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Everything You Need To Know About Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

Everything You Need To Know About Water Line Repair | Arlington, TX

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Our homes are full of complicated systems that make them convenient and comfortable. We might have a basic understanding of how these systems work but when it comes to the details surrounding various components we might not be able to make sense of what we are seeing. There are many different parts in a plumbing system like the drainage system, the water lines, the water heaters, and the sewerage system. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth in Arlington, TX knows that the average homeowner doesn’t know much about all the components within your plumbing system that makes it functional. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing wants to share some valuable information about water line repairs so that you are not caught off guard when something goes wrong with yours.

What is the water line or water main?

This is probably one of the most crucial pipes within your plumbing system. The water lines are the pipes within your home that carry water to various fixtures like faucets or toilets. The water main is the pipeline that links your home’s plumbing system to the public water supply. We would be unable to access clean water without these pipes. This pipe is also located underground so it can be difficult to observe the condition of your water line. If you don’t have your plumbing system inspected regularly then you won’t know there is a problem until it is too late. In order for you to access the water main excavation is required thus it is best to leave water line repairs or inspections to qualified plumbers. They will make sure not to cause additional damages while conducting the water line repairs and they will also leave your property in the same condition as they found it. Hiring a plumber like the ones at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Arlington, TX will give you peace of mind by solving issues and preventing them from reoccurring. They will also provide trustworthy suggestions for repairs because they are more interested in providing quality services rather than making a quick buck.

Signs that might indicate that it is time for water line repairs

The water line is underground which means that you cannot see what the condition of your water main is. It is hard to spot the problem therefore you have to look out for the symptoms of the problem. Once you have seen one or more of these signs then you should act quickly to avoid any further damages to your plumbing system, furniture or home. Here are some of the most common signs that indicated that there is an issue with your water line and that you should contact a professional plumber to conduct water line repairs.

Water pooling outside

If you have noticed pools of water in the street or in your yard then you might have a compromised water line. This is one of the most common signs that there is a leak in your water main. If you see water in the street close to your home and it is bubbling up then your water line might have ruptured. If this is the case then call your plumber to conduct water line repairs immediately because the water pressure within the water line is quite high. If it is left for too long then you will waste gallons of water and it can affect the integrity of the ground surrounding the area. You might also notice that there are wet spots in your yard and you have not watered the yard in a few days. This is likely caused by a leak in the water main. You might also see some sinkholes forming. These sinkholes can be a safety hazard for your home, family, and pets. Contacting a professional to conduct water line repairs will reduce the risk of injuries caused by sinkholes and it will also help you to preserve the integrity of your home.

High water and electric bill

It is a good idea to keep an eye on your water bill if you suspect that something is amiss with your plumbing. If there are any leaks you will be able to notice an unexpected increase in the water bill. Your water bill will increase quite drastically if there is a leak in the water main because a lot of water will escape and you will still use water for everyday activities. The high water bill can also be accompanied by a high electrical bill especially if there is a leak within a pipe that carries hot water from the water heater to different parts in your home. If you see an unexplained increase then you should contact a professional as soon as possible. They might not have to conduct water line repairs but other pipes in your home might be leaking especially if they are underground or in places that aren’t observed often. The plumber might find other things wrong that you are not equipped to deal with. After paying a very expensive water bill, the last thing you want to do is try and conduct repairs yourself and cause even more damage to your home.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can mean that there are a variety of different problems in your home. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the low water pressure if you don’t know what to look for. If the water pressure gradually started decreasing then it could be because of a clogged pipe, faulty pressure regulator valve, or small leaks in various pipes within your home. If your water pressure drops suddenly then you should check your water line immediately. The water line is a very large pipe so cracks or leaks can make a noticeable difference in your water pressure. You should also ask your neighbors if they are experiencing a problem. This will inform you if there is a problem with your water main or the public water supply. If you have ruled out the public water supply then you should contact a trusted plumber to conduct water line repairs. Water line repairs can vary from problem to problem. If there is a leak then the plumber might have to seal the pipe or replace a section of the pipe if it has been damaged too much. Blockages in the water line can also decrease the water pressure. There could be a mineral build up in the pipe that prevents the water from flowing through effectively which means the plumber will have to use hydro jetting to dislodge the build-up and allow the water to flow through. Tree roots can cause clogs as well as leaks. It is important to have your water line inspected once a while if you have large mature trees on your property. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth in Arlington, TX, has experienced plumbers that are equipped to deal with any problems that might occur during water line repairs.

Wet spots or puddles within your home

Water is useful and we need it to live a healthy and comfortable life but water is also destructive. Water has the ability to warp wood and cause wet spots to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you have noticed any puddles of water under your sinks or on the floor then you might have a water line problem. Generally, we only notice that there is a leak once the damage has been done and we can see it. If you have noticed any wet spots in the areas around your sink, toilet, or tubs then you should contact your plumber so that they can carry out an inspection and determine where the leak is and what is causing it. They will also advise you if water line repairs are required. You should check the areas that come into contact with water at least once every two weeks just to make sure that there are no visible problems. Homeowners tend to forget about there plumbing system because they assume the pipes and components are meant to last for a long time and they should but unexpected incidences happen. That is why you should always have a go-to plumber for emergency repairs that can also assist you with water line repairs.

Noisy faucets and fixtures

Your plumbing system is supposed to be quiet except for the flushing of the toilet or water running into the bath or pouring out of the showerhead. If you hear any noises from your pipes like a banging sound when you turn off the water or the toilet makes a gurgling sound when you use the sink then there is a possibility that your water line is faulty. This problem can be in one pipe or there can be problems in multiple pipes. You should contact a professional that will assist you with water line repairs as well as general plumbing repairs because it can be difficult to determine the cause of the problem without having an inspection done. The repairs for noisy pipes or fittings can be as simple as giving the parts some oil or replacing a whole section of piping. Old plumbing systems also tend to make noise so the noise might indicate that it is time for an upgrade. You should always consult your plumber before making big decisions like upgrading your pipes or replacing your water main.

Basement floor problems

The basement is one of the most important rooms within a house as it is the foundation of the home and many useful components like furnaces and sump pumps are installed in the basement. Each home has a different layout and in some homes, the water main might be situated under the basement floor of the home. You should inspect your basement floor for any cracks, mold, or water damage. This could indicate that you have a leak under the slab. This can be the water main that is leaking or just other pipes. If these leaks are left for extended periods of time then it can affect the structural integrity of your home and you will start to notice more cracks in walls and floors. You will also have moldy spots in your basement which can cause an unpleasant odor and it can become a health hazard. If you suspect that you have a leak under your basement floor then you should hire a slab leak detection service provider to determine whether there is a leak and where it is located. Most plumbers provide slab leak detection and water line repairs. The plumber will investigate and provide you with suggestions of how you can repair the pipe without it becoming a costly or long-winded process.

It is difficult to know what state your pipes are in within your plumbing system as you are unable to see them. You should look for symptoms of the problem to determine whether or not you require water line repairs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has provided you with the most important information when it comes to water line repairs. If you suspect that you are in need of water line repairs, please contact a professional and do not attempt to conduct these repairs yourself as you can cause a lot more damage in the long run. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth in Arlington, TX will be able to assist you with any problems that you face regarding your waterline as well as other plumbing services you might require to restore your plumbing system to a working condition. They also provide emergency plumbing repair services for the problems that cannot wait. If you are in need of any plumbing-related services please do not hesitate to call them and schedule your appointment today.