial process in water filtration systems. The process ends up using 5 gallons of water for each gallon they filter. Although this increases the bills, it also provides you with quality pure water.

Some reverse osmosis filters end up taking away some of the important minerals from the water. The reverse osmosis system is so intricately-designed that it ends up filtering minerals that are actually beneficial for use.

However, a problem emerges when the filtration system takes up more gallons of water than mentioned for the reverse osmosis process. This leaves a direct impact on the utility bills and also reduces the natural content in the drinking water. In this case, you should call a professional immediately and have the filter tested.

The reverse osmosis system slows down the water filtration system. This is why experts suggest research before you purchase the system. For the reverse Osmosis to function smoothly, you need to ensure there is an abundance of contaminants in your water.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Fort Worth, TX area is known for providing the ultimate service at the right time. If you face any of the problems mentioned above, you need to call the professionals from the company. Rather than trying our hand at everything, some things are best left for a professional to handle.

Therefore, if you feel the need to test your water filtration system and you are in the Fort Worth, TX area, pick up your phones and contact 817-983-7876.