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How a Professional Plumbing Service Can Increase the Value of Your Home | Fort Worth, TX

How a Professional Plumbing Service Can Increase the Value of Your Home | Fort Worth, TX

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Whether you are planning to put your home on the market in the near future or just want to make it more valuable for your children, you want your home to be in prime shape. With all the options today, how do you choose which project is best for your home?

A properly working plumbing system is an essential part of any home. There are certain plumbing upgrades can raise the value of your home. A professional Fort Worth, TX plumbing service can help you determine which upgrades will be the best for you.

Here are a few ways that a plumbing service can raise the value of your home:

Modernize Your Pipes

Nothing lasts forever. Your pipes are no exception, and as galvanized metal pipes age, they begin to rust and deteriorate. This compromises the integrity of the tubing, and the pressure of the water flow can burst through the pipe’s weak points.

If you don’t replace these old pipes, you run the risk of leaks forming. The damage caused by a leaking pipe to your flooring, walls, and personal possessions can be catastrophic. To make things worse, if the leak goes undetected for long enough, your home could incur damage to the subflooring and foundation.

Not only does an old plumbing system run the risk of leaky pipes, it affects the quality of your water. Old pipes can be made of materials like polybutylene or lead. Polybutylene has a tendency to break more easily, and lead can cause severe health problems.

When your pipes begin to decay, that corrosion can get into the water flow. This not only makes the water taste bad, it is a risk to your family’s health.

A professional plumbing service in Fort Worth, TX would likely put these sections of pipes first in line for replacement. Some good options include copper piping for your home’s water supply and PVC for all your waste outlets. These materials need fewer joints, and are more resistant to corrosion.

When you replace your old pipes to modern ones, you do more than raise the value of your house. The new piping will make your plumbing system work better. If you are planning to sell your house, potential buyers will be impressed by a modernized plumbing system.

Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

The new star on the plumbing front is the tankless water heater, and for good reason. These tankless units have a lot of advantages over traditional water heaters, making it worth making the change.

What makes these new models so different? Well, as the name suggests, there is no tank to hold the water. Instead of bringing a tank filled with water to the desired temperature, tankless water heaters give you hot water on demand.

Since they don’t have to bring and hold 40 to 60 gallons of water until you need it, tankless units are more energy efficient. They contain a closed loop system where the water is quickly raised to the designated temperature when you need it.

Increased energy efficiency leads to lower utility bills for the Fort Worth, TX homeowner. What better bonus could you get for doing your part to conserve energy?

One of the main advantages of having a plumbing service convert your home to a tankless water heater is the endless supply of hot water you get. No more fighting to be the first one in the shower. With a tankless model, everyone is assured of a nice long, hot shower.

Add an Extra Bathroom

If your home has only one full bathroom, adding a second one can significantly increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Having two full baths or more allows a family to face the school day with a lot less hassle.

Even an additional half bathroom can make a huge difference, especially if you have recently added a family room or exterior recreation or hobby building. The convenience it will add will be well worth the effort and will add value to your property.

Install Dual-Flush Toilets

Chief among your plumbing fixtures are your toilets. Used consistently throughout the day and night, our toilets handle a lot of action. Old-fashioned toilets use more water than anything, including showers and washers.

By design, dual-flush toilets are more energy efficient to use. They give you the option of a high volume flush for solid waste and a low volume one for liquids. By allowing you the choice, you can save the amount of water involved in the process.

As always, energy efficiency means lower utility bills. Dual-flush toilets allow you to save water and money, while sacrificing nothing in performance. Your Fort Worth, TX plumbing service can help you understand the specifics of changing to a dual-flush model.

Install Low-Flow Shower heads

One of the most misunderstood advancements in plumbing is the low-flow shower head. Many people think that low flow means a wimpy, low-pressure shower. The newer models of low-flow shower heads provide a shower that is pleasant and not lacking in force.

By simply having a professional plumbing service install low-flow shower heads in your home, you could cut your water usage up to 40 percent. This not only raises the value of your home, swapping out your old shower heads adds the benefit of a substantial conservation effort. And conserving water will feel even better when you see the considerable drop in your water bill.

There are many ways to make your home more valuable. It is an added bonus when you can raise your home’s worth while being more environmentally friendly and actually saving money. These plumbing upgrades deliver on every level.

If you are considering one of these or any other home plumbing upgrade, check with a professional Fort Worth, TX plumbing service for more information. You will need a licensed, insured plumbing service to get the value you want from your remodeling job. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing brings you high-quality plumbing service from a skilled team of technicians.