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Fixing Your Water Filtration System In Arlington, TX

Fixing Your Water Filtration System In Arlington, TX

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Thanks to advertisements and perceptions, we tend to believe that bottled water is purer, fresher and healthier than tap water. Unfortunately, it’s just a myth. It isn’t healthier or purer in any way when compared to simple tap water. It is just an expensive form of probably the same quality of water you have access through the tap. If you have a choice between tap water and bottled water, the former will be an economical option for the same thing.

However, this does not mean that tap water is a healthier choice. It has problems that cannot be ignored. And to resolve all of this and learn more about water filtration system in Arlington, TX, keep reading.

So before we jump to the facts about the water filtration system, let’s clarify if ‘water purification’ and ‘water filtration’ are the same thing. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. Here’s the difference:

  • A water purifier system can remove up to 95% of contaminants present in water. There are three different technologies of a water purifying system: distillation, deionization, reverse-osmosis.
  • A water filtration system can remove unwanted substances (such as toxins and harmful chemicals), and sediment from the water. Not only it helps reduce chemical contaminants in the water but also improves odor and taste.

No wonder, Americans are spending thousands of dollars every year to improve their water quality by installing the best water filtration unit for water purification.

Why You Need A Water Filtration System Now

You need a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, because you deserve clean water. Installing a reliable filtration system at home removes heavy metals, bacteria, and chemicals from the water. It is indeed the most straightforward and safest solution to accessing clean water for drinking, cooking, showering, and every other use.

Here are the top benefits of why you need a water filtration system in Arlington, TX.

Access To Clean and Safe Water

Unlike the bottled water, a water filtration service ensures you have healthy and clean drinking water at all times. You cannot rely on the water treatment plants in your municipality to offer you the same quality water through taps.

Unfiltered water, even if it has been treated under the main water treatment plan, can still be contaminated with lead. These plants can add chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride as a treatment method for water.

By installing an advanced water filtration system in Arlington, TX, you can clear the water from these chemicals as well as more than 2100 known toxins and impurities too.

Contribute to a Healthier Environment

By abandoning bottled water, you can take a step towards a healthier planet. The amount of water bottles purchased and disposed of every year is in billions, and only a tiny percentage is recycled. The remaining end up in oceans and landfills.

By installing a water filtration system at home, you can stop adding more garbage to the landfills. According to research, it can take up to 700 years for plastic bottles to disintegrate.

Save Money

While installing a water filter system may seem like a big upfront investment, it will help you save money if you have been using bottled water before. The system installation for the first time will cost between $300 and $500. However, if you are a family of four and consumed around 17-ounce water bottles each day, you can save up to $700 annually.

Improve Water Quality

Whether it is about aggravation of skin conditions, or reduction in the risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases, water filtration can help you solve several problems. It does not only improve the taste of drinking water but the overall quality, so you have clean water to consume and use at all times.

By installing a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, you can remove elements that lead to an unpleasant smell and taste in water, such as bacteria, chlorine, and lead. The filtration system is ideal for improving the overall aroma and purity of the consumable water. It also helps reduce pH levels to make it more suitable for drinking.

Facts You Didn’t Know About a  Water Filtration System

Here are the most important facts associated with water filtration that will convince you to install a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, right away.

  • It removes dangerous contaminants from the water. In simple words, it is indeed an effective purification method and not a hoax. The filtration system is uniquely designed to work with municipally treated water.
  • By installing a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, you can also successfully remove Cryptosporidium from consumable water. This is a feature that neither bottled water nor municipal water treatment plants can offer yet.
  • Water is the most dissolvable substance as compared to any other liquid. It carried nutrients, minerals, and even chemicals with it wherever it goes. This is another significant fact about water filtration that you can remove the harmful chemicals from the water without ripping off its nutrients and minerals.
  • You need a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, if you want to get rid of the expenses of using bottled water. It is a one-off investment, where you only need to change the filters annually. As mentioned earlier, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • A water filter system is also energy efficient. You do not have to manage more energy to filter water for purification. You can simply install the water filtration system at home and attach with the current water access system.
  • With a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, you get pure water, which has a neutral pH level of 7. The water is neither alkaline nor acidic, and the filtration system ensures it maintains the neutral pH consistently.

In addition to installing a water filtration system in Arlington, TX, you must also ensure proper maintenance of the system to keep it running. In case you need to know more about the water filtration system, its installation, or repair, we are only a call away. We at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth offer only high-quality service to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients at all times.