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Executive Plumbing Service Tips for Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

Executive Plumbing Service Tips for Water Heater Repair | Arlington, TX

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Seeking plumbing services can be stressful, hectic, and sometimes costly when you hire the wrong team to take on the job. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Arlington, TX area, we offer quality services making us the leading company in water heater repair services. Our crews include talented, well-trained, and experienced technicians equipped with adequate knowledge to perform a variety of tasks. As such, we stand out from the rest as we specialize in fast and same day services.

Plumbing repair and replacement services often focus on the piping system channeling water to different sections. Our company understands how various systems work; therefore, our staff is prepared to provide solutions to all your plumbing needs. Other than repairs and replacements, our company also specializes in professional installation and water heater repair services to prevent high costs of maintenance. As a professional plumbing company, our services are certified and cover different plumbing operations.

Services Offered

Expertise in Expansion Tanks

Water heated to 120°F tends to expand by about 2 percent, thus building pressure that needs more room. If these pressures are left unattended, the area may cause damages hence resulting in water heater repair services. Expansion tanks are the solution to provide space to handle the excessive pressure within the Arlington, TX plumbing system. Also referred to as vessels, these tanks often absorb water pressure released by relieving the tension created. Our technicians are ready to install, repair, or replace your expansion tank with limited challenges with our services extending outside the Arlington, TX area.

Drain Cleaning

Drains clog from different elements such as soap, rust, and hair, including other materials that enter the sink or tub. Worry not, our company comprises of experienced plumbers who unclog drains by removing debris and other buildups. We use video camera line inspection to detect damages, clogs, and leakages, enabling our plumbers to recognize the main problem. Our drain cleaning services run from bathroom sinks to the main sewer line using modern equipment and expertise. Besides, we also provide preventive maintenance and cleaning of exteriors for the delivery of top-notch services.

Line Repairs and Installation

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we have extensive knowledge of water, gas, and sewer line repair and installation. Water lines can sometimes become annoying and devastating, mainly when you have undertaken water heater repair services from amateurs. That is, rust and lime buildup cause excessive contamination of drinking water; therefore, potentially impacts your body health. As such, our company is required to handle these cases. Our professional plumbers are ready to diagnose these lines with ease and repair damaged sections.

Pipe Break Solutions

Old galvanized, and polybutylene pipes often cause breakages resulting from corrosion, which in turn contaminate water and sudden breaks without warning. Both cases primarily result from drinking water chlorine that causes corrosion. Therefore, we first send our expert to do a free estimate and survey the area before putting our experience and tools at our disposal to provide solutions to the problem. Note that pipe breaks leak water that causes wood to rot, metal to rust, and warping of plywood, and may lead to other costs such as water heater repair services.

Sink and Tub Repair and Installation

Our plumbing company also offers professional sink and tub installation and replacements. With the use of premium materials and products, we create a first-rate tub at your home, accompanied by bathroom decorations. Consequently, we offer water heater repair services when designing your tub. Also available are stylish and modern sinks, either being top- or under-mount event, to something entirely unique. Classic and traditional sinks are also our area; hence, seeking Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company will definitely spice up your kitchen and bathroom.

Sump Pump Services

Sump pumps are vital for any home to ensure the area remains dry and comfortable. Often mounted in basements and sometimes in crawl spaces, sump pumps help in sending water to storm drains and other regions with minimal harm. Though sump pumps lack filters, inlets typically may get clogged, limiting the system’s performance. Different houses may consist of varying sump pumps depending on homeowner needs.

Repair and maintenance of sump pumps, therefore, require an experienced plumber. Our staff often begins with a thorough evaluation of the sump pump then implements the right strategy of keeping it running efficiently. We also offer surveys and service plans for maintenance purposes and water heater repair when channeling excess water to sump pumps.

Bathroom Plumbing Services

Bathroom plumbing and water heater repair services are advantageous to remodel any home should have to maximize personal enjoyment from boring showrooms to serene areas. Everybody loves to enjoy steamy hot showers or soak in tubs with fresh music. Spa-like bathrooms are beneficial to homeowners, especially when you need a refreshing room after work or increase house value. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company is an exceptional choice to upgrade your home with modern and classic designs.

We handle all your bathroom remodeling needs delivered promptly to ensure you enjoy a beautiful area of your dreams. We offer designs in toilets, tubs, faucets, showerheads, and more. Other than stylish bathroom designs, our plumbers also offer different options to satisfy your needs like whirlpool tubs, standalone showers, and shower-tub combinations. We remain dedicated to converting your bathroom visions into our focus by planning personalized bathroom plumbing strategies.

Professionalism in Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems in homes and offices have significant benefits when protecting water against contaminations. Lack of water filtrations results in bad odors caused by chlorine and uncharacteristic levels of mercury, agricultural pollutants, and microbial cysts. In this case, you will face problems with general water use and infecting clean drinking water. Our company consists of plumbers who understand this problem and ready to provide solutions, including engaging in the entire water heater repair.

Initially, plumbers evaluate your home or business to understand the best water filtration system that suits you. Besides, there is a wide range of unit replacement for reverse osmosis system filters and others suitable for your water filtration systems. Options for water filtration systems offered in our company include countertop units, filtered shower heads, and premium units.

When it comes to plumbing services, we ensure the provision of exceptional expertise for your home or office. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Arlington, TX area, for all your plumbing and water heater repair needs.