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Considering Water Line Repair in Dalworthington, TX? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind…

Considering Water Line Repair in Dalworthington, TX? Here’s What You Should Keep in Mind…

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How can you tell whether you need Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX or not? Well, for starters, you can look for these answers:

  • Do you see water protruding from under a slab or the ground?
  • Can you hear the noise of running water coming through your walls or fixtures?
  • Have you seen any hot spots on the ground or the floor?
  • Are you tired of paying ridiculously high water bills?
  • Can you feel any foundation movement?

A yes to even one of these questions signals that you may need to repair your water line. If you don’t, it might end up becoming an even bigger problem for you. You will find that the clay in your yard will begin resembling a swamp. And of course, the bills will keep getting higher. To keep all that from happening, here’s our guide to repairing a broken water line:

Broken Water Line Repairs

The first step in Water Line Repair in Dalworthington, TX should be knowing where to dig.

Where Is Your Water Supply Line?

Back in the 1940-1950s, most water pipelines were constructed out of lead. Without even going into the dangers of heavy metal poisoning, especially lead, the construction is still problematic. Unlike copper, lead pipelines aren’t as durable. Moreover, wandering tree roots and rotting stumps can puncture the pipelines over time. So, your first task is to determine the spot for your street’s supply water line. It is the source of fresh water to all the houses on your street.

What Seems to Be Blocking or Obstructing the Line?

Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX job will require you to check out the kind of blockages that are behind a leakage. As mentioned before, it could be vegetation, and removing it will require extra effort and expense. Besides that, other factors can also make it a time- and money-consuming effort, such as the presence of concrete, ledge, or bedrock covering the pipeline.

What Is the Depth of the Existing Street?

Once you know where to dig and are ready for Water Line Repair in Dalworthington, TX, your next step is to see how deep you’ll have to go. Depending on where the water line is installed, you may have to dig a large service trench that goes a long way down. If you are doing the job yourself, get ready for some backbreaking work. Calling in the experts? Then expect to pay more!

Should You Replace or Repair – an Important Question?

Sure, you may have expected it to be a Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX. But when you excavated and saw the extent of damage, you found it to be more than you bargained for! Plumbing experts can suss that out in just a glance. But you might have to consult someone to confirm if repairing the damaged parts will be enough. Find a professional with a good reputation for consultation. Usually, there are four factors that influence whether a partial repair will do the job or not:

  • What kind of material is your existing water main made of?
  • How old is the existing water main?
  • Has the water line been repaired before?
  • Can you afford to replace the whole line or not?

Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX can become a replacement job, depending on the material of the pipeline. Legally, water mains can be made from ductile iron, brass, or copper pipes. As mentioned before, lead water lines aren’t good for health. Therefore, if you dig down and find your water main to be lead-based, you cannot just repair it and move on. Another material that mandates a pipeline must be replaced is galvanized pipe.

We’ve already discussed why lead needs to go, here is why galvanized water services are bad too. Firstly, the water pressure they can sustain is quite low. Any increases or fluctuations may cause the pipeline to rupture without any warning. Since you won’t have any warning, you will be left with a huge plumbing mess on your hands. Secondly, galvanized pipe rusts and corrodes much more quickly, especially when it comes into regular contact with water. That’s why it needs to go.

It is a Repair Job. What Do You Do Now?

For Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX, you will need to begin by cutting out the leaking spot. Do it by making incisions that are at least 6 inches and on both sides of the leak. Remove the damaged piece of pipe and replace it with rigid copper pipe. A cost-saving tip for you: many hardware sellers won’t sell you pipe shorter than 5 feet. Don’t waste it! Instead, cut out as big a section out of your old pipeline – barring 1/16 to 1/8 inches on each side. Get rid of the weatherproofing on the old pipe, sand it to remove it. Then sand in the new pipe.

For the next step in Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX, grab the slip couplings that go around your new pipe, and sand them too. Slide them on and move them to the center of the pipe. Connect the new water line pipe to the main and secure the ends with one half of each coupling on the old and the other on the new pipe.

Complete your Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX project by heating the area under the coupling propane torch. While the heat is on, hold some lead-free solder wire over the edge of the coupling connecting the old pipe. The heat will melt the solder, which will begin to drip. Wait for it to reach the bottom of that joint. Next, do the same with the solder for the coupling on the side of the new pipe. Finish the job with the added protection from a tar-based insulator. Apply it to the new section to weatherproof it. Your new installation will last much longer this way!

Finally, remember that you may need insurance for Water line Repair in Dalworthington, TX. Don’t attempt the job before confirming that because your homeowner’s insurance may not cover water line repairs!

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