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Filtered Water vs. Non-Filtered Water: Why You Need a Filtration Service | Water Filtration System in Benbrook, TX

Filtered Water vs. Non-Filtered Water: Why You Need a Filtration Service | Water Filtration System in Benbrook, TX

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For a healthy living, safe drinking water is the first step. And access to safes and clean drinking water is no more difficult. With so many options available and advanced technologies, you can purify your drinking water without any hassle.

We all know that water is life. It is also the easiest way in which infections, bacteria or germs enter our bodies. Bad water can affect your stomach in less than a few hours. According to a study, waterborne diseases cause up to 3.4 million deaths per year.

So how can you ensure you and your family’s safety? Filtered water is your answer. If you are living in Benbrook, Texas, you can get a water filtration service in Benbrook, TX for affordable prices and long-lasting results. The right water filtration service will stay with you for a long time and assure you a healthy future.

Here we will tell you how a water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, can be installed and why you need it as opposed to non-filtered water options.

What is a Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system is what keeps your water clean from chemicals, bacteria and contamination. The filtrations system can be used to purify drinking water and usable water both. The filter captures the particles and impurities from water making it safer to consume.

Water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, can include various different types of filtration systems. Benjamin Franklin is the company that provides the most suitable systems from ordinary filters to kitchen faucets, Reverse Osmosis Systems, portable water distillers or whole house filtration systems. The type of filter will depend on your needs. The plumber will evaluate your home in Benbrook, TX and assess the quality of water that you are receiving. If you live in Benbrook, you know how local water treatment plants can have unsafe water with high amounts of chlorine.

Thus, a water filtration system in Benbrook, TX is an essential part of healthy living. But what other options do we have? Let’s assess the types of non-filtered water and why you should or shouldn’t use them.

Non-Filtered Water

1.   Bottled Water

Bottled water is still a popular option. It is considered to be an easier way to consume the purest form of drinking water. The reasons why people would consider bottled water are:

  • Easily accessible. You can buy it from anywhere and everywhere. Every store near your place will have bottled water available. It makes its use easier as people may find it convenient to buy bottles instead of maintaining a filtration system.
  • It is comparatively inexpensive. Various companies are now providing bottled water which makes cheaper options available as well.
  • It is tasteful. Bottled water companies add minerals to the water to enhance its taste. These minerals can also be good for your health.

However, bottled water consumption also has disadvantages, which are:

  • Not always contamination-free. With so many companies in competition, bottled water is now not considered reliable. It may often not be freed of all impurities. The plastic of the bottles also contributes to the chemicals mixed with the water.
  • It can be expensive for daily use. Once you start relying only on bottled water, you will realize how expensive it can be. Moreover, it isn’t used for cooking or other uses, which makes its benefits limited.
  • Hazardous to the environment. Plastic being one of the main pollutants of environment, bottled water can lead to environment safety hazards and is not a sustainable solution.

2.   Tap Water

Tap water is the typical, old-fashioned way of utilizing water from your tap. The biggest reason why people would want to consume tap water is that it is freely available in abundance. This gives you the freedom to use as much water and stay hydrated.

The water usually comes from local water plants installed in your town. However, tap water in many areas has been ruled off as a means of safe drinking water. This is because local treatment plants in Benbrook are not under constant supervision. The water has a high chance of being contaminated with sediments, dirt and excess of chlorine that is added to the water.

Filtered Water

If you live in Benbrook, TX, do not rely on your local tapped water or the hassle of buying bottled water every now and then. Get a water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, and you will be hassle-free. A water filtration system is an investment with long lasting returns. Having a filtration system does not have any cons except that you have to go for timely maintenance and replace filters. It is only a one-time expense of installing the system.

Filtered water from a water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, will give you guaranteed decontaminated water. The filter technology captures the bacteria and chlorine from tap water and produces clean water from your own kitchen faucet. The water tastes and smells better.

Water from a water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, can be used for all types of home chores. It can be used for drinking as well as cooking and cleaning. This means that you can keep your whole house free from any sorts of bacteria entering through water.

A water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, is also safer for the environment as it limits the use of bottled water. The filter needs to be changed every few weeks or month if the sustainability is higher.

A water filtration service in Benbrook, TX, will ensure healthy living for your family, especially if you have children. Children have developing immune systems which are sensitive to impurities and toxins. They are more likely to catch waterborne diseases; not just by drinking them but even if water goes through the nose while showering.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth is your trusted name if you are looking for a water filtration service in Benbrook, TX. We offer you a wide range of water filtration services according to your home type.

You can call us today at 817-983-7876 and book your appointment to install your new water filtration system or replace the existing one.