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How Home Remodeling and Renovation Projects Can Affect Your Plumbing System | Plumber in Arlington, TX

How Home Remodeling and Renovation Projects Can Affect Your Plumbing System | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Locals of Arlington love renovating and remodeling their homes. From bathrooms and kitchens, to bedrooms and living spaces – those renovative facelifts and need dependent remodels quite frequently characterize the fabric of home transformation projects that we love getting involved in.

However, such projects often involve activities that carry the risk of adversely affecting our plumbing systems. Therefore, if precautions are not administered during a home remodeling or renovation project, the activities entailing the execution of the project can cause damage to a plumbing system. This may include impairments as minor as a leak to damages as significant as a pipeline burst.

As a company that has a vast experience in the field of professional plumbing, in Arlington-TX, our team decided to leverage their knowledge and expertise to come up with an informational piece on the subject matter.

The aim of this blog is to educate our readers about the home renovation and remodeling activities that can affect their plumbing systems, further enlightening them on what they can do to prevent costly and health-endangering implications of these activities.

Identifying the Activities that Can Affect the Health of Your Plumbing System

As a start, we would like to help our readers in identifying the activities executed during a home renovation or remodeling project that can affect the health of their plumbing systems. Knowing about these activities in advance will help you to timely administer precautions before the start of the project.

*Please note, that since a transformation project can vary in nature, the following list of activities are the ones that are most frequent to encounter.

For more project-specific details, please consult a reliable and experienced plumber in Arlington, TX, prior to starting the project.

We have categorized the activities into home remodeling activities and home renovation activities, for easy identification.

Home Remodeling Activities that Can Affect the Health of Your Plumbing System

  • Remodeling your living space and kitchen, so as to combine the two, to adopt an open space residential model. This involves cutting through a large wall and bringing down existing structural constraints.
  • Nailing or drilling across walls and pillars to install a new fixture or add a feature to your residential space.

Home Renovation Activities that Can Affect the Health of Your Plumbing System

  • Repainting your bathroom or kitchen walls or your acrylic sinks to give them an inspiring facelift can affect the health of your plumbing system if precautions are not administered.
  • An extension to the previous bullet point, paint disposal activities which form part of a repainting job can also damage your plumbing system.
  • Repairing damaged flooring of your home can potentially harm the underlying network of pipes.  

How Do These Activities Affect the Health of Your Plumbing System?

We will now explore how the above listed activities can affect the health of your plumbing system. This understanding is important, so that you can effectively communicate them to the hired remodeling or renovation contractor. This ensures that the contractors exercise extra caution on their behalf, knowing the repercussion of the activities.

Remodeling Construction Projects    

Remodeling construction projects, like the ones discussed above, carry the risk of inflicting significant mechanical damage on your plumbing system.

  • Hammering or drilling screws and nails through pillars can easily cause a leak in the concealed network of pipes. If this leak is not fixed immediately by a plumber in Arlington, TX, it can lead to the growth of mildew, or short circuit your electrical wiring. At worst, the leak can also develop into a major burst, flooding your residential space.
  • Cutting down through the blocks of walls, to merge your kitchen with your living area, carry the risk of physically impairing your gas and water pipelines. These damages are not only costly to repair but also endanger the safety of the residents and the workers executing the remodeling project. In any such event, immediately close off the supply valve and vacate the building. Contact a company that provides plumbing in Arlington, TX, for professional help.

Floor Repairing Projects

Much like the remodeling construction projects, floor renovation jobs can also damage your plumbing system.

Replacing of the old flooring panels with the new panels, entail activities that can mechanically impair the pipelines running underneath the flooring system. If these damages are not addressed, they can lead to more costly repercussions like weakening the foundation of your home.

Paint Residues Can Enter the Plumbing System and Affect Its Integrity

Repainting activities are the most ignored aspect of a home renovation project, when it comes to understanding the damage that they can cause to the integrity of a plumbing system.

During repainting the walls of bathroom or kitchen, or an acrylic sink, paint residues can find their way into a plumbing system through a drain left open. Sometimes, workers performing the repainting job also intentionally wash off the paint disposals into the bathroom’s drainage system.  

  • These paint residues can clog the drainage system.
  • The chemicals which form the part of paint formulation, can damage the pipelines of the plumbing system.
  • The paint formulation can kill water-borne bacteria, found in drainage systems that helps in natural decomposition of bio-degradable materials. This can again choke the plumbing lines.
  • If the contaminated water is disposed-off in a nearby water body, the paint residues can adversely affect the marine life.
  • The paint residues may also find their way back into the domestic water redistribution system, if left untreated, which can affect people using or drinking the contaminated water.   

It is advisable to get your drain cleaned from a professional plumber in Arlington, TX, after a repainting renovation job.

What Homeowners Can Do to Protect Their Plumbing Systems During a Home Renovation or Remodeling Project?

To prevent the costly and health endangering implications that home renovation and remodeling activities may have on a plumbing system, homeowners can administer following precautions:

  1. Before starting the project, consult an experienced plumber in Arlington, TX, and together with the contractor, work out the details that need to be addressed. The plumber can help the contractor highlight the areas of the house, which have a concealed network of pipe. This could prevent damages incurred during remodeling and flooring projects.
  2. Ask a local plumber in Arlington, TX to install wire gauze over drain openings that can be exposed to paint disposal practice and repainting activities.
  3. Together with the contractor, shape up a paint disposal strategy and identify a site where workers can easily and conveniently execute the disposal practice.   
  4. Avoid administering the use of bleach or hot water to clean an area after the renovation job. They can further end up damaging the plumbing lines.

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