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Green Plumbing 101 | Insight from Your Trusted Arlington, TX Plumber

Green Plumbing 101 | Insight from Your Trusted Arlington, TX Plumber

With the rising technology trends, people choose to live their lives differently and some may pose a major threat to the environment by causing its adulteration through the activities they engage in. Many agencies and firms, therefore, try to execute their goals and plans in an environmentally-friendly manner by going green. The plumbing industry is not left behind, and environmentalists work in conjunction with plumbers and inventors to ensure that the ideology of green plumbing is used worldwide, including in Arlington, TX.

In an ideal setting, every person would want to live in a green city and lead a long and healthy life. Green plumbing is a step in the right direction towards achieving a safer and cleaner environment. It is basically the use of efficient systems to replace historically wasteful systems. It involves the installation of green plumbing materials for efficient gas, water, and sewer line systems of a home.

Traditional bathrooms are widely known to use large amounts of water. For instance, a toilet would consume about six gallons of water per flush. In the past, resources such as water were in plenty but over the years, populations have skyrocketed making the colorless liquid unsustainable for future use. The Introduction of green plumbing helps to prevent such scenarios, and here’s a breakdown of what you ought to know about the technology.

Green Plumbing Products

For any homeowner living in Arlington, TX, to enjoy the fruits of green plumbing, they should ensure that they contract a professional who is knowledgeable and proficient in green plumbing, and one such way is finding one who knows the material used. Plumbers frequently use polymer-based water pipes, faucets, toilets, water heaters, and showers and showerheads when installing green appliances. 

If you contact a plumber who’s oblivious to polymers, steer away from them since they’re definitely not what you’re looking for but if you contact reputable experts, you’ll probably find that they’re in the know.

PEX Water Pipes

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) is considered among the most effective water pipes since they maintain water temperature and are flexible enough to withstand any amount of water pressure. Pipe insulators may also be used to reduce heat loss during winter.

If you want to install a new piping system in your Arlington, TX, home, it may suit you to contact a plumber who’s not only reputable but also knowledgeable in PEX pipes. 

Eco-friendly Faucets and Toilets

Kitchen faucets and toilets are the frequently used plumbing materials in any homestead each day, and households may end up using a lot of the scarce commodity; water. For this reason, it’s imperative to install water conservative appliances. This is achievable through the installation of faucets that have aerators and low-flow pressure systems. Also, your plumber should install toilets that use a reduced quantity of water gallons per flush to further conserve water.

Environment-friendly Shower Heads

Showers and shower heads may cost homeowners a fortune since they consume large amounts of water, and not all the shower water is used. To reduce the water consumption rate, a plumber may, for instance, install eco-friendly shower heads that use a small amount of water per minute.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Despite not being considered a threat to energy consumption by some homeowners, water heaters are one of the core energy users in any home. Using a standard electric water heater may cost a family of four about 600 dollars of yearly electric bill charges. To reduce your energy bills, you may install a heat pump water heater that works by transferring electrical heat from place to place instead of generating heat internally like the conventional standard electric water heaters

Importance of Green Plumbing

Green plumbing reduces the cost of living by enabling the use of plumbing material that is pocket-friendly and non-polluting. Here are some of the advantage’s homeowners in Arlington, TX, may benefit from by choosing green plumbing over traditional plumbing techniques.

Water Conservation 

Imagine if there were no measures to conserve the resources you frequently use day in day out? It would imply that future generations would struggle to survive in the same environment. Through green plumbing, homeowners may minimize the amount of water used in their homes hence conserving it. I can’t stress enough the importance of conserving water for future use since it’s evident that “Water is life.” 

Energy Conservation

Homeowners may be slapped with high energy bills but some of them would never think that their piping system may be a source of the expenses. If your plumber insulates your piping system, the hot water that flows through your pipes into your showers or taps will significantly retain heat while minimizing reheating and consequently reducing your energy bills. 

Additionally, you may opt for solar energy to cater to appliances that consume a lot of energy, for instance, water heaters. Also, if you install tankless water heaters that heat water to your desired temperature only when needed, you’ll definitely save up on energy.

Green Plumbing for a Healthy Home

If homeowners choose green plumbing solutions for their homes, they would be certain that they get a clean supply of water for consumption. Services a plumber may offer to ensure you receive clean and safe water for consumption include the installation of chlorine filters in showerheads as well as water filtration and reverse osmosis systems. 

Water filtration systems cleanse the water by eliminating chemicals, particulates, and microorganisms while reverse osmosis systems are installed in faucets to facilitate purification of water that’s useful in cooking, drinking, and brushing teeth. Installing chlorine filters in showerheads helps to reduce chlorine levels which may otherwise be harmful to individuals with chlorine sensitivity.

Saving on Costs

Green plumbing solutions prevent homeowners from receiving excessive water and energy bills. You may argue that going green incurs high initial costs but in the long run, you’ll receive value for your money. When your plumber installs green plumbing products in your home, you’ll get the assurance of paying low water and energy bills since the material is designed to conserve water and/or energy.

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