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Why You Should Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Why You Should Hire a Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Many people have the common misconception that blocked drains can easily be rectified by following do it yourself videos on YouTube, but this is not true. Drain cleaning requires immense knowledge about plumbing membranes and can only be done to perfection by a professional. Instead of rectifying the problem most home owners actually make matters worse by trying to cut corners. One slight miscalculation could cause the pressure to flow in the wrong pipes and could result in leakage and other issues in the plumbing membrane.

The professionals however have attained a degree of knowledge in their line of work and also have everything in their arsenal to get the job done effectively. Each drain cleaning service in Fort Worth TX has to get a license to operate legally; these licenses are only handed out to those individuals who have the required qualifications. Furthermore, these drain cleaning service also have both employee compensation insurance in case they get hurt on the job and also have general liability insurance if they somehow manage to damage your property.

This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner in Fort Worth TX should not try to take matters in their own hands and try to cut corners. Not only are they risking harming their entire plumbing system but they are also risking damaging their property. If a pipe leaks, water will seep into the dry walls and can even damage the electrical system that could result in a fire or other issues. So please consider the safety of your family and only hire a professional to get the job done. Besides this, only professionals have the required tools to complete the job effectively, some of the tools that these professionals utilize on a daily basis are mentioned below.


This is the most common tool that professionals use in order to clear any blockages in pipes, it is basically a rigid cable that is inserted inside the required pipe. The cable is extended till it finds the blockage and then the professional use the cable to clear the path, once the path is cleared water is poured through that pipe to find out if the blockage has been removed.

Tape rod

Another common tool used by drain cleaning services in Fort Worth TX are tape rods, this is the most basic tool that is used for small issues and its benefits are limited. Essentially this is a coil of rigid steel with a plug on the end; this plug is used to clear the blockage. If there are multiple blockages then the professional will utilize another tool.

Closet Auger

The closet auger is the first tool that most professionals in Fort Worth TX use to clear blockages in plumbing fixtures such as toilets or bathtubs. This tool comprises of a spring cable and an auger head, the professional will feed the pipe into the required pipe and then use the handle to puncture the blockage. Although this tool is available in the market, it still requires a degree of expertise to operate effectively.

Kinetic water ram

This is the latest tool that is currently dominating the market and has the capacity of clearing any blockage with immense ease, however they are only limited to certain types of blockages. This is basically compressed air with an outlet valve on one end, the outlet is fed into the blocked pipe, and the blockage is removed using pressurized air. The underlining reason why homeowners cannot use this tool is because of the danger involved in exerting too much pressure, as this could cause the pipe to burst. This is exactly why only trained professionals can use these

Sink Auger

Another innovative tool that most professional drain cleaning service use in Fort Worth TX are sink augers. This tool is a canister that has a handle attached to one end and is fed into the pipe, once the blockage is detected then the handle is turned to remove the blockage effectively. This is another tool that can only be used by professionals as it can seriously damage the pipe if not used properly.

Grappler hook

The grappler hook is one of the most effective blockage removers as it has the capacity of removing solid objects with immense ease. This tool is extremely delicate and can only be used in circumstances when the pipes are completely blocked with a solid object. Basically it includes a long cable that has a grappler attached to the end, this grappler is used to break through the blockage. Once again this is another tool that can only be operated by trained professional.

Heavy duty sectional power rod

This is one of the most advanced tools that are used by professionals. Each drain cleaning service has modified this tool according to their personal specification and is only used in cases where there are multiple blockages inside the plumbing system. It provides the professional insight in the inner plumbing membrane is ideal for situations when the blockage cannot be detected.

Hydro jetting

This is probably one of the most effective tools out there and has the capacity of clearing an entire plumbing membrane. Basically this tool uses high pressure water to break through any blockages and is particularly useful in situations where the blockage is hard to reach. However, this has to be used with immense precision as the high-pressure water can actually cut through weak points of the pipe.

By now it should be clear how well equipped drain cleaners are in Fort Worth TX, each of these professionals have their own business persona instilled in the services that they offer. Most competent drain cleaners will first offer an estimate that encompasses the entire cost of the project and will also provide a time frame in which the project will be completed in as well. We would recommend choosing Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX and have them inspect your piping system. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.