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Do Not Attempt Drain Cleaning Yourself -Call in Professional Help! | Drain Cleaning in Richmond, TX

Do Not Attempt Drain Cleaning Yourself -Call in Professional Help! | Drain Cleaning in Richmond, TX

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Well, nothing damages a home more than water. There are many plumbing issues that most people do not consider as emergencies. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary to arrange a professional to look into a plumbing issue immediately. The good news is that as long as it’s not caused by a natural calamity like flooding, water damage can be prevented. Keep the lines running clean, and replace the pipes as and when the needs be, and you shouldn’t have any issue. That’s why it is important to periodically invest in drain cleaning in Richmond, TX, for your complete peace of mind.


What should you do when a drain gets severely clogged?

The first step one should take is to call a professional plumbing service to clear the issue, but as always it is not what people do. They attempt drain cleaning in Richmond, TX all by themselves. They will try removing the clog up themselves to save money. However, fact of the matter is that a clog may further root itself in the pipelines and this may lead to much bigger problems and more expensive solutions.

So, why should you never try cleaning a clogged drain out on your own?

  1. For starters, liquid drain cleaners are not always the best options

Professional plumbers do not recommend liquid drain cleaners for many reasons. Firstly, because of its toxic nature that is very damaging to the environment. Looking at it from a local point of view, these cleaners can cause damage to your plumbing pipes. This is because of the corrosive acids present in them that work to unclog the drains. Professional drain cleaning in Richmond, TX, uses specialized tools that will not harm the environment and clear the clog in a routine procedure.

  1. The problem may be more significant than you see

A non-professional will never be able to know to what severity is the issue present under the sink. And without knowing the real problem, how can one try to fix it. Sometimes, massive grime buildup present in the pipelines becomes too much for a non-professional to handle. Therefore, these problems need to be addressed by a professional. Get drain cleaning in Richmond, TX, to ensure your complete peace of mind!

  1. You can end up causing more damage

Like mentioned earlier, without knowing the intensity of the problem and the knowledge of professional pipe maintenance, it could be possible that you may be causing more damage than there already is. You may be thinking that you are saving money by doing it yourself. However, you might be creating a much bigger problem that could have been easily avoided if you had contacted a professional for drain cleaning in Richmond, TX, initially.

  1. Clearing a clog up yourself is a big time investment

Having a professional work on your problem will allow you to carry out your daily routine without having to spare time to figure out how to fix it and you may not know of how it may end up. Instead of going through all the hassle, why not make it simple by calling in a plumbing professional to do your drain cleaning in Richmond, TXfor you?

  1. Professional techniques bring out professional results

The professional plumber has access to a professional state of the art tools and techniques that non-professionals do not have. Therefore, they can easily do things the way it is supposed to. It is not about finishing the project, but rather, it is more about doing it in a way that more problems do not rise in the future.

How to Keep your Pipes Healthy?

There are many tips and tricks that you can do to prevent any damage and costly repairs to your pipes. This can easily lead to a long life of your pipes. Some of these tips are:

  1. Make sure that only water and human waste go down the pipes

You should never dispose of wet wipes, feminine products, food, kitchen grease, or other items in the kitchen down your bathroom drains. There are items available in the market that are labeled “drain safe,” yet they cannot break down quickly enough when in the drain, therefore they cause a clog.

  1. Try preventing a clog

Purchase a hair trap and place it in the drain of your shower or bathtub. Also, place a food trap in the kitchen sink to avoid any clogs that may take place. This is a good way to ensure that you seldom need drain cleaning in Richmond, TX.

  1. Try and avoid using drain cleaners

Liquid cleaners may seem very tempting to buy because of their low prices, but do not even think about buying it. It may be an easy way to avoid a plumber, but their toxic ingredients pose a hazardous risk to children as well as pets. These chemicals can easily seep into the groundwater, which further causes harm to drinking water as well as wildlife. Drain cleaners break down the clog so much that it can easily be washed away. It does not shift the clog. Instead, they just get flushed away into the environment.

How Does Drain Cleaning Work?

The sewer jetting process not only helps in removing clogs, but it also cleans the pipes. This process helps in restoring the effectiveness of the pipes and leaves them being almost-new. The method includes a hot jet of highly pressured water that is forced into the pipe which breaks up hardened debris present in the pipes. This strips out any kitchen grease that has built up in the pipes over time. Experts suggest that having an annual drain cleaning in Richmond, TX, during the spring season.

How to Avoid Pipeline Issues?

Scheduling a yearly inspection of the pipes will not only help in detecting and clogs and organic build-up in the sewers, but it also includes the checking of the home’s structure to make sure that the plumbing system is healthy. A drain inspection allows you to be at peace and lets you focus on things that are more important in life.

Whenever you feel that you have a drainage problem, you should call the experts and let them handle the situation before it gets worse. A slow-draining toilet can mean that the clogs can affect the sewer line in the future.

A drain inspection gives you a clear picture of the overall health of the sewer line, and it provides you with accurate and valuable data. It maps out the entire drain system which will help you during future repairs. And drain cleaning in Richmond, TX, is a great way to ensure that you never need worry about the state of your home’s plumbing.

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