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How Calling a Plumber for Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Will Reduce Money Lost, Time Wasted, Bad Health, and Stress | Benbrook, TX

How Calling a Plumber for Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Will Reduce Money Lost, Time Wasted, Bad Health, and Stress | Benbrook, TX

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Your home’s plumbing system is essential to the value of your property, as well as the health of your household. A seemingly non-problematic pipe system can easily be forgotten until something drastic happens. Plumbing disasters can be avoided with preventive maintenance techniques, performed by a plumber. Preventive maintenance can also improve your life and property in other ways. Pipes distribute all water throughout your home, which is vital to living comfortably and efficiently. If you live in or around Benbrook, TX, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule routine maintenance on your plumbing system today. With Routine Maintenance, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

Plumbing has evolved throughout the decades. Without its discreet designs hidden behind our walls, everyday life would look quite different. The integrity of your plumbing systems is vital to the quality of life for everyone. Hiring a plumber in Benbrook, TX could drastically improve your quality of life.

Plumbing in the U.S began in the late 1800s after the demand for more sanitary living conditions was too great to ignore. However, the use of plumbing systems predates 2,000 B.C. Egyptians used copper pipe systems to build bathrooms inside the pyramids and sewage systems. The material used to build the plumbing mechanisms in ancient times is still being used today.

There are many types of pipes one can have depending on how old the house is and the materials used at the time. The most common materials used are copper, steel, and iron. Copper pipes tend to last upwards of 50 years, while galvanized steel pipes have a lifespan of 20 – 50 years, and cast-iron plumbing systems can last anywhere from 75-100 years. The older a house gets the more opportunity the integrity of your pipe system has to become compromised, putting your property value and health at risk. You will need to hire a plumber to ensure your pipes are properly functioning.

Preventive Maintenance Equals Fewer Emergencies

Preventive maintenance can help prevent total breakdowns and or major mishaps from happening. Having a technician routinely do check on your pipes lines can actually save you money in the long run. A plumbing emergency cost range drastically, depending on the severity of the situation. Emergencies typically cost the owner hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to fix. Often, other damages can occur with issues such as leaks and floods, adding to already high plumbing.

A professional plumber can help greatly reduce the occurrences of such emergencies by determining where these possible disasters may occur before they happen. Small issues that are nipped in the bud won’t have the opportunity to grow into full-fledged, money eating problems in the future.

Noise Reduction

Old homes are usually loud places. You may be used to the creaking and squeaking sounds your property makes and may have not given it any second thought. However, noises behind the walls of your home could mean there are defects in your pipe and drainage system. This could be the cause for a plumber. Certain sounds may not be the cause for alarm such as the sound of running water, which is quite common. However, hearing noises coming from your heating systems such as cracking might be a signal that an underlying issue is looming, which only a professional plumber should handle. Dealing with pipes that circulate heat and are essential parts to operating a home must be handled with care, as to not cause damage to the property or the handler. Other reasons for noise could also stem from the presence of debris in the pipelines, all of which can be alleviated by hiring a plumbing technician to remove such blockages on a routine basis.

Improves Quality of Water

Routine Maintenance on a home’s plumbing system can be compared to going to the dentist. Just as you eat food and take in organic matter, so does a property. Food and organic matter are constantly flowing through the pipes of any given home, and without routine checking and cleansing, things can sometimes get lodged and stuck inside the pipes affecting the integrity of your plumbing. Hire a plumber to help with the removal of organic substances.

Preventive maintenance and cleaning will improve the plumbing system and the quality of water that comes out of your faucets. An experienced and professional plumber will clean your pipes ensuring rust, corrosion, and or leaking pipes are corrected in the process. This will reduce bacteria and other organisms from entering your water supply systems. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth in Benbrook, TX, can assist in the improvement of water quality by replacing any compromised pipes and ensuring other techniques are applied in order to receive longevity and cleanliness in your pipe system. Hiring a local plumber in Benbrook, TX can really improve your health and more.

Hire a Plumber to Find Leaks Before Damage Occurs

Leaks sometimes occur and seep into the walls, ceilings, and floorboards before becoming noticeable, allowing bacteria and mold spores to enter the plumbing system. The moist environments leaks create can lead to mold, bacteria, and insects.

Unseen leaks typically occur in basements and attics, where the damp and dark environment allows mold to live and thrive. This can be very dangerous to live in and around, especially with young children. You’ll need a plumber to locate any problem areas.

Preventive maintenance can help prevent mold issues by ensuring the water in the pipes stays inside the pipes. A plumber would also be able to help predict future leaks before they occur based on signs of corrosion, and other factors. As a result, protecting your health and preventing respiratory health conditions from arising.

A Well-maintained Pipe System Is Important for Resale Value

Another valuable benefit of preventive maintenance is property value. Hiring a certified plumber to perform routine maintenance can help ensure you receive the maximum value for your property come reselling time. A well-maintained plumbing system will have your property pass its inspection with flying colors, making it more likely for you to receive your asking price.

Signs That Signify a Need for a Plumber Sooner Than Later

Although preventive maintenance is important for preventing disasters from happening, certain signs may appear that will signify a need for a plumber sooner than later. Noticing these signs and hiring a plumbing technician to fix any issues that may occur is imperative to the health of your pipelines as well. If you notice any of the following signs it may be time to call a trusted local plumbing company such, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Hearing New Noises

As mentioned previously in the article, noise reduction is one of the many benefits of preventive maintenance. Differentiating between regular house noise and a plumbing issue is important for saving money and preventing damages. The sounds that need attention are usually the gurgling and crackling sounds that may be coming from your water heater or from behind the walls. If the sounds have just started, it is most likely a sign that there’s a problem with the plumbing. Cracking noises sometimes signify issues with the water heater, while gurgling noises may signify blockage. Blockages almost always turn into leaks if left unaddressed. The urgency of the matter can be determined by the volume of noise.


Strong, smelly odors are unpleasant. The root of stinky house odors may be due to your plumbing system. Even though homes often have smells due to being lived in, a strong smell of sewage is hard to mistake. If your home smells like raw sewage it may indicate a cracked pipe somewhere near your property. If a pipe has burst or broken near your property a professional must handle the damage immediately. Allowing the problem to persist can lead to some serious health problems and property damage.

Slow and Blocked Drains

If you notice your drains are draining slower than usual then you may want to contact a plumber to assist with cleaning them. Dollar store cleaners will do the trick for some time, but those over the counter cleaners can’t dissolve everything. Blockages can build up deep in the pipes, becoming more solidified over time. If this happens over-the-counter drain cleaners and even plumbing snakes may not work, forcing the plumbing technician to have to dismantle areas of your plumbing system, increasing your plumbing cost.

Toilet Overflow

The toilet is a convenience that no one should be without. Toilets can be fragile at times, making plungers a popular commodity. But what are you to do when the plunger no longer works? To avoid the nightmare of the dreaded third flush overflow, just call a plumber to fix the problem. A toilet blockage that can’t be remedied by a plunger means that something’s stuck too far for the plunger’s suction to reach. A technician can simply clear the blockage and save the entire household a very messy and embarrassing toilet overflow flood.

Believe it or not, but that never-ending drip that has just been forgotten about is wasting a lot of water, around 3,000 gallons a year to be exact. That’s nearly 180 showers worth of water wasted. A never-ending drip can raise your water bill quite considerably and unnecessarily. With water conservation efforts on the rise due to environmental changes and disasters this a trend that is important to be a part of. You can contribute 3,000 gallons of water in conservation efforts by simply fixing a dripping faucet.

Loss of water pressure often goes’ unnoticed. Paying close attention to the water pressure is worth doing, and save you from a plumbing emergency in the future. Loss of water pressure can mean a variety of things which is why it’s best to have a professional look at the issue and decide what action to take to best correct the situation. A loss in water pressure could mean a blockage in the pipes or a full-blown leak. Leaks don’t make themselves seen right away which is why catching one before any negative repercussions occur can save on repair cost. It’s also important not to let a leak linger and get worse which can lead to a bigger issue.

Pipes That Freeze

Pipes tend to freeze in cold weather. A plumbing technician can install what’s known as a pipe insulator that could protect your pipes from freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes are major liabilities for the integrity of your plumbing system and can be irreversible, due to ice expanding and cracking pipes beyond repair. Dripping cold water from pipes has worked in the past but is a flawed technique. Having an expert pre-treat your pipe systems will be easier on your pockets and the environment.

No water is a glaring reason to call a plumber. You should first see if the water supply is cut off in the entire home and contact a professional plumbing service to handle the rest. If the reason for having no water supply is other than issues with your billing company this could mean that water meant to be flowing through your property could be leaking or severed in some way, leading to the water leaking beneath the streets or even under your property which could cause extensive damage. Call a plumbing company right way in to avoid an extremely expensive disaster.

Not having any water at all is a problem but not having hot water is torture. It is common for water to be cold after someone takes a long hot shower. However, if there is never or barely any hot water constantly, the cause may have other implications. There are many reasons this could be happening in your home and it’s usually due to the size of the water heater tank. A plumbing technician would be able to pinpoint the exact issue and recommend the best solution. This would help cultivate a better quality of life for the entire household.

Sudden temperature changes in water is a serious issue. If you are experiencing sudden changes in the temperature in your water, hire a plumber immediately. This could be very dangerous and due to the water being able to reach burning hot temperatures without notice.

The water heater is a vital component of a household and can sometimes become defective. If your water heater begins to weep it could be a sign that your water heater is leaking. You can tell if the water heater has sprung a leak if the floor around the heater is damp, as well as noticing any rust spots or corrosion. Contacting a plumber right away can save your property alleviate any future issues from occurring. If caught early enough perhaps a simple repair would be all that’s needed, sometimes waiting too long can result in the total replacement of the water heater, which would cost exponentially more. However, it’s best to let a professional plumbing technician decide. The age and condition of the heater may also weigh in the professional’s decision to either repair or replace the heater to prevent future mishaps, such as unpredictable temperature changes.

The benefits of hiring a professional plumbing company highly outweigh any cost. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth, in Benbrook, TX, to schedule your preventive maintenance today.