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Has Your Water Heater Become a Safety Hazard? Here’s How to Know For Sure! | Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

Has Your Water Heater Become a Safety Hazard? Here’s How to Know For Sure! | Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth, TX

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Your home is a safe place where you can relax and be at peace. Whatever the conditions outside are like, you always feel safe in your house. That’s your sanctuary and no matter how small or big it is, it feels like the safest place on Earth to you. And that’s exactly how it should be!

But what if we were to tell you that your home isn’t as safe as you think it is?

Yes, you can be in danger in your home and that too because of your water heater!

Yes, the seemingly harmless appliance that provides you with hot water isn’t as harmless as it looks. If it has been years since you last changed the water heater or you haven’t scheduled water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX recently, it’s highly likely that you are sitting on a time bomb.

Just like all appliances, your water heater also requires regular maintenance. If it doesn’t get proper care, it can become a safety hazard. There are several reasons why your water heater can become dangerous, but if you regularly opt for water heater repair, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

It’s important for you to know the signs that can help you determine if your water heater is faulty or not. It’s not too common, but water heaters have been known to explode and that can be devastating for you. There are many factors that work together to cause this level of destruction, so let’s begin and see what signs you need to look out for.

A word of caution before we start! If you notice any of the signs that we are about to discuss, make sure you contact professional service providers for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX. You need to be aware of the urgency of the moment and be able to act accordingly. Let’s begin!

·      Pressure Valve Issues

Most water heater explosions are caused by pressure issues, and so this is the first sign you need to be aware of. The pressure valve ensures the efficient distribution of pressure while the heater is working. However, if your water heater is old or hasn’t been maintained for a while, the pressure valve can malfunction. This can cause excess pressure to build up in the tank, which can eventually lead to an explosion. In order to avoid this issue, make sure you schedule regular water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX.

·      Rotten Egg Stench

You don’t just have to use your vision to identify whether you need the services of water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX or not. Here your sense of smell can also serve you well. Gas water heaters have a pilot flame and with gas pipes nearby, even a small leak can spell trouble for you.

So sniff out any leaks and if you get that rotten egg stench anywhere near the water heater, know that it’s the right time to call the professionals. Waste no time in availing expert services of water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX to prevent the appliance from become a safety hazard for the whole household.

·      Popping Sounds

Here’s another way you can use your senses to detect any problems with the water heater. Your sense of hearing will also serve as a great tool to look out for water heater issues. All you need to do is keep your ears open for a popping sound from the appliance. It can be the same as a popcorn machine and is a clear indication that you need to look into quality services of water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX.

The sound is caused by the trapped water and gas underneath the sediment build up. They can cause the pressure to buildup in the heater and the end result can be an explosion. In order to avoid the inconvenience and danger of an explosion, it’s essential that the water heater is drained and cleaned at least twice a year. Since most people don’t have the time and resources required for this complicated process, it’s better to contact professional service providers of water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX.

They can not only clean the tank for you but also perform all the necessary checks to ensure that your water heater will not explode.


Now that you know that your water heater can be a safety hazard for your family, take the right measures to avoid any damage. Schedule regular water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX so that you never have to compromise on the health and safety of your loved ones.

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