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Drains, Disposals, And Water Heaters: What A Plumber Can Do | Granbury, TX

Drains, Disposals, And Water Heaters: What A Plumber Can Do | Granbury, TX

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Residents in Granbury, TX and the surrounding area know that calling a professional plumber in times of trouble is always the right thing to do. Whether you’re needing simple repairs or emergency plumbing service, a good plumber always knows exactly what to do. Those who own homes for the first time understand that calling the landlord’s maintenance department to fix anything is now a thing of the past. Money is one of the top priorities for those living in their own home, and that’s where having a good plumber on board and ready to diagnose your issues is a handy relief.

Finding out that your water heater is on the brink is never an easy prospect, and those who know the feeling of having no hot water to work with can readily sympathize with the stress of a broken unit. In fact, this has been known to happen regardless of age, and when it does, the main source of the problem could lie in your water pressure.

A faulty water pressure regulator is one of the chief issues that leads to too much water pressure. In fact, the regulator has its own function, and that is to regulate the water pressure that comes straight from the sewer main. These prevention regulators are typically installed in most of today’s homes just to help homeowners with disaster prevention and to help reduce insurance rates for new homeowners.

Water heaters are known to break under extremely high water pressure that goes unregulated. In fact, this water pressure combines all too well with the geothermal energy that is given out by the heater’s tank, thus causing an expansion so massive that breakage is inevitable. But that’s not the only culprit that results in the ultimate demise of your hot water heater.

Sediment build up can be another concern that leads to the demise of your water heater. In fact, as water goes to the heater’s tank, the sediment comes with it. During the heating process, the sediment is separated from the water, which then settles into the bottom of the tank and accumulates over time. Hence, the build up. The best cure for this common problem is to have your water heater cleansed and flushed periodically as a part of your annual, routine plumbing maintenance so that the unit can be restored to its normal level of efficiency. This can be done when you call on the services of a professional Granbury, TX plumber.

Believe it or not, purchasing a water heater with the right size is highly critical to your long-term ability to enjoy years of hot water without any issues. When buying your new water heater, you should consider the size of your household, how much hot water you may use, and the number of appliances within the home that rely on hot water to do their jobs right.

Having a water heater that’s too small for the amount of hot water needed can be risky in terms of frequent breakdowns. In fact, if there are multiple appliances using too much hot water at once, then this can seriously stress out the system well enough to result in an early breakdown.

Whatever the issue is with your water heater, your plumber can help. They can consult with you to determine the right size heater for your home, as well as discussing the different options available. These can include a gas or kerosene-powered water heater, one that is geothermal or a unit that runs on electricity. The only trouble with the latter is that if your power goes out, you will also have to live without hot water until the power comes back on. Other than that, once you purchase that brand-new unit that’s right for the amount of hot water that you’ll be using in your home.

There is another type of water heater that’s out on the market, and homeowners who are looking for ways to save more money are looking into these versions. The tankless water heater is something that fits right underneath your sink area and can heat the water as you use it. You can even preset the temperature you’d like it on prior to use or have the plumber do it for you without hassle.

The tankless brand can have many benefits, as it is something that is conveniently located right near the sink and out of sight. For one, it can help you save on your monthly water and utility bills due to the fact that it only heats the amount of water needed for the task at hand. Plus, residents in Granbury, TX know that the tankless version does not come with the same types of problems that their traditional counterparts do. For one, since this type of unit doesn’t store any water at all, this means that there won’t be any leaks due to corrosion or sediment build up. Plus, the tankless water heart has a lifespan of around 20 years, which means that you won’t need to worry about having it replaced as often as the traditional version. In fact, the very reason for this prolonged lifespan is due to the fact that no water ever needs to be stored, and that can be a plus with leak prevention as well.

A plumber can do so much more than just service your water heater. If you think of the other types of plumbing services involved, you may come to know that any good plumber comes with a vast array of knowledge to address your needs and concerns. Those who may be experiencing drain clogs may need to seek the services of a qualified contractor as soon as possible.

Drains clogs have the effect of being a real hassle, and they really are. Think of the times that you have done the dishes or taken a shower or bath only to find that your water is draining very slowly. In fact, no matter how long you may decide to wait, the water simply seems to be hesitant to go down into your drain and through your pipes for its passage into the sewers.

So, with that being said, what could cause a slow drain? There are many reasons stated as to why this may be happening. One is that your pipes could be crusted with corrosion due to residue build up. In fact, lime and other deposits have a way of collecting into the walls of your pipe’s interior where they can stick like an adhesive, which can choke up your drains and cause your water to back up slowly over time. And thinking of the other residue that comes from the water which is stuck in in your drain can only make the problem worse.

Anything can cause your drains to clog, and it’s not just the rust inside your pipes. In fact, grease, oil, and fats can align themselves inside the walls of your pipes and result in massive water backups inside your sink. Food and food particles that have escaped from your garbage disposal and made their way down into the drain. Anything that’s edible can be sticky, stringy, or downright gooey, as in the case of cheese or egg bits. Even though the average garbage disposal can really grind up your food into the smallest of particles, it is still considered ill-advised to allow any of it to be poured into your sink. In fact, the most traditional and fool-proof method is to scrape off your plate as clear as possible before setting it into the sink for washing.

Even if you’re taking a shower or brushing your teeth, you are running the risk of clogging up your drains. In fact, if you have been washing your hair or brushing your teeth, you can be contributing to the clogging of your pipes without even being aware of it. Any hair, toothpaste, or soap scum can collect along the walls of your pipes without much notice and start the process of a drain clog.

Even Nature has a way of sneaking into your drains. Trees and tree roots can spring up into your outdoor pipes and block out any type of water passage from coming through. In fact, this can happen silently and over the long and painful course of time without much notice. This may go on until you start to notice water seeping through your front or back yard. In this case, you will need to call a plumber to inspect the drain and find the source of your problem.

Even those annoying weeds can find their way through to your pipes and shoot right through them without any further notice. The water that goes through your pipes is the reason that weeds and tree roots can continue to grow, as water is the one element that nourishes and sustains all plant growth.

The good news is that your drains can be cleared if you make that call. Calling on the services of a professional plumber can help you in restoring your pipes and drains back to normal. In fact, there are two methods that any plumber can use to clear out your drains, and each is chosen according to the type of drain clog and what is causing the clog.

The mechanical snake is one of the fastest and most conventional methods of drain clog removal used by professional plumbers. In fact, this quick and painless method is most commonly used to pull out tangible debris such as hair, toilet paper, and small objects like jewelry and toys.

With a mechanical snake, all the plumber has to do is put the device on through to your drains, thus yanking out the debris and removing it from your system. This can be done to pull out excess toilet paper from your toilet, “flushable wipes,” tampons, and small children’s toys.

However, as much as you may wish the contractor to use a mechanical snake, there comes many situations in which other measures must be employed in order to get your drains cleared in an effective and timely manner. This typically becomes the case in areas where your drains are the result of hardened build up and solid debris, which in this case means that your plumber will need to use a special method known as hydro-jetting to clear it all away.

For those who may not know, hydro-jetting is a special process in which the contractor uses a pointed device that goes directly into your pipes to clear away all hardened residue and solid debris from the interiors. This method uses up to 35,000 psi of pure water to blast out the oils, fats, and grease that have been the source of your drain clogging woes. The best thing regarding this particular method is that it uses no harsh chemical, so your pipes and drains will not be affected and should be up and functioning in no time.

With all the best in technical advances, there are no limits as to what a good professional can do. And with the vast amount of people purchasing homes and property, there is now even more need for good, quality plumbing service in Granbury, TX and beyond.

Garbage disposals are another service that can be provided by qualified plumbers from Benjamin Franklin. In fact, any plumber will tell you when it’s time to replace your old disposal with a new device.

A plumber will help you choose the right device for your food disposal needs. In fact, they can also install it for you in no time. The plumber can install it by simply connecting it directly to your plumber for a nice, snug fit. This will ensure that any and all food particles will be successfully ground up for a smooth transition from your plate and into the pipes and drains. After the device is installed, you can enjoy years of the cleanest food disposal without the hassle.

Whatever your needs are, the professionals at Benjamin Franklin are here to help. Whether it’s your water heater, your drains, or the need for a new garbage disposal, any team member can answer your question and address your concerns. All you have to do is call or visit their website today.