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How to Inspect the Plumbing Before Purchasing a Home | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

How to Inspect the Plumbing Before Purchasing a Home | Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX

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Buying a property is not as easy as you think. Before you hand the token money to the seller, there are dozens of things that you need to inspect. Wiring, insulation, paint, woodwork, and heating are few of the many items on your list of things that you need to inspect. One of the many items that require a thorough inspection is the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. The reason why so much importance is given to plumbing is the significant amount of money that is invested in its installation and maintenance. Furthermore, plumbing is complicated to understand and hard to fix.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways, plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, can be inspected before purchasing a house.

Seek Professional Opinion

We have already discussed how plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is hard to understand. Therefore, it is beyond the knowledge and competency of an average homeowner to figure out whether or not the plumbing is faulty. This is where expert opinion can make all the difference. If you find yourself unable to detect any possible flaws in the house plumbing, it is best to assign the task to a professional plumber. Not only will a professional plumber figure out the problem, but he/she will also provide you with the necessary solution to the problem without breaking your bank.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Who says plumbing in Fort Worth, TX can only be inspected by a plumber? There is no harm in calling a plumber, but why not give technology a chance? You can keep a close eye on the internal conditions of your plumbing system with the help of a sewer camera.  There are some very good reasons why you should invest in a sewer camera to keep an eye on the inner workings of your sanitary system. Those reasons are mentioned below.

  • If the house you are planning to buy has large trees, there is a chance that the roots of those trees will be relying on the water from your sewer. You can’t really accuse your trees’ roots of affecting your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX unless you have sufficient video evidence. If there are three roots present, you can easily hydrojet the line and come up with a maintenance plan. If you are buying a new house, chances are that there won’t be tree roots big enough to interfere with your plumbing in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Over time, as the ground settles, the chances of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX getting clogged increase. This can be a panicking situation for a lot of homeowners. Video evidence from a sewer camera can provide you with mental peace and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Meter and Valves

Another simple way of inspecting the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, is by checking the water meter and valves. In order to do so, turn the water faucets off and see if the meter turns. If the meter turns, it is a sign that a leakage has taken place, which is something that is not to be taken lightly. Now that the meter has been checked, you must move on to the valves. All the valves must be shut down. When the valves are shut, no faucet in the house has water. It allows you to move forth with your leakage inspection process.

Water Heater Inspection

While inspecting the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, it is important to inspect all the water heaters for corrosion. Corrosion of the water heaters must not be taken lightly for it can lead to bigger issues in the long run. You must also remember that the life of the heater depends upon the number of the people who use water and the amount of water used.

Sinks, Toilets, and Faucets

When the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, is being inspected, all the sinks, toilets, and water faucets must be inspected too. These items need to be in a functional condition. Also check for the flow of water as it comes out of the water faucets. Furthermore, the drains must be functional and the water should be able to drain away quickly after use.  The same basic principle applies to the toilets. When you flush the toilet, the waste water shouldn’t stagnate, and it should drain away quickly without any delay. If the water takes longer than necessary to drain away, it is a sign that the plumbing is clogged.

Septic System Inspection

In some homes, a septic tank is used instead of a municipal sewer. If such is the case with the house that you are planning to buy, you need to make sure that the entire system is in a functional condition. Musty and pungent odors and stagnating water are clear signs that seepage has occurred, and it must be acted upon as soon as possible. A delay in complete elimination of the issue can prove to be more problematic in the long run, and can even result in multiple health hazards among the house occupants. Legally speaking, it is the seller responsibility to figure these issues out before putting the house for sale.


Inspecting the plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, is not an easy task. It may sound simple, but it really isn’t. This is why you need a professional plumber to do it for you. If you are looking for a professional plumber to inspect your plumbing, you have come to the right place. We are a reputable plumbing company that provides the finest plumbing services in Texas. For more information, visit our website now.