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Get A Plumber From The Quality And Affordable Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

Get A Plumber From The Quality And Affordable Plumbing Service | Mansfield, TX

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Mansfield, TX is in the north section of Tarrant County which makes for an easy commute to Dallas and Fort Worth. Our community is chock full of friendly people who work together for celebrations and to reassure one another when tragedies occur.

Mansfield, TX is a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and is a bedroom community that offers solace and excitement an easy commute for most residents who work in either city. Our state has been connected to fossil fuels for decades with a bit of controversy mixed in.

In the late 1970s, an enormous shale of natural gas was discovered underneath the area. The great number of natural resources helped the city prosper and support families provide better schools for children, opportunities to care for elderly family members without the stress of finding funds for a private care home. There is no mistake about it, the natural gas and oil resources in our state have rocketed its success as and as a financial epicenter in the United States.

The Negative Side to a Natural Resource

The world has a limited amount of fossil fuels. It is common knowledge that eventually these resources will run out. Environmentalists have a good argument, but the shale reserve is already being accessed. Simply refusing to use this shale due to the diminishing amounts of natural gas is wasteful.

The fracking process is not a stream-lined or annoyance-free activity. Fracking involves extracting the resource by vertically drilling deep into the earth which causes low-level earthquakes that regularly disturb household and commercial plumbing throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

However, the destructive nature of the fracking process jostles and moves underground plumbing causing leaks and even burst pipes (including municipal lines) which can easily become an expensive fix from any reputable plumbing service.

How Fracking Impacts Our Lives: Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Any number of expert plumbers will explain that the network of pipes and joints creates a plumbing system which is normally located under the house or inside the walls. Unfortunately, an underground plumbing network can potentially be severely damaged by fracking procedures.

Plumbers worth their pay rate will tell you the truth about how fracking jostles, moves, and even sometimes bursts underground plumbing systems. The plumbing experts at Benjamin Franklin are familiar with this specific type of plumbing service.

Our team goes out of their way to remain current with developing technologies and procedures to make sure your plumbing remains in excellent condition once the repair has been completed.

It’s important to call on an experienced plumber who has been specifically trained to manage the fracking effects that have damaged the plumbing systems. It is wise to connect with the local oil and gas authority if you smell gas. The smell of gas inside your home is a potentially dangerous situation. If you smell gas immediately call the authorities and wait for them to give you the thumbs up that it is safe to re-enter your home.

Plumbers Who Respond No Matter the Date or Time

Most homeowners can handle a clogged sink or moderate the water pressure. Yet, the more complicated the fix, the more likely that the costs to your plumbing service will increase and lengthen the time it takes to complete the repair.

The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has the knowledge, technology, infrastructure, and training to safely repair any issue you might have with your plumbing service. We offer an emergency response service year-round and 24 hours a day because we understand that plumbing service emergencies do not always occur Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing operates with transparent pricing and a timeline structure. We will be honest with you about what the plumbing service will cost, how long it will take to complete the repair, and the likelihood that the problem may arise again later.

Signs It Is Time to Schedule a Plumbing Service

  • No Hot Water: There are quite a few health enthusiasts who believe that regularly exposing your body to icy temperatures will result in a stronger immune system. It is not a new belief either. Many schools in Russia include a period in minimal clothing spent outdoors during winter which was followed by a sauna session. However, the western world is less enthusiastic about freezing, cold showers and a lack of hot water is not the way most of us want to start our day.


  • Back Flow: No one wants sewage flooding into their home. It is an unpleasant and unsanitary situation. Most commonly, when there has been a burst pipe or something unsuitable has been flushed into your toilet or poured down a drain.


  • Slow Moving Drains: Slow drains are one of the most common plumbing services that our experts repair in both residential and businesses. The issues begin by not draining tubs, sinks, washing machines, or dishwashers. Gray water in your home is unsanitary. Do not wait to repair slow-moving drains because the problem will just snowball and get worse.


  • Low Water Pressure: Ask any plumber and they will tell you that one of the most common problems with most systems is weak water pressure. There are endless reasons why the water pressure is weak in your sink or shower. It could be anything from faulty showerheads to burst pipes.


  • Weird Noises Emitting from Pipes Plumbing Appliances: Most plumbing systems will make a noise or two throughout their lifespan. However, serious knocking, groaning, or any deafeningly loud noises should be explored by an expert plumbing company.


  • Water Damage to Walls, Floors, and Household Items: By the time you notice damage to your interior decorating there is a good chance a pipe has burst and has been leaking for an extended time.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

“My husband passed a couple of years ago and he could fix anything. Many years ago, my eldest son and husband re-roofed our home within two weeks. Also, when we first moved in, there was not a bath in the en-suite of our master bathroom, and my husband renovated the entire room. He was an engineer before he retired and fixing and building things kept him busy and happy.

Now, that he has been gone for a while that bathroom he renovated two decades ago desperately needs an uplift. I talked to my congregation about any plumbing services that they have had completed recently.

Turns out the Pastor and his wife had recently renovated both of their bathrooms and the kitchen. They hired Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth and I was wowed by the work they did. The upstairs bathroom had a pink, roll-top tub with two sets of mixer taps and room enough for more than one person. It was more like a hot tub than an ordinary one!

I was self-isolating with my son. Both of us tested positive for the coronavirus at the same time and it was easier to stay with him while the Benjamin Franklin team renovated my bathroom. I must admit I did not worry about the plumbers or the job they were doing while struggling with this terrible virus. Please protect yourself! I was overwhelmed with the fantastic job that the team at Benjamin Franklin did with the renovated bathroom!”

Lisa Adams, Mansfield, TX, August 2020

“I admit, I freak out when the plumbing starts to act wonky. I’m a single mother of three and cannot afford unexpected expenses when I’m just making ends meet. A few weeks ago, the toilet starting overfilling with water every time it was flushed (even when there was not a single thing in it, not even toilet paper)!

I tried a chemical de-clogger that I bought at the grocery store but all it did was overflow again with the chemical all over the flooring and seeped onto the bedroom carpet and turned it blue. Originally, I tried Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service because of an offer on their website.

I informed the technician over the phone that I could not afford to pay more than the advertised offer and I was concerned the repair would require more than I had accessible at the time. They reassured me that every step of the plumbing service would need to be authorized before the plumber acted.

The plumber was friendly, wore a mask, and cleaned up the mess, and even managed to get the blue hue from the edge of the bathroom carpet. I was charged the amount advertised and my toilet has never flushed as well since the first day I moved into the house. Thank you, Ben Franklin!”

Sandra Rindless, Mansfield, TX, May 2020

Emergency Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has had misfortunes with our plumbing at times when we least need another complication. One of our managers last Christmas Eve had his septic tank explode. It was not from lack of routine care, but someone inserted a type of material that expanded gas in a trapped space and mixed with the elements in human waste caused the tank to malfunction.

It was supposed to be a special holiday too. Every family member was staying at the home (a total of nearly 30 people!), but many remained in camper vans attached to the septic tank. The gaseous material and human waste overload made it rain sewage over their beautiful get together.

Every plumber on our team stopped what they were doing that special day and turned up at Tony’s house to help clean up and fix the issue. It was dark before the situation was cleaned-up and sorted out, but we are a true team and plumbers support plumbers!

Our Valued Clients

We bring the same commitment to our customers that we provide to our plumbers and other team members. Plumbing emergencies and necessary plumbing services do not always happen at convenient times and as plumbers, we utterly understand how important it is to fix plumbing issues.

Benjamin Franklin’s team will turn up at any time on any day of the year. There might be a small additional fee to provide fair compensation to the plumber who leaves their loved ones to work on a special day, but we do not price gauge on our services, and we certainly would not exploit a client in an emergency.

Trustworthy Plumbers

The world we live in today is filled with dangers, scams, and other misfortunes that require everyone to take extra precautions when inviting strangers into your home. You will be comforted to know that Benjamin Franklin fully explores the legal and personal background of those we hire.

We ask our plumbers to submit to regular drug and alcohol screenings. As an incentive to refresh their skills and technological know-how we often hold contests to keep them competitive throughout Mansfield and the Dallas region.

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbers strive to be the most trusted and relied upon plumbing service throughout central Texas. We focus on how we can best serve our clients by continually educating our team of plumbers by asking them to visit manufacturing plants where they can see from start to finish how the appliance is made and how to properly maintain and fix the parts.

Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing Service in TX

  • Bathroom Installation, Renovation, and Plumbing
  • Conventional Water Heaters and Modern Boiler Repair
  • Drain Cleaning and Expansions
  • Expansion Tank Installation
  • Faucet Repair & Replacement
  • Slab Leak Repairs
  • Gas Leak and Gas Leak Awareness Tools
  • Sump Pumps
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Well Repair
  • Yard Line and Water Leaks
  • Free Camera Inspections

We care about our community and promise to remain transparent in our pricing structure, provide clear and accurate timelines for the length of the repair, and will stand by our work no matter the issue. If you are unhappy with the work of any Benjamin Franklin Plumber, please call us immediately and we will return to your home and complete the task to your specifications.

Our team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is proud to be a member of the Mansfield, TX community, and providing all these high-quality, affordable, and specialized plumbing service options makes our days filled with the satisfaction of being plumbers with pride and integrity.